Jackass: The Movie (6/10) Movie CLIP - April's Alligator (2002) HD

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( crickets chirping )
( snarls softly )
( gasping )
Hey, phil!
Oh, my god.
Is this thing real?!
What thing?
This alligator?!
Look, look, look!
Look around the corner!
What is that?
Where have you been?!
Don't you even look? Oh!
( rustling )
( screaming )
Oh, my god!
It's moving!
Look, phil!
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
I don't know what to do now.
Aren't you scared to death?!
Ooh, it's so gross that it's even on the floor.
( hisses ) ( screaming )
I'm going out! I'm leaving!
Where's my keys?
That is the scariest fucking thing
I ever saw in my whole life!
I'm leaving. Phil: Don't leave.
Where the hell you going?
I'm leaving. I swear to god!
April: Phil, seriously, please.
How are we going to get this thing out of here!
I'm scared to death!
( gasps )
( screaming )
Oh, god!
( laughing )
Aw, man. ( knocks )
April: No! No!
No, I'm not going near it!
No, no! God, where is it?
Oh, great! You don't have it, do you?
He's not there?
( screams )
Seriously, is that real?!
I'm serious. Is it real?
( laughing ) is it real?
Yes. Is it real?
( screams )
How dare you bring that in this house!