Crackòvia - Camp Nou Baby [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

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translation and subtitles: doris86pl for
I want to present you our new idea.
After the success of the columbarium, a repository for the ashes of relatives in the stadium, and weddings at the Camp Nou,
today we launch a new service. Freixa, play the video
dear parents-to-be: Would you like your kid to be cule from the first moment of life?
Well, now it's possible thanks to Camp-Nou(New)-Born, that offers you a possibility to give birth at our premises
it's just 5 steps!
first: Guardiola makes examination
it would be more effective if the baby kicked with the outside of foot
second: you will be cheered by fans
oh le le oh la la giving birth is the best there is
third: enjoy commentary by Puyal (Joaquim Maria Puyal is commentator at Catalunya Ràdio)
Attention! now Josep is born!
No Quim (nickname of Puyal), it's Marc who is born now
Twins! Josep and Marc are born now!
Breathe, more, and more, and more!
fourth: your new born baby will be picked up by Victor Valdes
or by Pinto if you choose the economic version
and fifth: Sandro Rosel will announce the good news to your family
-What? -You're the father, right? -yes -congratulations -thank you
and now I will say sometihng politically incorrect, your baby is ugly
what? what are you talking about?
Choose labor at Camp Nou now, with extra introductory offer
ultrasound picture of your baby with the Observer
because to be a cule you have to be born a cule