OSIsoft: Install PI AF Builder Excel Add-in. v2010 R3

Uploaded by OSIsoftLearning on 05.07.2012

this OSISoft learning video, we are
going to install PI AF Builder. Now
PI AF Builder does need to match the version of the
PI AF client you have. So you may want to upgrade
your PI AF client to the latest version when you install
PI AF Builder. Now first we went to our OSISoft
website and selected tech support. And from there we are going
to go to the download center and select install kits, and install
kits again which will then take us to an install kit
menu where we can select PI AF. PI AF Builder
doesn't have its own menu item, but we can select it from the
PI AF menu. So we'll select PI AF and hit search and it
will go out and collect all of those install kits from the AF
collection. Now we'll scroll down here a bit
and we'll find AF Builder which
is about fourth in the list. And when we select AF Builder
here, we can click on download and that will start our
download to our local computer.
Now that we are here in the download center, it is
now maybe a good time to find the documentation. So we are
going to go ahead and get the documentation from AF Builder at the
same time. We'll click on the search button here for the documentation, and
we'll get the user manuals. And that will show up in our
list as well. And when we find that PI AF
Builder user manual, we can go ahead and start the download
here. We've already of course downloaded
our install kit and manuals and you'll find them here on our
desktop, here is the install kit and there is the manual. We are going to go
ahead and run the install kit now. And when we do that it will start
the familiar unzip process from the zipped executable.
It will start up here. And like
many OSISoft install kits, it will
come through and confirm the path that we are going to use
to install. We can go ahead and do that
here. There is the path. If you need to change it, you can. But
it should detect your PI AF client
path. And it will install. Now PI AF
Builder has the benefit that it installs itself
directly into the Microsoft toolbar. So you don't have to
set it up through the options like you did on our
prior kits. So now you can see it is right there.
But if you should need to manage the
install as an add-in into Microsoft Excel, you
can go to Excel options, add-ins, and select
the COM add-ins. And when you select COM add-ins, it will pop up here.
In order to remove it, you can hit remove.
Or you can unload it by unclicking the box.