Orange fox

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Orange fox
All foxes were once white
One day, a pretty lady fox asked herself:
Why am I always so white?
No one can see me in the snow
It won't do. White all the time, it's unseemly
Even the rabbits don't notice me — they jump all over me!
The lady fox got herself a plane ticket
And flew off to a warmer climate
Sunbathing on the beach in Morocco, she saw a tree
Covered in bright fruit — oranges
She began to eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
A lot of time went by.
Hey, toucan!
The lady fox began to pine for her homeland
She got a return ticket, but was not allowed to board the plane
The stewardess said to her: Young lady, I'm afraid you can't come on board with someone else's passport
What's going on? I don't understand. This is my passport.
Miss, when was the last time you looked in the mirror?
The lady fox looked in the mirror and saw that she was as orange as orange can be!
Now everyone can see her in the snow!
Film by Ksyusha Aksenova, 9 years old
Made with the help of Tagir Valeev
Music: "Barynya", Russian folk tune, "Oceania", masterpieces of ethnic music, S.Sorokin
Lead teacher: Elena Tikhonova; sound: Victor Nesterenko; montage: Oksana Kakovskaya.
Poisk Children's Film Studio, 2008