The Big Bang Theory: Season 4 Bloopers [HD] [CC]

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MANI NO. _Oh, ****_
Every time. I'm so sorry.
Oh, I have no idea-- Whoa.
Hey, it's getting late.
Thank you so much. Ha, ha. This was terrific.
Sorry, ha, ha. Sorry.
Qh, hey, Amy. What's up?
Sheldon and I engaged in sexual intercourse.
In other words-- I'm sorry. Sorry.
Whoa, hold on. I'm talking to an orc under the bridge in Thunder Bluff...
...who says if you pay him, he'll help us track down your things.
Can we trust him?
Yeah, none of us understood that, did we?
- Couldn't understand it? MAN: No. Slow down.
- Just slow down. - I've been in this country 10 years, man.
Bad news, the Nigerian prince may be a f--
GALECKI: Ten years, huh?
Every once in a while, before we get into bed...
...I'd put on a little show for her.
What do you mean, "you'd put on a show"?
You know, like the way I took my clothes off.
- Ha, ha. Sorry. - Whatever.
[SINGING] Soft kitty, warm kitty Little ball of fur
Closer to the microphone.
[OFF-KEY] Happy kitt--
- No. - You're right. Sorry, that was so bad.
There you are. Just so you know, I was up all night...
...but I finally completed the Penny-specific section...
...of the new roommate agreement.
Yeah, well, not necessary. We broke up again.
Actually, Indian Monopoly is just like regular...
...except the money's in rupees, and instead of hotels... build call centers and when you pick a chance card--
I wanted to get through it so bad.
Actually, Indian Monopoly is just like regular...
...except the money's in rupees, and instead of building hotels... build call centers.
[LAUGHING] I don't know how to do it.
He's right. A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.
Yeah, ha, ha.
First of all, I'm not threatened by my fiancee's success, okay? Okay?
What the hell did I do?
You laughed.
Pillow fight.
If true, that seems like an awfully large gamble...
...given that the prize is Leonard.
What the hell? Why did you break?
Elevated heart rate, moist palms, dry mouth...
...and localized vascular throbbing.
Rotting Zombie, Sheldon's new Facebook photo.
Good. Now put this pillowcase over your head.
- No. - You called it.
- We just thought you may be-- - Sorry.
What do you mean, new roommate? What happened to Leonard?
Same thing that happened to Homo erectus.
He was replaced by a superior species.
I'm the new Homo in town.
Oh, screw it. I'm in.
- Me too. - And me.
MAN: Hold right there. Hold right there.
- Read back to the master for "I'm in." - Okay.
MAN: And screw it. And action.
- Very unprofessional. MAN: Yeah.
I didn't agree with him.
- Well, you defended me, right? - I...
...tried, but he--
Ha, ha. Sorry.
I did.
- What did he say? - Well, he pointed out that he--
Ha, ha. I don't know.
Damn it!
Three thousand-- Oh, sorry, I have a limp now.
It's not funny. It's sad.
Seriously, I was once robbed... a pre-op transsexual I met on J-Date...
...and I didn't even crack my Top 10.
The first time Priya came to L.A., Leonard and I made a pact...
...out of respect to our friendship and to you...
...that neither of us would hit on her. Ha, ha. Sorry.
- I have cake on me. Sorry. - It's delicious, isn't it?
- Did you sign this? - There's a reciprocity-- Ha, ha.
Knock, knock.
Ha, ha. Okay.
Greek food on pizza night?
The most delightfully cruel thing we've done to Sheldon...
...since we left the fake message from--
- What are you doing here? - I was sleeping.
- In my bed? - Well, I would have slept in my own bed...
...but it was being used to disgrace--
Hi, Mrs. Wolowitz, it's-- Uh, ****.
Man is not the only species that ferments fruit... order to become intoxicated.
Can you guess what the other is?
Hint: sometimes they pack the alcohol in their trunks.
Last night, I had a dream we got so rich from the app... and I bought matching side-by-side mansions.
But there was a secret tunnel connecting your front yard to my backyard.
What do you think that means?
Anyway, when I told them we split up, he was heartbroken.
He kept bugging me, "How's Leonard?
Why can't you get back with Leonard?
I bet Leonard never tipped a cow over on itself." So...
- So to get him-- MAN: Still rolling.
No? I said it wrong? Really?
MAN: Where from, Mark? - On himself? They laughed.
I had a great idea.
You know how we're always having to stop and solve differential equations... when we're doing Fourier analysis or using the Schr├ędinger equation?
It was great. He just didn't really challenge me on an intellectual level.
Sorry. Ha-ha-ha.
What you doing?
I'm setting out snacks.
You do realize everyone's eating at Raj's again tonight?
I didn't say the snacks were for you, now did I, Nosy Rosie?
"Greetings, Mary Cooper. I am Spock."
Did I do it wrong?
I did? I've been doing it-- Oh, this way.
Shut up!
- Hey, how did it go? - You're a putz.
You know what that means?
Yeah. Do you? Ha.
Your mother just taught it to me. She thinks she got pood-- Food--
PARSONS: Good morning, Mrs. Latham. Yes, of course, I remember you.
Hold on.
- Now, remind me, what is your birthday'? NAYYAR: October 6th.
Okay. October is the 10th month-- I'm gonna do this again. Sony.
- Damn it. All right. MAN: Okay.
What if she just comes over?
She'll get lost. We no longer live at 2311 Los Robles.
We now live at 311 Los Robles.
MAN: Pull. Pull.
What if she just comes over?
She'll get lost. We no longer live at 2311 Los Robles.
We now live at 311 Los Robles.
Oh, ****-
Thank you.