Alejandro & Diego - Part 1

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I managed to get one.
It's me, Sebastian.
Open up!
He busted us. Hide it!
Open the door or I'll break it down!
What are you both up to?
Where's the other half? Did you pass it, or do you have it?
Do you know what these chemicals can do to your brain? Do you want to die?!
Who gave it to you? Did you buy it? From who?
Was it Gonzalo?
It was Gonzalo, right? If it was from that Mexican, I'm gonna kill him!
It wasn't him. - A friend gave it.
If you're not back at the party in half-an-hour, I'll drag you by your ears in front of Nora and the rest.
Even if you die of embarrasment.
What's with you two? You're like my shadow.
Sebastian took away our dope.
Yeah, I understood the hand gestures.
Thanks for not telling on me.
You've got another for us?
The hour has come for some fireworks.
What's that?
Something new from Oliver.
'The last generation'.
Fresh from the laboratory.
Nora, have you seen Rodrigo?
Ale, you've asked for my boyfriend like three times.
No, I don't know where he is. You're making me nervous, for heaven's sake!
It's strange I haven't seen him in half an hour.
I don't know where he went. Hold on. Sebas, where's your brother?
We had an argument so he went home.
He left without even saying goodbye to me! Come on, Ale.
Don't touch me!
What's wrong with you?
You don't remember what we did?
Ossie, answer me!
The police!
What's wrong with Oswaldo?
Where are you Rodrigo?
Are you feeling better?
We're gonna be late.
Brother, it's not funny you sitting there.
Slowly get down, please.
There are many floors Rodrigo.
Forgive me, big brother.