Nail Art Design with Color Gel by Alina Khavronina

Uploaded by MagneticNailDesign on 01.07.2011

First step: we have to make the circuit for design. Vrush Brush pen short (211077). Black color gel Magnetic (106189).
Next step: With Black color gel we have to follow our circuits. Vrush Dagger Brush (211079).
The main idea of this nail art is playing with the contrasts.
next to the black color is white colo.
Amount of gel depends on the ideas of the master - the color, which will we use more - will be the main color.
If you want to have darker part – you will have to use more black color.
Next step: Extreme White gel (104028). It is very bright white gel. We also can use it for painting “smile line” on gel or acrylic nails. Brush flat 4 (176033).
We have to remember that Extreme White gel is very bright and well pigmented white gel. Don’t use too much of this gel for this nail art.
Wipe the brush. For this nail art we are using Brush flat 4 (176033)
We should replace our wiped brush over black and white gel. With repetitive movements of brush we are making blending between these two colors. Such technique also looks like one stroke technique.
With such technique we can blend colors very smooth and fast on the surface of nail.
If you noticed that you did put too much of gel – you should take the excess off with your brush.
Put into UV light for 2 min.
Now we are ready to use color gel “Golden Tiara” (106275 ) from the collection “Winter Bride”. This gel has unusual effect with giving the depth to base color – in our case we will use it over white color. After we finished applying the gel – we have to put nail art into UV light for 2 min.
Our next product is color gel “December Black”(106279) from collection “Winter Bride”. This incredible product contains very fine pearl dust to create the color nuances on nail art. With this gel we will work over black color.
Using brush Vrush Dagger Brush
With this step we can correct our previous lines and make them perfectly looking.
Wipe your brush and make the very smooth fading effect.
During your work at your studio don’t recommend you to make complete nail art on one nail and continue on next nail. We persistently recommend you to do this nail art step by step on each nail.
For instance – if you use black color for circuit – you have to make circuits on all nails. You should do this nail art step by step on each nail. In this case you work will be fast. And while your nail art is polymerized in UV light on one hand you have capacity to work on other hand.
It's a perfect combination of colors – gold, white and black. This nail art is suitable for each dress and for each season and also for each age of clients.
Put into UV light.
While our nail art is polymerized in UV lights we have to prepare for work Extreme White gel. With white gel we can make more bright circuits, so our nail art will have more sharp contrast. It is very easy to work for this purpose with Vrush Brush Short (211077). With this brush creating very thin lines is a pleasure for nail technician.
You have to use not too much gel on your brush – in this case the line with be really very thin.
And the last step. We have to make fading again – we have to use Vrush Dagger Brush (211079) with soft hair for this purpose. With soft movements we can do this fading very easy and also fast.
Our nail art almost ready. We have to put it into UV light.
Gels from Magnetic – this is high quality product and the time for curing in UV lights is 2 min. But to be sure in your final result we recommend to cure it 3-4 minutes.
To protect our nail art we have to finish it with top gel. In this case we will use Supreme finish gel – this is top gel without sticky layer after curing in UV lights. We can use this gel to finish gel and also acrylic nails. Supreme finish has a brush inside the bottle and it is very easy to apply product to finish the nail.
Our nail art is finished. Supreme finish top gel in making white color whiter and also it gives to surface perfect shine.
You can see that we made this nail art very simple and very fast but it looks beautiful.