iPhone 5 First Look And Setup

Uploaded by HeelsAndTech on 22.09.2012

Hi Guys. This is Apple’s long awaited iPhone 5.
The one I have here is the duo-tone white and silver version.
There’s also a black and slate coloured version.
So you can see, this white one comes in a neat white box,
And there’s very little on the box itself. There’s an angled shot of the phone on the
front, ‘iPhone 5’ written in silver on each side,
And on the top and bottom there’s a shiny silver apple logo.
On the back of the box you get more information about the phone inside and other contents.
So, this one is the 32 GB model, And it comes with the new Apple earpods, lightning
connector, and USB power adapter. The rest of the information is about LTE and
other network capabilities of the phone.
So that’s everything on the box…
And once you open it…
The first thing you see, quite prominently, is the new iPhone.
It’s still special to see it for the first time,
Even though at first glance it does remind me of the 4S.
But it definitely looks bigger.
The real difference is in holding it. It’s so light, considering it’s all aluminium
and glass. I like this duo-tone look on the back,
And the solid feel of the metal surface. It’s a nice premium feel.
I’m looking forward to seeing how the new display looks turned on,
But I’ll check out the rest of the box contents first.
So, first this top section can be pulled out. And that’s basically the phone tray and
a packet with help documents and such in it.
Then underneath that, what you’ll see are the new earpods and the USB power adapter.
This is the UK three pin one with a USB port.
The earpods come in their own case, which is a really nice touch.
And beneath that, you get the lightning to USB cable.
So I just want to take a look at these new earpods.
They come in this handy looking case, You just need to slip the top lid off,
And then unwind from the side to take them out.
This new design is meant to fit the ‘geometry’ of the ear, in Apple’s words.
I still think it looks like a mini hairdryer.
And I’ve noticed a problem with the case. It’s not so easy to wind everything back
into place again. So that case isn’t very practical for storage.
I think a pouch might have been handier.
I just want to show you a quick close-up of what the earpods look like.
They’re shaped to fit in the ear, But there’s no silicone buds on them.
It’s one size fits all. And apparently, Apple have done extensive
testing with these, both for fit and sound quality.
I’ll be trying them out over the next week or so,
And I’ll let you know what they’re like in my upcoming in-depth review.
But you can see the difference in shape at least, compared to the older Apple earphones.
Certainly the new ones look more robust.
The next thing is the lightning to USB charge and sync cable.
So it has the lightning connector on one end, And a standard USB connector on the other
end. This part connects to your computer or goes
into the USB mains adapter for charging.
The lightning connector fits very smoothly into the iPhone’s port.
It’s reversible, so it’ll fit either way.
Now, like nearly everything else in the iPhone 5, the lightning connector was designed to
be smaller, and so take up less space. It’s also more convenient to use because
of being reversible. And the flat design means it’s easy to quickly
slot in and out of the phone.
It’s a big step away from the old 30 pin connector.
You can see the difference in build here. The older iPhone accessories are going to
need a 30 pin to lightning adapter to work with the iPhone 5.
But even though this is called lightning, It’s not actually faster than the older
connector, Since it still works with the same USB 2.0
and not USB 3.0
Next, I want to quickly show you what’s in the documents packet.
First you get the metal SIM eject tool.
And then inside… You have the quick start guide,
Phone info, And apple logo stickers, as usual.
And that’s everything else in the box. Back to the phone.
You know, like I said, it feels so light in the hand,
And it’s quite comfortable to hold. If I take the covers off, you can get a proper
look at the front and back.
Right at the top, above the screen, There’s the Facetime camera, now in the
middle rather than to the side. Then there’s the speaker grille and the
proximity sensor.
Below the screen, is the round home button.
On the left side, There’s the screen orientation lock or volume
off switch. And below this are the individual volume buttons.
On the right hand side, there’s just the nano-SIM tray.
On the bottom of the phone, There’s the new small lightning port, dual
speakers, And the 3.5mm headphone jack is here as well.
At the top, there’s just the power on-off button.
On the back of the phone is the 8 megapixel iSight camera and LED flash.
With the apple logo and ‘iPhone’ in writing below.
When you switch the phone on for the first time, you’ll see the apple logo.
I’ve been using a lot of larger screen phones lately,
But holding this 4 inch screen phone doesn’t feel strange.
It doesn’t feel as tiny as I thought it would.
And actually the width of this phone is the same as the iPhone 4S;
It’s only the length that’s increased. Anyway, I’ll be doing a 5 vs 4S comparison
soon, So you can see the changes in more detail.
Once it’s booted up, you get the iPhone lock screen.
Slide to open and set it up.
If you haven’t installed your SIM yet, you’ll get a reminder pop-up on the first set-up
Then you just go through each set-up page one after the other,
It’s fairly straightforward. It’s all over the air,
So no need to connect to iTunes to set it up.
Now if you haven’t put a SIM in the phone, Once you’ve joined your phone to your wi-fi
network, that’s as far as you’ll get, Because you won’t be able to activate the
phone without a valid SIM card.
The SIM card is much smaller than usual for the iPhone 5.
It uses a nano-SIM, smaller than the micro-SIM that a lot of other phones use.
So here, you’ll need the SIM eject tool, Or even a bent paperclip will do.
And you just press with it to pop out the SIM tray in the phone.
The SIM fits in it with the chip side facing down,
And you just slide the tray back in.
You’ll be able to activate the phone and continue with the set-up now.
If you don’t want to enable ‘location-based services’ now,
You can always do it later in the settings.
Once the phone’s set-up, You’ll see the homescreen, and it comes
with various stock apps already loaded. It’s a simple app layout,
And if you’re used to iOS, it will all look very familiar to you.
But now you get that extra 5th row of icons.
I’ll upload a review on the iPhones latest iOS 6 interface soon, going into the features
that are new or changed. I’ll also be uploading an in-depth review
of the iPhone 5 itself, As well as some comparisons with other phones,
So stay tuned for those.
You can visit my upcoming reviews page on heelsandtech.com to leave a comment about
what you’d like to see included in these reviews.
And I’ll see you in the next video Bye.