Крепкий Орешек [Vol. 1] (ИС-4 - Монастырь / Степи)

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Hello, boys and girls!
It's Jove with you and I really-really hope, that you didn't sell all your top-tanks, because today and as in future I'll post some new VODS about different tanks,
and I want you to continue playing it. And today we'll talk about top-level Soviet tank IS-4.
A long time ago, when Is-4 was on the lX lvl. it called a kind of butthurt for one half of some players.
Like: it's sloow, it has bad aiming, he's so low-armoured and ect.
The other half of players which are more experienced it called much more butthurt, but about some different things.
Those players hated it, because it was very low-graduated tank, because admins told us that they used to downgrade tank to put it in top spot!
And some time after it, they found some doc. and pictures of it , and they decided to put it on the X lvl.
because the tank is really-really powerfull for it's level!
You can ask every MT's and LT's driver which tank is more uncomfortable for them to battle
or ask E-50 driver which tank he used to hit mor often from 400 m. E-75 ot IS-4!
They all'll answer,that it's more comfortable to aim on E-75 because of øt's big size, low armorness, (LAS,UAS are almost ãnder the 90 degree angle)
IS-4 is another deal : it has ricochete forehead and cheeks which are really hard to damage from long distances
and you can really destroy your enemies on it.
So now we have two branches of HT's and one branch is fast enough but has weaker armour
and another one is much more armoured but it hall less speed.
I already have a VOD about ST-1 and i told you that this tank is not very balanced and it can push enemies!
I didn't have any VOD about IS-4 when it used to sit on the lX lvl. but now I'll correct my mistakes and make for you a new VOD.
So what do we have about IS-4 it has a new engine' it has much more HP, it became much more armored but, we'll talk about it later.
So the old version of the tank had worst engine (I don't remember how much Horse Powers did it have, I hope 680)
but that doesn't matters , because now we have 750h.p. and that's great because of the tank's weight.
I don't tell that tihis tank is like IS-7 no, it's more like E-75 what is not so bad.
It helps us not to give MT's to circle us , and hit our weak sppots.
The deal is, that we had our cheeks 140 mm armoured and now we have and now they are 160 mm,
it means that you can battle more effectively on this tank. A tourette is the same ,
but it has a weak spot:it's roof, so if you play high tourretted tanks like German and US tanks
you can really damage IS-4 in it's roof , which is only 40mm ! Even KV-5 damages this spot.
One new update for our tank is a new gun. As you can remember , earlier we had a IS-7 gun on IS-4 (which is much more damageble)
and it's clear that such a big weapon can't be installed on IS-4 and game designers made a new one specially for IS-4, IS-8 and ST-1 (M62-t2 gun),
but it doesnt matches ST-1 because of bad stabilisation, but on IS-4 it's much more comfortable.
I don't mean that this is as comfortable as on T100e5 and t110 is another deal and it has it's specialities,
but compared to another tanks Is-4 has great stabilisation! So the visibility and radio are the same.
It's very clear about perks and modules , for modules I've choosen a standart kit for me
it's Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Vertical Stabilizer Mk 2 and Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
I put gun laying drive because I need fast aiming after gameplay on US and German tanks
but if you want, you can put Spall Liner . which can really increase your forehead defence.
WEll, IS-4 is well-rounded tank with good armor and it's defence is amazing. If Spg hurts you in your side or forehead the Spall Liner can really help you,.
The equipment is standart , but I use Lend-lise oil for increasing speed and quickness. It' becomes more fast, quick and makes you feel comfortable on the battle-field!
Perks for crew are Standart (you can see them on the screen)
So today we have a new format of the video . Today you can see not only me playing, but also my Crew-mate.
I spend a lot of time doing this on my old PC , I hope you 'll like it .
VOD consists of 2 parts, the first one is tactics, that i'll explain to you how to controll the tank, and what to do in each situation.
and the VOD 'd consist of two battles on maps Abbey and Steppes.
So on both of these fights me and Murazor used to push the flang and then come back to our base for deffending it.
Both battles ar similar, but endings are a little bit different And, let's go on!
So, my dear viewers I'm on IS-4 and my crew-mate is from the clan "OLENI"!
I had times when i liked to move to the 8-9 lines , get a lot of damage, die, and wanch my helpless teammates
but now i like more confident type of gameplay and i like to go to 'tit's" lines 1-3 there you can hold some spots
argue opponents for damage and come back for defending the base!
And 7-9 lines are like Georgean bath - very dangerous: you can't hide there and if you don't have fast crew- don't go there !
So me and Murazor go to the canyon! As you can see we go there alone
I went on the lower part, and he , as more faster tank, came along upper part!
the set up is pretty the same , but they have a crew of MT's and HT's which can be lethal for us.
I see that T-54 detected Bat. Chat., that means, the whole crew of MT's is on our way here.
Here I risk to help my teammates stay alive and don't loose HP, Bat.Chat. damages me ,
what is very annoing. Here I damage Bat . Chat and he goes to our base, I ask Murazor to stop him!
I can say that I was so unaccurate because 500-600 battles on t110 , which is more stabilized and you can shoot without aiming. IS-4 doesn't allows you to do that.
So, bat chat goes to our base , Murazor tries to stop him, and he does it .
Here I'm not so active because there are some top- MT's , though I'm top ' but I need to be careful.
Here you can see , that Murazor is on CD , enemies top tanks crew are on the 7-9 lines !
so we see IS-3 , Murazor kills him from my back, this is very accurate gaming and good example of crew work of good and bad armoured tanks.
I aim for E-50 damage it , but next time E-50 damages me! E-50 makes a mistake riding his back to the hill a-and I kill it.
So as you could see on my panel , E-50 had damaged driver so it was helpless.
So th 7-9 line is pushed by enemies and i see it, so I come back to deffend the base.
i see that Murazor is hit and i ask hum to roll back and cover me.
I see that a lot of our noob teammates are dead and we have here a standart tactics :
i detect and shoot and Murazor shoots from bushes to avoid being detected,
but if it were less opponents , we could both play dettect and shoot tactics.
But in our case we have a lot of opponents , and I sacrifice myself to detect them.
So, ARL lights them , and i shoot KV-2 ! here you can see Lowe, which didn't penetrate me , he hides, but i hit him and Murazor kills him - well done , man!
We did it with deffending the base, but i feel somebody 's comming , I roll forward for having shielded by hill ,from SPG's .
I see T30 and me and Murazor want to try to destroy that TD and which shoots GW tiger,
we have 15 sec. of free time, but i understand that if we 'd try to aim for T30 we have also 3 SPG's that ' d make us cry .
So i move forward, see GWP, damage it while mooving and we have -1 SPG! So i reacted in right way !
I risk here, watch for enemy. Now i need to kill T30 and not to give it to move us around and now Murazor makes mistake and gets damaged .
now we make a little manuever and change places , but we meet IS-3 , i damage him , but i understand that he wants to kill Murazor
and as you can see we kill IS-3 and i turned my body and absorbed T30 shot and answer him with damage in his side .
While I'm countering t30 Murazor rides him around and i'm on quite stupid position,
because we still have 2 SPG's hunting for us. Now i don't need Murazor to argue T30, I need him to finish T30 after me damaging it
And here is very dangerous position, as SPG can reach that spot
So now we kill T30 and I did it right that i killed it by myself .
Now we have two spg's against us and i don't understand what our teammates did for the battle.
We decide to divide and hunt the SPG! Here we see that somebody is on our baseand it's GwPanther , so Murazor 'll go to the hill and stay near it ,
and i 'll try to detect a SPG. And if it shoots me, Murazor 'll jump in and finish it So i see GWpanther, it wants me to miss the shot , but i'm lucky and i kill it!
So GWT misses the shot. Here you can see it .
And Murazor was usekess here. But if i miss the shot , he 'd kill GWP.
and i think a crew game with smart friend is the best because we can make a lot of different hints.
Now we both have 11 kills and we want the best to get the last kill . I'll speed the vid up ' so you not to have the opportunity to sleep
here murazor hits the GWT and moves lower to the hill , and i'm arguing GWT , but i need to kill him , because Murazor sais that he can not reach it .
Let's make a conclusions ; so we have 12 kills on a crew and a lot of damaged enemies.
I've got 1800 XP, 93k of cred, 22/25 shots!
WEll, you can say tht I've got a small amount of XP, for such kind of battle , but we have an equal amount of damaging tanks !
So let's see my achievements : "Top Gun", "Defender","Steel Wall'', "Confederate'' and "Sniper" , also i've got Boelter's Medal .
Pay attention for two medals "Top Gun" and "Confederate'' they mean that me and my crew mate damaged one half of our opponents and destroyed the other.
WE made the fight , but I don't understand what our dummy-teammates did for the fight and that's verry paintful. :(
OK, so let's move around to the next battle!
So now we are taking part in the second battle, on the Steppes map , we have the same crew, but now Murazor is on E-75 .
What can we say about set up, now we have top-tanks crews against us : IS-4 and M103,IS-4 and T30 and also we have 2 IS-3 crews .
I suggest that it'll be hot battle. Like on the abbey map ,
I like to find places where I can hide from SPG's, where I can beat the opponent,
so our crew decides to go to the hills and a part of our teammates goes to the valley or 7-9 lines .
KV-4 , 50 100 maybe also IS-4 and T34 go there!
So we are rolling and as you can see it's not very comfortable to controll such slow tanks to ride the valley under SPG's aim so we like more accurate and safe way .
Well, t-50-2 , well done,man, he light's the hills and detects enemies tanks, so now we know already, what we 'd expect there.
And he also lights us IS and 2 IS-3's so we know the balance of the powers. I'm trying to damage M103 , hoping that it will be penetration, but i miss it and roll over.
Now Murazor 'll cover my back and I see M103 coming to me, i try to penetrate it , but weak vertical aiming angles not allow me to do that .
Now I don't understand what T-54 does here, and I wanted to damage him. So our crew is still defending that spot !
So I absorb M103 's damage and we decide to push them, and i don't damage 103 in his suspensions.
So we've lost the valley. M103 didn't penetreate me so , I 'm trying damaging m103, but failed again and T-54 kills him.
so we take another one.
From the back 54 get's raped by little french guy. Now I roll over to 50 100 and he damages my gun , but i repair it and kill him.
Now I understand that here we have no opponents, but the valley is full of enemies and we need to defend the base.
On center we have wseless T34 and Amx M4 ! Now we 'll try to def. the base, what is much harder on this map because this map is opened and we have nowere to hide.
Now we divided because you need'n't to stay on one place while defending the base and we also have a smart opponents !
So I damage IS-4 because nobody shot it yet, and shoot fat KV-3!
So IS-4 damages me only here because of my small tank touette and I take KV-3.
Now I get damaged by GWT E , I shoot IS-4 one more time and we try to def the base.
The only chance now to have a sucsessfull def is if our teammate kill SPG! But he has two HT's with him so chances are low
Now he gets killed , I penetrate IS-4 in his gun mask. And soon I'll kill him!
GWT E kills Murazor , that's bad and I won't give up alive , damage him in his cheek and I hide near the stone.
I have only 8 shells left , and even if I kill all my opponents I'll not have enough shells to kill an SPG
so I 'll damage my opponents as i can . I kill two Is tanks, but i get busted by IS-3!
That's the battle ! So, guys, what do we have here: our crew has 7 kills, I have almost 1k of XP , 70 k of money , 24/26 shots .
I'm defender and Murazor is "Sniper". So we did all we can, but our dummy teammates did nothing and we had one mistake : we should stay with Murazor together !
We were "between two fires" SPG's and HT's. But, I think if SPG got killed , we had a chance to win the battle, but we have, what we have...
Well, that's pretty much it , my dear viewers! i showed you 2 different battles on two different maps, but with similar action!
I showed you how to use IS-4 correctly in solo and in crew games !
That part of VOD was tactical and the next part ' d be Skillfull, which 'll show you every aspect of tank game.
It'll come soon, maybe in a week or two , and comment please, how do you like that new kind of VOD, it's very impotrant to me !
And , that's it. It was Jove with you , specially for best replays of the week ! See ya' !