Behind the scenes of GSL : Baneling - Ep 14, Part 1

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The GSL Season 3 Grand Finals, full of emotions and joy.
The GSL Season 3 Grand Finals, together with Baneling! Let’s go!
This is the Busan HaeunDae Grand Finals special episode and we took the KTX train to Busan.
Now we’re here and the sun is just… this weather is going to kill us!
Look at Engine and how he’s sweating!
He looks like he’s going to get sick.
We’ve only been standing here for 5 minutes and just by standing here, he’s about to drown in sweat!
We need to show our excitement for the Finals here, especially since Jeong, Woo-Sung (Monsieur J) is also coming.
And here we have Gisado… wow your fashion is kind of South-East Asia style.
This is my summer vacation, so I came here to have a good time.
You have a one room apartment in Seoul and actually have to be there to keep the room safe
And now you paid the rent for it and came here regardless.
Actually, the sunlight that I’m exposed to right now is the amount that I’m usually exposed to in a week.
He’s so cool! The sunglasses look so good on him.
Busan is pretty close to your hometown, right, Daejang? A very passionate city!
Yeah, it’s been such a long time since I’ve been to Busan.
Leaving the house, I realized that the summer heat has really arrived now.
Yes, it’s so hot!
Today we have the Protoss vs Protoss Finals and tomorrow we have the GSTL Finals.
Mr. Chae! So we came all the way to Busan… will we have some kind of amazing event that goes ‘Bang!’ or anything like that?
No, no, no
The heat goes ‘Bang!’, but that’s it.
We’re not squinting our eyes because we’re in a bad mood, it’s because of the sun. It’s impossible to open your eyes.
With the great atmosphere here in Busan, I’m looking forward to a great cast.
After last week’s episode of Baneling, the fans went crazy online because of Seed’s funny jokes.
They all want to come to Busan now.
Later on, he can even become a caster. He’s good with words.
On Twitter, I asked if there was someone who is seriously thinking about becoming a caster.
And Seed raised his hand a little bit.
So I’m looking forward to what he will say in the interviews today and also, his winner’s speech, in case he wins the Final.
You did an interview with an online community about your predictions for the Finals.
Who did you pick, Gisado?
I picked MC.
That guy… if he picks someone, he’s always right. He predicted the PvP Finals correctly, too.
When he says that someone will lose, that guy always loses.
This time, I actually predict a one-sided victory, but I very much hope that this will not come true.
I want it to be a close match, where it goes to the final map.
Engine, you picked Seed as the winner, right?
Your honor as a caster is on the line here
Actually, my personal feelings are part of this prediction. I wish for Seed to win the Finals
Because, actually, we’ve never had a GSL Champion that had no girlfriend, not once
So this time, I want someone who is single to win. Show us the power of the single-army!
But when it comes to the single-army, it’s actually not you, Engine; Gisado is the one that is part of that group
Today you have to catch one! (a girl)
You’re single and you’re at the beach… With the spirit of a fisherman (you should try fishing)
Muster up some courage and make that love finally come true after 31 years of waiting
Don’t you feel that something might happen here in Busan? Your fashion is awesome, too!
It’s really not that good, hehe
No, this fashion really matches well with Busan
But he earlier said that it doesn’t match.
No no, it matches. You can just say that you’re a foreigner.
“Hi, I’m Edward Hwang”
Okay, I will try my best
Look, it seems like we have 4 girls over there
Why are you only talking to me about this?
Because we all have girlfriends
In Korean age, you’re already considered an old bachelor now
No, let’s just leave Gisado out and have a 4 on 4 meeting with them
Gisado, talk to them for us and make it happen
These girls seem to be just your style!
Well, I like everything.
Ah, well that’s a good mindset.
Everyone, it’s not too late, come to Busan now!
So since it’s the opening, let’s do our chant
Yeah, let’s do it
We’re standing right now, should we roll on the floor?
No no no, we will burn ourselves
You could cook an egg on the floor here
Okay, Gisado, do the chant for us
Go 1,2,3 and then do it
1,2,3 Rolling, rolling ? Baneling!
On the way to Haeundae Beach
Today’s protagonists, Seed and MC, have arrived in Busan!
Seeing this great stage in Busan makes me really want to play the games soon
My family is also here and many fans will be coming, so my first priority is to show good games
I’m pretty close with MC, so outside of the game, we’re very friendly with each other
But during the matches, since we know each other well, there will be no mercy
It’s really hot. It’s been a long time since I’ve been at the beach, so it’s a very good feeling
This tournament is very important to me personally and has greatly motivated me
I want to definitely win this time and make my dream come true
There will be no problems today. Fighting!
Today is the Finals. We’re at the beach and the sun is about to set. The wind is also blowing soothingly
Also, the fans are slowly starting to come to the venue
What’s fascinating is that the wind here feels a little like an air-conditioner and not like normal wind, it’s really cool
It was really hot during the day so we were sweating. You have the smell of salt, but apart from that we’re feeling really great
Gisado, you came here only for Baneling (he’s not casting in Busan), how do you feel?
The beach is very beautiful… my eyes are enjoying it very much
The reason why you are wearing sunglasses… you want to hide your eyes to look at girls, right?
Yeah, well actually, it’s a bit embarrassing to just stare at them with bare eyes
But Gisado is like me, in that respect. We have small eyes, so if we look at girls we don’t get caught, usually
I think the sunglasses are just a burdensome, additional piece of gear
We were sitting at the casters’ desk doing the rehearsal and looking at the sea with a good feeling
And then, two young ladies walked past the desk and greeted us ‘Hello!’
When that happened, I thought to myself “Ah, my job is awesome”
It was the most rewarding feeling I ever had with this job, haha
Yes, this will probably be engraved in your memory forever
Our colossus caster should’ve been here by now, too
But I heard the KTX train malfunctioned and stopped somewhere on the way. I think he might be on that train
Mr. Park, you have a history with blackouts (reference to famous blackout issue at MBC Starleague)
Ah, I’m telling you this now… there will be no blackout today!
I don’t think the KTX uses hot-air blowers... (they were the reason for the MBC blackout)
They can’t even use cold-air blowers now
No no, this can’t happen here. If by any chance today there is a black out…
Ah, don’t even talk about! Stop talking!
Many people came here today. We really need to spread the passion for StarCraft II in Busan now.
It’s not really full yet, but there are a lot of people waiting outside around here
The sun is setting, so I hope many people will come after they went home to take a shower and get ready
Man, why are you so down?
Ah… well, Busan people are known for always being on time, so I think they will probably arrive exactly at 7:10pm
Really? What if they don’t?
If not, then not, haha
If they don’t come, I will clone my shadows, together with Gisado, and fill up the place
You will at least make the place look full with the help of your illusions
Why are you looking so happy, Gisado?
I always have a positive mindset!
I always believe that everything will be alright
Okay, we have to end Baneling for now and go cast the Code S finals
We’ll be continuing after the cast
Okay, everyone, let’s have a good time watching the finals
The first day of the Champion’s Weekend, the GSL Code S Finals
Mr. Park is introducing the players and the Finals are starting!
Our big guest for the Finals stage, one of South Korea’s most famous actors: Jung Woo-Sung (Monsieur J)
LG-IM_Seed defeated the Protoss President 4:1, after some intense matches!
MC is looking very disappointed
The GSL Season 3 Champion: LG-IM_Seed!
Thank you everyone for coming, Mom and Dad I love you!
Congratulations to Seed!!