Drug store Make up haul for cheap

Uploaded by miamendoza10 on 03.10.2012

on the makeup is not for dance thirty five dollars
thirty-five no forty dollars
so all of this i thought for a really great
it was
really um... c
about a lot of of and never used of before it
and this may first and buying all those of
and uh... precios
i will be trying them out and i will meet some tutorials of the meat that
they thought
uh... where they stupid and i and institute west bank but so far ahead
we'll likely kartik
uh... and a lot of stuff
so i'm gonna be calling all the way that
flight out for fresh is as you guys can see
any cost eighty dollars each
i copy
of slotting but first
like mad about it and for making a kind
perfect hawaii must reliance each time at one eight you know uh... aladdin some
of our own i'd sent on to my i'd like to make it look like eyeliner or
peace meaning in that
then a party
angled i won t and its content but obey it because it kind of
for that perfect um... cat
eileen and lick tag answered yes to make a really nice
it does say that that would be ourself
is illegal dino impressions
then i thought there
and shadows depressed and this is the lakes making and it's perfect for me to
slow chiara is
baram another one at a bar wears
conflagration inflict reflecting
c_f_o_ is on the top there
this is twelve dollars in total
not that expensive
a elise
than i but um... some eyelashes at bottom because i wanna learn how to put
on and i should say really don't
use because shes
but i wanna learn in these cosmic
to dollars ends forty names and think think
didn't go so expensive either way it does on the way so
about that
then i got
this of
people emma need um...
all over cover stick
color stick
and aniket kind of dark colors
and its relation me
so than should you have a look without me
jerry closed
now fair at lake uh...
i don't know just special occasions a
justin occasion where it is one that
byelorussia any instead of so
and a lady didn't do it so direct
so it cost me a dollar
uh... i'll like it
through the small
party phrase
travel size i guess
meaning that the snow on the our bronze brush
less colored
it's both a little grows the auto
number two
and they never treadmill on the unit
and so this makers tent trying this product
and it was six remains so and spins already
it looks pretty thick
addy wyatt and i also got this house penile amen
uh... because the two dollars and it comes at the little press stay on the
again never cry alf
looks pretty good
and um...
tender man
by the correct that
correcting concealer cost me a dollar
it's a light beige colored
i do have bags so i do women trainees concede they see how they were from a
skin and if it's worth buying
then i got this little um... pallet just the pallet cost me a dollar
and then they still look really separate little uh...
and shadows
so i picked up my settles eight i don't know but i think i think they lost one
thing about four for this one
so on because they thought is uh...
ivory which is this morning here
and um...
and it comes at the little precious and this is not also
the back of these little colored i'm
i said oh colleagues
they have a magnet so they do stick on them
cost me a dollar an echo the stickers off in a put in the back so i don't
forget what that means are
so there
it was a dollar so
as pretty good
delete fresh
crack that clean air
costs me eighty dollars
um... ninety-one mickey paper she screamed so
about this week with
but there were twelve as well so
and i thought this for a dollar which is a black eyeliner came with a shepherd
and everything
and i've never used again anyhow so i'm betraying all of the sock and maybe
there's because
al-sabah pavelic what eyeliner
of the canceled one is back to work
um... this is black and that's the plan and ideas a lot of the plan is so
alan and our armed
it's a good and i are having used to get her concern and and reflect where
uh... albee openings c_n_n_ and using an exit real
then again and got another item
coverage state
car consisting this impasse between amy nine
it from milani
and um...
i have i've seen some reviews of a and i've heard uh... good
things about it so i'm going to try it out myself
and again make pre-nineteen anything personal
soria it's like a lipstick shape
it uh... light
brown number six
this is the same one i've got to the conciliation off
um... made it with someone like harm
and initially what the caller is
and then i'm gonna blended so
and see
so this is the color it's really really late renown
and going to be blaming mechanistic endorsing it does
of any that many
and download
an end to a new with meeting
and that's a that's a can of
it can have a little bit shiny but not really
it's because of the lip
now it's gone
this is the dalai again
it's a light
it's uh...
alike beach
about pygmy thirty dollars from elves
also came with the little the it's all in the platform
the enemy the chinese l
and uh...
last about these
my protecting the switches from l'oreal paris
and i had a by this because i've loved the white at a bar recently
a couple months ago an interesting one
and they're saying well on nightline abc no doubt
this makes use consoles smoothly makes it feel sold their lakes on eggs
i like gay rights you recommended it's late for adept framework for a year even
die center or foundations are powdered
and loving
it was ten eighteen and this is be expensive
industrial but really all you need is a little bit identifying if the if you
don't need all of this unique little as possible is really good and love it
father said here last
forty dollars for me
i did get a discount though
you know
that is cool plans were for that
where are you
this one
for the perfect debase it was can you name it cost me a date and i think the
dollar on selecting a new name
site had all this for forty bucks a day so
and another list not many of us have a lot of money to refund product itself
and makeup is expensive
and allstate begins only sultan target hamas will show well six polytechnic and
west dade and target
but i i i i love and get it right out and so far i think it's going to be
really good
i did have a health palate
makeup palette the difficult
hundred colors and ideas that i should have been a very good
does that leave the purchasing tickets that i should have sold
that's me to tell you that you can join