Love Actually (4/10) Movie CLIP - Jamie and Aurelia Go Swimming (2003) HD

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Um, would you like the last, uh--
That's all right. More for me.
l'm vey lucky. l've got one ofthose constitutions where l never put on weight.
[ Phone Ringing ] Oh.
[ Ringing Continues ]
Oop. Sory.
Thankyou. Ah, no!
- [ Speaking Portuguese ] - Oh, no. Oh, no.
Oh, God, it's halfthe book. Oh, no.Just--Just leave them!
Please! They're not important! They're not worth it!
Uh, stop.
Stop. [ Shudders ]
lt's all just rubbish!
Just leave it.
- Oh, God, she's in. - [ Gasps ]
Right, and now she'll think l'm a total spaz ifl don't go in too.
Fuck! It's freezing! Fuck!
lt's not worth it, you know. This isn't bloody Shakespeare.
Just stop, stop.
l really must do copies.
You know, there'd better not be eels in here. l can't stand eels.
Oh, God! What the hell is that?
[ Panting, Chuckles ] [ Chuckles ]