Jambers - interviews lottery winners part 5 Lottowinnaars

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Along the Moorselbaan in Aalst, in the house of his father and mother, I'm looking for Jose Lekiem.
10 years ago Lekiem was a happy young married postman.
Now Lekiem moved back in with his parents, together with his son of 14 years old.
With 6 correct numbers Lekiem won 35 million frank (867.627 Euro)
The celebrated it with a big party and champagne.
It is difficult to believe. - You could not believe it?
It was difficult, yes. I looked at the lotto ticket again and again.
You noticed that you had the winning combination...
What did you think then?
Well that...that I could escape from my problems.
Out of problems? For ever? - Yes.
You thought: I've made it.
At the time he won he a big debt, which was hard to repay.
But he was afraid to tell us about it.
And that evening that he won I told my wife: his prize comes in at just the right time.
I went travelling, I bought cars, expensive clothes, furniture, and a big new house.
You buy whatever you want.
35 million is an incredible amount of money.
Just buy 4 or 5 cars from 2 million and 10 million is gone already.
Did you buy 5 cars of 2 million?!
The cars I bought...wait, let me count...
I had 3 Mercedes cars, yes.
Not the worst cars, that was already quite expensive.
And if I went to Luik or Brussel from time to time then I....
Then 10.000 was not enough.
You could spend that in 1 night? - That was not difficult.
That at least you had a nice experience those nights, I guess?
But I better not going to tell you what I did.
Good nights with real... - Just party.
Just party?
What would you do if you would win 35 million?
..and when I would be 27 years old? I don't know.
When you're 27 years old you're still young, and you think you'll never run out of money.
Can I ask how much you now have left of all that money?
Little or nothing.
35 million in 10 years... - yes.
How is that possible? That can not be?
To spend 3,5 million in a year, that is like nothing.
When he had the money, he spend like he thought he never would run out of money.
You saw it coming?
And where...on which way he spend the money then?
If you saw it coming?
What happened?
Before they had won the prize...
they bought shoes of 500 franc.
After they won they bought shoes of 9000 frank with matching handbag.
After they won the clothes she worn were never less then....
2000 Franc. Always 7, 8 or 10.000 franc.
Did you then never warn them? - I'm was not allowed to interfere with the household.
But you saw it coming?
She has spend all the money, also with other men.
So the money did not bring much happiness?
It did not bring happiness. They say on TV:
6 crosses will change your life. That is correct.
It changed 4 lives in our family. Or 5, with the little one counted as well.
You live upstairs?
So this is your room now? - Yes.
With your grandmother? - yes.
And I now see the old villa where you lived before.
On that picture on your wall. - Yes.
Why did you still keep the picture?
Well, first it hanged in the living room in a frame, but the frame broke.
So I took the picture out and put it in my room.
Good job!
There is concrete under it, you've to break it open.
There was a tree here, but his roots is pressing everything upwards.
(some small talk about the problems with the tree).
What do you do nowadays? - I'm a truck driver.
Truck driver? - Yes.
That is my life now.
I'm curious to take a look around the house.
The garden is smaller now.
The garden is really smaller. The garden house was more backwards before.
It is another garden house then the one we had.
Baka delivered that. - Yes?
If I worked there, I had to... I painted that.
Those lawns we made ourselves, with that stones.
I learned to bike on that path.
The Japanese tree is still there.
And my dahlias are still there.
The doghouse is gone.
Does it not hurt?
No, sometimes you think about it, but...
but to say that it hurts... Not me, at least.
But was life not easier when you still had enough money on your bank account?
It is indeed more convenient that you're able to buy whatever you like.
Now you just have to...save money first to buy something.
In the past I just could withdraw some money if I wanted something.
But it's not exciting to do that.