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Hello and welcome to ennTV. I’m Carl Pansini from the Consumer Communication Team. This
episode is all about innovation including a new insight into advancing your career,
a fresh approach to healthy eating when dining out and first up – a look at our newest
innovation center that is helping start up life sciences companies overcome some of the
traditional barriers to discovery and development. ennTV's Josh Binswanger has more.
“This is an attempt to help reinvigorate and restart the biotechnology industry in
its next version.”
Start-up companies, such as Yolia Health, are selected for the Janssen Labs Life-Science
Innovation Center and receive access to 30,000 sq feet of common research space and common
business areas for a short term license agreements --- by-passing costly capital investment and
equipment --- and allowing them to focus their time
and money on science.
“To have access to millions of dollars of equipment is just amazing. I mean, we would’ve
never dreamed about having access to the equipment that is provided here.”
“There are no strings attached. We do not force these companies into any legal relationship
or ownership of J&J in anything that they are doing.”
This innovative approach helps jump-start the creative process.
“We don’t feel that we have a compromise with J&J or Janssen Labs. So that give us
the freedom to be thinking about our company, what is best for our patients, what is best
for our technology.”
A patient first mindset is core to our credo values, and this model has transformed traditional
Research & Development by giving healthcare companies a chance to accelerate their discoveries.
Fostering this diversity by setting up laboratories and enhancing people to take initiative is
one of the ways we ultimately will come to new products for patients.
In addition to Yolia Health, Janssen Labs currently has nine other start-ups sharing
their California facility. For more exclusive coverage about the Janssen Innovation Labs,
please log onto the JNJ ennTV channel on youtube.
Up next, a new way to get insights for advancing your career. Do you ever wish you could get
better feedback on your job performance and what you could improve? David Berwick of the
Performance and development Team has more on this new approach.
We believe that-- the-- the performance and development approach that-- that an organization
uses can really help its employees reach their full potential and help them sort of guide
and manage their career. And-- and speaking with-- with employees-- we-- we found that
oftentimes the process can be sometimes over thought-- required forms can sometimes get
in the way of really what the element is that really can make the most important difference
or the most significant difference, and that’s the conversations.
I think conversations are important in a corporation of this size.
We spoke to senior leaders about the meaningful conversations that they've had-- throughout
the course of their career. Most of their conversations that were meaningful
were conversations that they had as employees, where their manager was telling them something
that helped to-- course correct or change where they were going.
We had to map all of the conversations that they had.
what we found through the research that we did together with the performance and development
team is that managers really remembered the meaningful conversations. Those were the moments
in which they changed direction or they made bold decisions, or often times, it was failure.
And-- when they had meaningful conversations with the management, it helped them to change
their thinking and then drive a new course that led them to-- where they are today.
To find out more about the Performance and Development Approach, employees of the Johnson
and Johnson family of companies can visit the HR Portal or global enn for additional
resources. Now, an innovative way to change your eating
habits when you are in a restaurant. Here’s Chris Jordan of the Human Performance Institute.
Going out to dinner can be a real challenge especially when you are trying to maintain
your good eating habits but there are some simple things you can do. First of all, investigate
the menu thoroughly and don’t be afraid to request less food. You can always take
the other half of the food home in a to go box if you want to. Second, sauces and dressings,
out them on the side, not smothered all over the meal. It doesn’t make it taste any better,
just a little bit will do. And finally, ask for your food to be prepared differently.
Perhaps grilled instead of fried. Enjoy your food and I’ll see you next time.
Thanks Chris. I never thought of asking for less food, and asking for the dressing on
the side is a must. To get more health tips from Chris, employees of the Johnson & Johnson
family of companies can log onto global enn. And look for more tips from Chris in future
ennTV episodes. Thanks for watching and until next time – stay healthy.