Interview with new Na`Vi.DOTA manager

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on May 2, 2012

Hi, everybody.
We have an interview with Dima, Na`Vi.DOTA new manager.
Could you introduce yourself?
Hi, I’m Dima “ash” Ugarov.
I think I am familiar to community, who plays DOTA.
I’m a quite experience organizer of tournaments and admin.
Now I’m trying myself in a new field.
Firstly, let me congratulate you as a manager of the team.
You are part of Na`Vi now.
What do you think about your new occupation?
And what new points do you want
to bring into the organization of the team?
It’s a rather accountable task.
I’m tuning guys’ game process and
their approach to the training.
We’re making a pro team
to make their approach and situation at the pro level.
Could you tell us about your experience in DOTA
for those who may not know you?
I used to play 3vs3 long ago with Vigoss, Jolie.
then I finished playing at a pro level
and only organized and judged championships.
Did you come to DOTA2 as an organizer or a manager already?
Did you have any experience?
Well, I play DOTA2 for fun with my friends.
And also with Dendi.
Accordingly, I’m only manager now.
Tell us, please, what do you think actually are the tasks
of a manager of a pro team?
Organizing of a training process,
assisting guys with setting priorities,
and preparing their game and ideas.
Well, thank you very much.
I think now we can be better thanks to you.
I wish you good luck.
I’ll do my best.
Thank you. Bye.
Thank you.