How to Use Garage Band : Scoring a Movie in Garage Band

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

Hey everybody! My name is Matt and I am speaking to you on behalf of Expert Village. All right
another cool thing that you can do with garage band is you can actually score movies. To
do that at the display screen, all you have to do is click the new movie score button
and name it my movie. Garage band is going to set the project up for you. Over here to
the left, you will notice there is a video track where you pick your video you are going
to use and to the right a couple of movie files. To get movie files in here all you
have to do is go to your McIntosh hard drive and put your files in the movies folder and
you get to that by clicking over here under movies. You will see I have a couple of files
here and that will automatically show up in garage band. From here all you have to do
is click and drag your movie file up into the video track and I can scroll through just
like you would an audio track except you will see a video preview over here to the right
and you can play it and see what is going on. Underneath your video track, you will
see video sound and this is the audio on from your video track. You can edit this like you
would any other audio track. You can mute it and I am going to take the volume down
on it over here. You can do pretty much anything you did with Garage Band to edit the sound
for your video. I am going to add a couple of tracks here. There we go and pull that
out. If you ever lose the video preview, all you have to do is click on the little i icon
over here and that will bring your video preview back up and you are going to see what this
looks like and sounds like. When you are done scoring your movie, like I said you can do
pretty much anything we did previously with Garage Band but now it just has a video track
that you can sync it along to. Whenever you are satisfied with that, to export it all
you have to do is go up to share and click export movie and then you can export your
movie to Garage Band folder or wherever you choose. You can also click on send movie to
IDVD and it will send your movie directly to IDVD.