[Eng sub] Lee Jun Ki getting introduced to Taiwan female stars - Be Friends (11-20-2009)

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We will introduce a few of
this year's most popular Taiwanese to him.
Maybe they will really collaborate in the future.
Taiwan's 2009 new generation of female stars.
If Lee Jun Ki has a chance today
to come and pick for collaborating with him.
We'll first talk about...basing someone on their appearance.
Who would you want to co-star with in a drama?
Please choose one.
Your drama activities are raking in so much cash.
Suppose there was someone based on apperance.
I like these two [Amber Ann and Li Yu Fen].
You like these two?
You can only choose one! You can't be greedy!
Just one! So greedy.
Why is that?
It's possible to have a lead actor
working with two lead actresses.
Because you'll still have to choose the other in a moment.
Because he has so many kinds of drama activities.
You still need to choose someone else later.
For a drama,
Then I'll first film my first piece with this person.
This one [Amber Ann]? Fine. For a drama.
Then who do you want most with you to shoot a music video?
That you can have a sultry dance with?
And that you can sing together with?
Yeah, an MV.
This one [Li Yu Fen].
So you like these two.
Fine, this one's for singing.
Then if you had a chance,
who would you like to date the most?
Can we have a run-off?
You can.
Can't I choose a person who I already chose?
You can.
I currently don't have any interest in love.
Most visual pleasing to you. Someone who's most visually pleasing.
If you don't want to date with,
then it's fine if she's visually pleasing.
Then this one [Li Yu Fen]...
Again with this one.
Two votes. Fine.
I drew a heart.
It's too late, and you still want to smear it?
Then who do you want...how about this?
Who would you want to tell your worries with?
It's because sometimes, we will
confide with someone of the opposite sex.
We won't talk about some things with friends of the same gender.
This one.
Again with this one [Amber Ann].
I feel that if there's someone I can share my worries with,
she can be able to clear things up with me readily.
For two of them, why didn't you have any interest
from the beginning up to the end?
I feel that she seems like a little sister.
Like a little sister! Professional!
Because using her with her young looks and big boobs
in a drama will make it become popular.
And even the translator did this.
The translator gestured [big boobs] with hand gestures.
Yeah, so he's professional.
With one look, he knows that's the little sister type,
but with a good figure.
Let's take a look at her actual look for a bit.
Her actual look. She's very popular.
You have to tell her that she's
Taiwan's most popular this year now.
And this one, why didn't you choose this one?
You all right?
That was too unexpected.
How could it be like that?
This one...alcohol?
That's all right.
Okay, calm down for a sec.
Then why didn't you want this one?
So popular...she's popular in Taiwan.
He really looks down on me.
There's such a huge difference between these two.
I don't have any malice against her,
but she really does look just like this photo.
There's a huge difference. Don't talk nonsense.
They really do look a little alike...a little...
How do they look a little...
Fine! Then we'll take a look.
Oh my god!
Just like that.
We'll take a look at this.
Oh my god!
Taiwan's most popular
top-class beauty now.
I'm kidding.
You're still looking?
Okay. Let's look at the ones you have chosen.
Li Yu Fen.
So pretty.
She's pretty, right?
If you guys shoot an MV together, to sing and dance together.
If you sing and dance with her, okay.
Maybe you'll fall in love with her.
Take a look at her actual look.
An otaku's idol.
You have awesome judgement.
That wasn't an accident.
This one had no "Oh my god".
This one was "Oh my god".
This one was "No my god".
The both of them are "Oh my god",
but had different meanings.
Not the same "Oh my god".
This one you can do a drama with together,
or someone who you can tell your worries about.
Let's take a look.
Amber Ann's actual look.
Oh! That gave me a shock!
She is Taiwan's C-string-wearing spokesperson.
I don't even dare to look.
Isn't he embarrassed now?
Can you wait later and give that to me to look at privately?
For you to look at privately?
Don't think that you can be stealthy.
I can still see you want to sneak in a peek.
I can see you're still like that.
But this is
This really is Taiwan's most popular now.
Right? I'll give this board to you, to give you a chance.
We're very happy today. Eh? You're still looking?
Weren't you looking again just now?
What happen?
He's being like this now.
Fine, I got it.
I got it...
Fine. We're really happy today that
we're making even more progress
on knowing Lee Jun Ki,
but I believe that he's
making even more progress on knowing Taiwan.