God's Generosity...Or Not

Uploaded by village1diot on 19.07.2011

You are coming with me. Get up!
Put your hands up now... ...or I'll shoot!
Thank god son, he saved your life.
Not only to save my life father I won $60 in the lottery yesterday
It's all due to me giving a homeless man $20
God is So gracious.
He really knows how to treat people, doesn't he father.
Are you kidding!?
Oh brother.
What's the matter doctor?
God has worked a miracle here son.
God's love has certainly blessed him with his life.
...and sixty bucks.
He was hit by a car, thrown through a plate glass window that stabbed him in the head and abdomen
held at gunpoint, taken hostage, shot by a police officer, ran over by a train
thrown from a car where he landed in cow shit
put in a coma for six months, during which time...
his wife left him for his best friend, both his parents passed away
his dog ate his cat then choked on the fur ball
lost his job, lost his health insurance, used up his entire life savings...
that which is wife didn't take, and now he can't pay his medical bills...
which add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
God gives him $60 for giving a homeless man $20?
That's an all-loving, all-powerful god?
What a joke!
But god saved my life.
Start praying father.