"Hello there!" from Samantha Foren

Uploaded by umflint1 on 14.08.2012

Hi! I'm Sam. I'm coming at you with this super high quality iPhone video to introduce myself
to you all. So like I mentioned, my name's Sam--Samantha Foren I guess more formally,
but Sam is more than okay. I'm a senior. I'm going into my senior year here at the university
studying mass media communication and getting a minor in biology. Not sure what I want to
do with that just so hopefully I figure that out here in my last year. At the university
I'm also an orientation leader. I've been doing that since my freshman year. So I spend
all summer welcoming new students to the university which is awesome. It's definitely my favorite
job ever! And I'm also a peer advisor so I help current students kind of with picking
out classes and making sure they're still on the right track and all of that. As far
as any other outside jobs, I work at the Humane Society which is actually just a couple streets
away from the school. I work at the Genesee County Humane Society and there I deal with
kind of the animals going in and out and giving vaccinations and drawing blood and all of
that fun stuff. I guess it's appropriate that I'm using my iPhone right now to film this
because my phone is my life. Oh my goodness! It's got everything on it. It's got my calendar.
It's how I get ahold of everyone and it's how I do all of my social networking. So it's
really what I'm gonna use to get ahold of most of you through Twitter, through the blog,
and everything. So, things to look forward to. After having been an orientation leader
for so long, I feel like I've done a million and a half ice breakers and usually when you
do an ice breaker, you not only introduce yourself but you share a fun fact or two so
I guess I'll go ahead and share one of my most commonly used ones. I'm a triplet. Pretty
sweet. I get along really well with my siblings and they actually both attend the university
as well. So you might potentially hear or see from them, too. And with that, that's
pretty much my introduction to you all. I look very forward to interacting with you
all very soon. See ya!