Wasu aur Mein- Episode 2 (With English Subtitles)

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Listen to my song, it is my duty to sing it.
Quaid-e-Azam came and drove the English away.
He created Pakistan and ran it for 13 months.
Who was this man?
100,000 people had seen him on YouTube
Now the question is- how do I take that number to a crore (10 million)?
My name is Shehzad Roy. Have you heard the name- Shehzad?
but in trying to find the bathroom, I found Wasu!
Will you come to Karachi with me?
Yes absolutely I will come! I am ready...
God keep you happy...
Quaid-e-Azam came and drove the English away.
He created Pakistan and ran it for 13 months.
I would like to invite Wasu up here so he can share his thoughts on this video.
You all have worked very hard, you have made a full video.
People even enjoyed it
but I did not like it!
One second, turn the camera off...
I shouldn't have forced him to talk here.
Umm...turn it off for a second...
What happened Wasu?
I am disheartened Waja.
But you made the song.
Yes I did make the song, forgive me. I made a big mistake.
Your program was spoiled. I am upset.
No, I will handle that but are you angry?
No I am not angry.
People will hear this song and lose hope.
This was not my objective.
What have you lost hope after seeing the video?
We are only talking about those people who are doing wrong things.
Why would people get angry? If we don't expose them, then that's wrong.
As it is there is talk of Baluchistan being separated from us.
Bangladesh has already been separated from us.
If we still don't raise our voice, speak out- this how the country breaks up.
Raising your voice is very important Wasu!
Sorry I got too emotional. Don't take it to heart.
[speaking in Baluchi]
Ok thank you, thanks!
When did you put this ringtone on your phone?
Kamran sahab put this song on my phone for me.
Ok let's go. Come on...
This is big bathroom
Oye [echoes]
Hello [echoes]
Today I discovered that the real rock star is Wasu!
First he did a sound check
And then started his concert!
Shehzad, can you hear Wasu?
He is singing. That's good- looks like his depression from last night is decreasing.
Shehzad: Walaikum-as-salam. You look very happy. Wasu: How are you? Everything fine?
Shehzad: Everything good? Wasu: Happy!
What will you eat?
Waja I'll eat roti (bread).
Will you eat an omelet?
Whatever is halal, I will eat...
Wasu we also eat halal.
Sorry, forgive me, we are uneducated people.
Shehzad: No, no you- Wasu: We do not know such things. If I was educated then...
You are not uneducated. You are an intelligent man. You only don't know how to read and write...
Yes yes, right...I'm uneducated.
Waja if I was educated I would be rich.
Wasu you are going to get a little richer now anyway
You have worked so hard, made a video.
These cameras are running now, you are doing this show so
Wasu this money that I will now give you...
what will you do with it?
I thought hard last night.
I thought all night...
I said to myself- I will go to Bangladesh!
I will see Baba's (Quaid-e-Azam) Pakistan.
I've seen Lahore, seen Rawalpindi, seen Karachi
but I have not that seen that (Bangladesh).
I will go see...before it was a part of us.
Fate has parted us but I would like to go see it.
I will go for visit first.
What have you done Muji? You must have told him to go to Bangladesh!
I told him?!? You yourself were telling him about Baluchistan and Bangladesh yesterday-
What I'm saying is that if we're giving him money then let's go to Murree, Islamabad so we can shoot a travelogue.
If he says Israel tomorrow, will you take him to Israel and shoot there?
Forget Israel, if you take a Baluch to Bangladesh its a lot more controversial!
Before all this, let me try to convince him to go somewhere in Pakistan. So we can shoot that as well.
Tell him to go to Dubai.
So just in case, I'll get his passport made.
Yes you should get his passport made as soon as possible. You know that nowadays...
It can even take 1.5 years!
Just in case, we submitted all of Wasu's documents and details in the passport office
And as you know there 2 ways of getting a passport made-
And as you know there 2 ways of getting a passport made-
Ordinary. Urgent.
Ordinary means next year.
Urgent means Inshallah (God willing).
So we thought we would go with the Inshallah a.k.a urgent option.
What are you looking at?
Waja who built this house?
My father did.
Your father is a very skilled man!
Look at this cement, these bricks, this paint
look you can see the moon here...
because of God's blessing...
He didn't make it himself. He had the laborers make it.
Laborers made it?...oh!
Where does that laborer live?
He lives in his house. Wherever his house...I don't know where he lives. He must live in his house.
Waja someone else builds and someone else gets to enjoy it huh?
So that's everywhere. Waja see someone else made Pakistan and someone else is in government.
Yes someone else is in government.
Tell me something- no pressure, I'm just asking. Why do you want to go to Bangladesh?
Look Waja I want to go to Bangladesh because Baba (Quaid-e-Azam)....it was a part of Pakistan before.
Then it was separated from us. I want to see the conditions there.
I want to compare the conditions in Pakistan with conditions over there.
This is why I am going Waja.
Oh yeah?
Waja tell me this- where is Bangladesh?
Like there is Islamabad, Lahore. Is it in the south? Or the north?
Which direction is Bangladesh in Waja?
So you only want to go to Bangladesh?
Why, do you have an objection Waja?
Look here. Wasu this is Pakistan. Ok?
This is Bangladesh.
This is really small
Area wise, it is smaller than Pakistan.
Population wise it is almost the same area wise, Bangladesh is smaller than Pakistan.
Ok. What is this in the middle Waja?
This whole area is Hindustan, this is India.
Ohh...so we will have to pass through here?
Yes, we have to go over the whole of Hindustan.
Ok. So this is why it was separated from us Waja.
Look at this- the whole of India is between us.
Pakistan is here, Bangladesh is there. The sea is in the middle.
Then this is why it was separated from us.
No Waja, distance makes the heart grow fonder.
The heart does grow fonder.
This distance caused us to separate. This is a strange thing by the way.
Yes. Waja what is this? Do we live inside this?
Do we live outside it? What is this?
You've asked a hard question. This is a map. They've made the map on a sphere.
Because the world is a sphere.
So to show the whole map on this-
Are you seeing this for the first time?
No Waja, I've seen this on TV as well. I'm a little uneducated so what do I know?
No no you're not the one who is uneducated. Those people are uneducated who never gave you the opportunity to educate yourself.
In our country, people never made schools, colleges which is why people have been left uneducated.
Okay. Zindabad. Okay. Okay.
He's right. He's right. At the time there was nothing...
Where were the 'sakools'?
Wasu's needle is stuck on Bangladesh.
Now the question is- will we go with him or not?
Do you know how to drive a car?
Have you ever driven? You must have driven some time.
I drive a scooter.
You drive a scooter?
Tell me this- whose house is this? All these cars are parked here.
His name is Zulfiqar Mirza.
Look everyone is standing outside.
Yes, yes.
Baluchistan has a lot of problems. You must make me meet him.
We have to take an appointment with him. How can we just go?
Look at this- he's wearing a hat. Call him.
Come here. Come here. Why are you wearing this?
You asked with so much anger that he got scared.
They see the camera and run away!
What is this?
This is a building made of glass, its owned by PSO.
If I throw a rock at it, won't it break?
No one has thrown a rock at it yet...
Come let's give you a ride around the city.
Yes, yes. First show me the city.
You're sure?
What is this on the left?
Uhh this is the navy's area. You know the navy...where the ships are. It's their area.
What is this on the left?
This also belongs to the navy.
Where I'm from, the landlord owns so much land. This land is the navy's?
What is this?
Uhh this is also owned by the navy!
Stop the car! Stop the car!
What happened?
Stop the car!
Everything okay?
Yes. Just stop the car!
There is so much land in the navy. Get my child a job here.
You can't get a job so easily in the navy. They have a whole process.
You can't get a job just like that.
Who is this fair girl? Whose billboard is this? So fair?
This umm....there is a program on Geo channel called
Geo Pakistan...Jago Pakistan!
So everyday she wakes people up. So the program starts and people wake up.
And the program starts like this. This girl's name is Shaista.
Early morning they show fair girls like Shaista.
In the afternoons they show faces like...they show detestable faces!
What is wrong with the Geo people?
This is how it is. In the morning you see nice faces and in the afternoon you see average faces.
So this is how TV runs and...
Set up a meeting with this fair girl.
She is a friend by the way. I can talk to her. I do not if she will be available or-
if she'll be able to come right now but I'll try.
Right now we are...this is a 5 star hotel.
When you said you want to meet the fair girl, so I asked her to come here.
Why are they opening the bonnet?
You must hear that bombs go off everywhere.
Everywhere, there is checking. I go anywhere, there is checking.
I mean we are not terrorists. What is this?
This is to protect us. Don't feel bad. Don't feel bad.
No I will not feel bad...
What is this? They are checking us again and again. We are not criminals.
My head will spin- this will go up and down.
No it's not that scary. For sure.
You will not get scared. Really?
Come on, come on.
How is this going up?
It went from up to down to up. How did it do that?
We won't fall will we?
Come, let's go.
Assalam-o-alaikum. How are you?
How are you?
Assalam-o-alaikum. How are you?
This is Wasu who has made a song with us. We have made a song together.
So today we've brought him here for lunch. Sushi!
That's very interesting.
Her hand?!
Welcome to Pearl Continental.
Is this her?
That Shaista?
No no she's on her way.
What are you looking at?
I'm looking at this card which has all their food written on it. Before Shaista comes, I thought let's order.
Ok for me...get 1 Nigiri, 12 piece and 1 spicy tuna.
Ok what will you eat?
I will eat Sajji!
Sir we don't serve Sajji in this restaurant. This is a Japanese restaurant.
We have an item similar to Sajii. I'll get that made for you. It's called Teppenyaki. Fish Teppenyaki.
In my Baluchistan, Sajji is made of fish, chicken, goat
and there is even Sajji made of eggs! They make Sajii out of it.
Do one thing- with fish um...
Let's make Teppenyaki.
Umm make teppenyaki.
I'll get a Teppanyaki.
Yeah, let me eat your fish today. You say this is a fancy restaurant and you don't even know about Sajji?
How will he make fish?!
No he knows about Sajji. He knows. Oh really?
He knows.
Hello, hello.
Hello. Assalam-o-alaikum.
This is Shaista, you wanted to meet her. Ok
And umm...this morning we were driving and he saw your billboard.
And after seeing the billboard, he said he wants to meet you. So I replied that we can arrange a meeting.
Have you ever seen her show in the morning?
Yes, I've seen it early in the morning.
Or are you just saying it like that and you haven't really seen it..
No I have a dish satellite and everything else. I watch the show. Really?
Of course!
You said your area was flooded, now you're saying you have a dish?
Before this...the floods have only recently come!
Floods have only just come. So has our whole life been like that?
No, the floods have recently come.
Even the roadside cafes have a dish satellite.
Yes of course! See what I mean...
Where did you have the most fun? Which place did you enjoy seeing the most?
I had the most fun in Karachi. I also had a lot of fun in Quetta.
Quetta is a Baluchi city.
Shehzad: Quetta [pronounces it clearly] Wasu: Quetta!
She's asking where you had fun in Karachi?
In Karachi, I met you here. I had fun here.
Should we eat some wasabi?
No, I will eat some fish.
Do you know what Shehzad is eating?
I do not know. I don't know.
This is Japanese food
What on earth is this Sushi?!
This is basically raw fish.
Raw fish? Yes.
It is not cooked? No.
They put so much effort into it and still it is raw?!
Yes but- people enjoy eating it!
This is really strange!
It is strange but- ok you don't eat that. You leave that.
Eat this- this is a pickle from Japan. Really?
This is a pickle from Japan!
My mouth is burnt. Some pickle you made me eat?!
Disgusting! Quietly, quietly!
Now look at how she will eat.
Don't eat this!
See how much preparation is needed to eat Japanese food.
For Japanese food, you have to work hard and for the sake of a friend you have to eat it too!
Otherwise I was in no mood. He's told me to, that's why-
I'm sure you'll like it.
Eat it, eat it.
Look at this!
You and I are alike. You're right-
I absolutely don't have the taste for Japanese food.
No, not at all...
Look at this hideous Biryani!It's hideous, you call this Biryani?!
Call what? This Biryani.
This...look at how they've cooked it- its hideous!
You call this Biryani?! Is this how Biryani is made??
He says this is Japanese food!
Biryani- This is not Biryani...
What else is it?!
Look at this- this is food?!
Look at this- this is food?!
Look at this. Is this what food looks like??
This is cucumber!
Its a salad!
Spare me Shehzad bhai! Don't feed anyone such a salad.
Umm..this here...try to eat with this once.
With this once....hold these.
Hold it from here.
Eat with these chopsticks.
You're eating with a spoon yourself and giving me these sticks. These will fall out of my hands.
Try to learn at least. You have come to Karachi, at least taste this.
How will Pakistan work?
That's it!
After this signal, its his house right?
The home minister's.
Yes I think so...yes this is his house. It's coming up.
Then arrange a meeting with him for me.
With the ex- Home Minister? Yes.
How can I arrange a meeting just like that? No.
We will have to take an appointment.
No, no appointment. I will meet him right now.
There is no need for an appointment. Right now, right now...
We are going for a recording. Shani is waiting
No, no, no, I will meet him right now.
I can ask. I don't know if they'll let us in or not.
This is Zulfiqar Mirza's house right? Yes sir.
Tell him Shehzad Roy and Wasu Khan want to meet- tell him Shehzad Roy.
Roy...Shehzad Roy!
Shehzad Roy.
Tell him Shehzad Roy wants to meet him. Ask him if he will meet me.
Shehzad Roy. Okay.
He does not meet people like this.
What do you mean?
Meaning you will have to take an appointment sir.
Make an appointment?
Yes Sir. Let him come, let him come.
Should we go in?
He's alright, he's alright. Let him come in.
Ok good.
Boss said its okay.
Ok thank you.
Right now, we were passing by outside when Wasu said he wanted to meet Zulfiqar Mirza.
He wants to tell him his problems
and I might also ask him 1 or 2 controversial questions!
Very controversial! Questions that no one has asked him before.
I'll ask him.
Sir Assalam-o-alaikum.
Thank you so much. I actually brought a friend Wasu-
How are you?
How are you? Doing well?
Absolutely fine, thank you. On TV, you always look angry. But here you are very kind.
Sometimes I have to show anger.
Yes you're right.
Otherwise... Yes, right right right.
Everything else is fine?
Everything is fine.
Wasu made a request. We were passing by outside.
Come sir please. After you-
We have made a video together. You might have seen it. The one I've made with Wasu.
Yes, yes, yes.
It's very nice. Yes.
So he is a talented poet from Baluchistan. He also writes songs and other things.
So we were passing by outside when he said he would like to meet you.
So I said we can request him. I'm so grateful you...
No no pleasure is all mine.
You made me meet such a talented artist.
So actually I'm thankful to you.
Sir thank you so much.
Yes thank you so much.
See there is no power in Baluchistan. There is also no power here.
Baluchistan has no gas. This place also doesn't have gas.
There is a security situation in Baluchistan. It is the same situation here.
Atleast over here there is money, so things can be bought.
Baluchistan is broke sir.
No, this really is very unfair to Baluchistan
that gas is extracted from there and all of Pakistan has it. But a lot of poor areas over there still don't.
Still don't!
No gas.
but now our government has started giving them those rights.
So inshallah conditions will improve there very soon.
It would be your kindness.
Your house is on Shaheen (road). A lot of people pass by outside
and I'm telling you the common view...
so these speed breakers that have been built outside, people often complain about them as they pass by outside.
They get exasperated and say, why are they living here? Go and live somewhere else.
Why are they living in the city? These speed breakers are an inconvenience.
So I wanted to know...when people pass by they say this, so I thought I would ask you.
I realize this inconvenience to people
but for people to live peacefully in Karachi, especially in Sindh province,
I have to live here! And these speed breakers are necessary because
we are on the hit list of terrorist organizations.
And probably my name is on the top for Sindh.
And many times we have captured terrorists who have disclosed this information.
So after that, in order to take some precautions we were told...
and agencies also informed us. After that, we had to take this unfortunate step.
which is causing inconvenience to the city dwellers.
But I'm sure that in the long run, people will realize
how beneficial my being Home Minister was.
The best thing is that you have conveyed to the people that at least you realize this is a problem.
Sir I would like to ask you a question that even our political show hosts don't ask.
Maybe they are scared. Others also hesitate from asking this question.
And uhh...but I would like to ask you this question without getting scared.
You take it easy!
Sir I would like to ask you a question that even our political show hosts don't ask.
Maybe they are scared. Others also hesitate from asking this question.
And uhh...but I would like to ask you this question without getting scared.
And the question is...
What is your favorite color sir?
I thought you would ask a difficult question which would have very negative political repercussions.
But uhh...my favorite color is blue.
And sir I often see you wear polo shirts...
Do you play golf or polo by the way?
Whatever is addictive, or leads to addiction, I stay away from it.
Polo and golf both are very addictive games.
Sir my request is this- the conditions in Baluchistan are very bad
And now, the floods have come and Baluchistan has been destroyed.
My question is....I'm poor, I work in the police myself...
I would like to request you to please help us in any way possible.
Baluchistan's Home Minister is a good man.
I can tell him about your case.
I will tell him. You meet him. So your-
They won't let us (ordinary men) meet him.
Everywhere there is a democratic government.
It's not a democratic government. They don't let us come in to meet him. They push us outside.
Just look...
Who will you feel comfortable going to? We can call that person up.
By making this offer, Mirza sahab has made a big mistake.
Now Wasu will definitely say to call Prime Minister Gillani- even better, call President Zardari!
Call the SP (Superintendent Police) of my area so he can enlist my sons in the police in Class 4.
Or in another...
Police is such a force where there shouldn't be any nepotism.
Because a good, tough man should come on merit in the police
because we only enlist on merit. We- I do not do favors while enlisting for the police.
So it will be a little difficult for me that I pull strings for you there while I myself don't indulge this here.
Inshalah if he is like you- a good person, a tough person, he will definitely get enlisted.
Yes please do me a favor and help me in any way you can. God keep you happy.
Okay. You meet me later. Inshalah we will help you.
I'm taking you to a place right now called forum. Okay.
All the shops are there, you can find everything.
Right, right.
Come here.
Why are you wearing this hat?
To sell it?
Are you recording me huh?
Why is he scared of a camera?
Why does he get scared? Yes.
I don't know. He saw the camera, there are 3 cameramen sitting in the back. He thought- who are these people??
Like we got scared...
..when we met the Minister.
Wasu's obsession of going to Bangladesh had spread to my director Cyrus and the team.
So I thought I would give Wasu this good news after all the preparations had been made.
Until then, it was my mission to keep Wasu busy.
What kind of a TV is this? There is nothing behind it.
This is a flat screen TV. Oh?
This has become even thinner now. Really?
Now you can get a veryyy thin TV.
There are also 3D TVs. A 3D TV is where when you wear glasses and watch, you'll feel like things are coming on top of you.
The world has progressed.
The world has progressed but we are still behind.
You want to see books? Yes.
Come on, come on.
Ohhh Baba (Quaid-e-Azam), salaam to you. Salaam to you Baba!
Come here. Yes?
Come here...Who is this?
The whole history you've-
This is Obama, this black guy.
No but his heart is white.
You're right. Yes.
Absolutely! He heart is white-
He himself is black but his heart is white.
You don't how to read or write then...
What is this?
Oh this is called a 'mannequin' in English.
Fashion designers- you know the people who make clothes, they put their clothes on these mannequins
so that people who pass by outside can see how it looks and get an idea.
Really! In Baluchistan we have naked people walking around and here the mannequins are wearing clothes.
Look at this...what a dress...
You are right but this is part of the city culture here.
This is how clothes are sold, this is how it is.
Can I take a picture so I can show in my village that mannequins here are wearing clothes?
Yes we can take a picture. Come inside.
Look at me- I've got girls!
Whose 'ardili' is this?
What's 'ardili'?
Chowkidar (guard). Okay... I don't know.
I'll do one thing- I'll make a list of all the chowkidars (guards) and then tell you.
Why did we come home by the way?
The headlines this morning are very strange!
Just a little while ago, I got a call that Wasu's ID card had been found 'system-independent' in NADRA's system.
This means that there is no record of Wasu's family!
None of them has an ID card.
Bad news for Wasu was that he could not go to Bangladesh.
But even worse news for me was that- who is this person sleeping upstairs?!
The man who I thought was a history teacher,
political worker,
and god knows what else...
Could he be a suicide bomber?
Or a terrorist?
Or a spy?
I'd been roaming around the whole city with him,
making him meet important people.
He was even asking me why there was checking at the hotel.
He was getting irritated with the checking.
And now I'm seriously worried!
For the sake of this show, what have I done?!?
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