The Biggest Learner Episode 10

Uploaded by ColumbusState on 28.11.2011

CJ: When we first met our biggest learner contestants they were 7 struggling students
from all walks of life, but now they are The A Team and Team Swag, two cohesive teams battling
it out for scholarships on CSCC’s first online reality series.
With help from their invaluable coaches and advisors, we’ve watched them grow and make
some dramatic changes in their academic lives.  
Aaron’s time management has improved from this…
  Aaron: I’ll try to do 10 things and I will
notice that only 7 of them get done and generally school is the one that I will give up on first.
  CJ: To this
  Aaron: I try to treat school like a Monday
through Friday like I have set times to do everything so it doesn’t lag over into my
CJ: And Thomas, who really struggled in Mat  
Thomas: I’m taking algebra this quarter and it will be my third quarter taking this
  CJ: Is really succeeding this time
  Thomas: I have never had an A in math in my
life, an I have an A in math.  
CJ: All the tools the teams have been learning really seem to be paying off! With the quarter
coming to an end, advisor Sharmaine talked with Team Swag about making wise decisions
to help ensure a successful future.  
Sharmaine: You have the tools to make the right decisions either you will make decisions
that will help you dig a tunnel to get to what ever your goal or you will make some
poor decisions that will dig your ditch even deeper
  CJ: Meredith discussed her decision to slow
down…. and make completing school a marathon, not a sprint.
Meredith: I think it will be a better decision over all cause then I won’t have to retake
classes or worry about getting into the program that I want.
It will just take me longer but that’s ok. And I will have time for my kids so I can
breathe. Shar- breathe right…so you won’t be buried alive right?
  CJ: And since time is such a precious commodity,
especially during these last couple weeks, Sharmaine gave the contestants a time management
grid to help them plan out their days.   
CJ: Both teams went on a tour of the student assistance center in Madison Hall. The center
works in conjunction with other college resources.  One of the services that they provide is to
work with students after they take their initial cougar compass test.
the first hour is with advising services you talk about the results of your compass test
and you decide what you will be taking your first two quarters here at CS.
  The second hour is with student assistant
center staff, we talk about cougar web, how to navigate the online services here at the
college and register for classes as well as financial aid and administrative services
that you can do online 1:01  
CJ: Over half of Columbus State students are receiving some type of financial aid.  Ben,
an advisor in the financial aid department in Rhodes hall says for initial information
its best to contact the TIC or the information call center. (614) 287-5353. If they cannot
answer your questions you can make an appointment with an advisor.
  Any explanation of loans types of awards how
much you will be getting those types of things a lot of students see that they got financial
aid but they don’t really know what that is, we can give you a full explanation of
Many students do not realize is that your academics can affect your financial aid and
that there is a cap on how much financial aid you can receive.
  Adam: Say your program of study requires 50
credit hours we will allow you 150 % of that. So 50 times 150%  is 75 credit hours. We
will allow you to attempt 75 credit hours to get that degree.  Once you hit 75 that
is when you get restricted for any future financial aid.
   CJ: Upon completion of college you typically
have 6 months to start paying off your loans. You can find all that information on line
For more information about Student services or financial aid go to  Don’t miss
our final episode to air at the beginning of 2012. Our exciting finale will reveal which
team has the highest accumulative GPA and receive the grand prize of the 1000 dollar