Healthy Groceries for a Raw Food Diet : Raw Nuts & Seeds for Raw Food Diets: Part 2

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

Hi! My name is Denise Bennett and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. I'd like to discuss
this just a little bit further. When you are eating nuts and seeds, as a vegetarian especially,
it becomes a large portion of your diet. You want to make sure that they're organic and
that they're raw so the body can process them. If you are buying something roasted and not
organic, the body really has a difficult time processing nuts, especially if you've met
somebody that's a little bit up there in years. They usually say I can't do nuts and don't
do well with seeds. That's usually why, because the body puts up with a lot of things when
we're younger and then finally it says that's enough. You don't even have to be that old
at all, and you can already have problems with nuts and not even know it. You're combining
it with so many other things that you won't even be able to figure that out. Not only
is the vitamin, mineral, and enzyme content intact with raw, it's also going to be easier
for your body to figure out and use. It's not just what you take in, it's what you're
utilizing. Those are really important things to remember. I think protein is an issue,
but it's not what everyone thinks it is. It doesn't have to be as high of an amount as
it's been in the past. As soon as you're doing nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits you're