Asperger's: We just want to change the world

Uploaded by anubis2814 on 08.09.2011

A poster on Coughlan's channel made the claim that Fringeelements was autistic. I cannot
veryify is this might be true but if he is on the spectrum it might explain a lot his
mentality. It doesn't however explain why he has to be a total asshole about it.
I've been reading a book called Asperger's from the inside out by Michaael John Carley
who himself has asperger's. The section discussing the job market was me all the way. When he
found a job he at least somewhat liked he did two major things wrong that ended up getting
him fired. First off he didn't use the break times to socialize, and secondly he spent
his time thinking about ways his company could be improved. These are both bad things to
do in a big company but no one tells you that and no one tells you why. As much of a complete
waste as it seemed to me for there to be so many people taking breaks and the appearance
of laziness, a job is considered much more than just a way to earn a pay check, it is
considered a community. Of course I had spent most of working life in fast food grocery
or retail where they give a half-assed attempt at it, but not really. Community cohesion
keeps employees working, increases communication as well as networking, things I was completely
unaware of as important, or advantageous to the company. Because both he and I didn't
mingle, mostly because we were focused on work and wanted to work harder to get recognized
in the company for being better than the rest of these time wasters, we gave off the appearance
that we didn't like the people we worked with. This obliviousness to social nuance leads
to the other thing I did wrong. Finding problems to be fixed in the system. This is bad because,
besides the fact that we don't know all the nuances and research done to make that environment
as long term efficient as possible, and they system was grown as a mix or planning and
organically grown to fit people, it creates the appearance that we were unhappy with our
jobs. So when the chopping block happens, guess who's the first to go? US! That seems
to be the story of asperger's. Everything is supposed to be logical or black and white.
Puzzles are something we are good at, and many times we out grow logic puzzles because
they don't show practical value and seem like a waste of time and we move on to unsolved
puzzles. The way you deal with an unsolved puzzle is to completely break down the problem
and define the problem at its most basic. Then you try and figure out how to use those
mechanisms to fix the problem. This is why Asperger's are so good in the academia realm
of science, math and many times music and admired for it. Unfortunately in the rest
of job world we don't do so well because the rest of the job world isn't black and white
logical solving. Its human interaction, social nuance and mindless work. Many of us want
to change they system or a problem in the world so we focus on the negative and appear
negative to people around us. I have been a downer to many for many years, and no one
likes a downer in a good time. But focusing on the problems and the mechanisms was my
obsession. This logic released serotonin in me because I believed I could figure out a
end all solution to the puzzle. Other people just felt helpless to do anything about it
so they felt depressed, and cut me off. The down side it if you focus on the problems
in a system so much you really can't see any positives in it.
Which is why when I listened to Ron Paul he made so much sense to me. Then when I listened
to Fringeelements back when he was confederalsocialist, he made sense. I focused on all the problems
in government that getting rid of government seemed completely logical. Black and white
thinking. Of course if spectrum people were the majority, some completely logical, unuanced,
unsocial system might work, but we aren't the norm. The human brain did not evolve language
and the frontal cortex to be logical, that was just a wonderful side effect, it evolved
to gossip and socialize. Urban anthropologists will do eavesdropping research on random anonymous
people and 2/3rds of what the average person talks about is gossip. Of course getting rid
of government because it has so many evolutionary problems is like looking at the human body
with all of is evolutionary flaws like bad knees and back, detachable retinas, a uterus
that bleeds and a myriad or psychological problem, and thinking well in that case we
should just kill all humans.
When you look at any program in the government, you have to look at how things were before.
Yes government sucks, but how it was before that program if it was done right sucked more.
This system and the world were not designed for people of the spetrum, it was designed
for the majority made up of neurotypical people with the ability to use and understand social
nuance. Anti-statism and Libertarianism makes complete logical sense if you don't look at
all of the evidence, because the evidence is illogical. It is heavily nuanced. Therefore
because it is illogical, or not black and white, one can rationalize and make up facts
all day about the state. In my family growing up everything was decided
by money. If we didn't have money we had to work for it and earn the money. Money was
also used to punish us as kids in the forms of fines. This system makes nothing but logical
sense to the capitalist, punishment based mind. There were many problems though. It
got to the point of religious, and my mom still holds strict libertarian style ideas
about money. It had many massive flaws. Mom had all the money and power, so it created
a sort of learned helplessness. There was little to no giving involved other than strictly
at Christmas and birthdays. It emotionally separated the family as the giving of effort
over monetary value, creates bonding. I was constantly in debt to my parents. All 3 boys
ended up getting kicked out of the house because we couldn't afford to pay rent, even though
our life and job skills were never honed. I spent at least 5 years in debt and being
extremely passive after high school because I had major learned helplessness from my . The
libertarian mindset is punishment based, cause and effect. It is very logical to an aspy
unfortunately especially if they don't understand psychology, preventative systems and human
social bonds and nuances. My Girlfriend on the other hand had a very
communist style of upbringing. Money value wasn't very important, the effort was. They
traded favors regardless of the amount of money. This prevented a lot of negative impacts
she would have had and helped her prepare for the social realm. To an aspy not raised
in it, this system made no sense to me. A favor based system ensured it could be abused,
however I did not grasp that social pressure kept much of it low. Mind you there were several
downsides to the system, such as lack of practice in dealing with money, and the need to do
something when asked even if that person has screwed her over before or has no real right
to ask, and the ensuing guilt that follows if she doesn't.
I was a libertarian when we first met, and trying to talk about our political ideas and
our views on family was like speaking two different languages. I tried explaining my views and thought I
just had problems explaining it to her, but she couldn't explain her views because they
required nuance, so neither of us agreed. A hybrid system of socialism and capitalism
works best. Germany is a perfect example of this. Money is used to produce growth, but
welfare is used to ensure no one goes without(though I have a feeling their may be Germans who
say the government should do more) but there is a strong social community and stigmas against
people who abuse the system. Pure capitalism relies on people owning one of everything,
less sharing, more wealth comparison and more moving to new jobs, breaking up close knit
communities. Punishment is used in the most extreme cases, but prisons are actually used
as rehabilitation in education and psychology which reduces repeat offenders. Corporations
pay much higher taxes because they have more regulation and less loopholes, but that tax
creates top notch infrastructure and education, ensuring the corporations stay and create
jobs. Libertarians have such a black and white view
thy don't understand why its patriotic to pay taxes and complain that mandatory taxes
and 100 unfair and stealing. Why? should someone have to pay the government anything if they
don't want to? Because that is the social contract we made together over a social evolutionary
period, in? exchange for the ability to vote. We have idolized this fantasy of complete
individuality that we can't even discuss the collective. The Government belongs to everyone,
and its up to us as voters (though only only a minority of the population on average actually
vote) to decide how the government should spend that money. Not paying taxes is a form
of theft from the rest of us. You only got those opportunities because everyone paid
into the system. As the rich pay less and taxes decline, opportunities decline in a
big way. Humans only got where we are today by working
together. All of the first world nations have a tax and government system, but also a regulated
free market. Its a combo of varying degrees between socialism and capitalism. Something
second and third world nations all tend to have in common is they are either overtaxed
via extreme socialism(though many are considered second world nations), or the rich are massively
under taxed leading to poverty. WE were raised with many benefits of socialism,
public roads, transportation, free education, standardized weights and measures, bacterial
tested foods, toxic and efficacy tested drugs, military defense(many policies I disagree
with), libraries, subsidized food and oil(policies I also disagree with), public water systems,
cheap student loans and grants, engineering regulations, public works via the army corp
of engineers the list goes on. Not paying back is stealing.
Nuance is something Aspys suck at. We tend to hate the system made by and for neurotypicals,
so we figure out extremely logical sounding ideas but we start off without the first understanding
of social nuance. We crave to change the world and have our purely logical ideas become the
norm, but because we can't grasp nuance we tend fail as soon as we start, many times
holding dogmatically to an idea that has no chance of working in a neurotypical world.