President Corey's February 2011 Message

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Hello there Biola University.
I want to welcome again our new students, 188 undergraduate students and 314 graduate
students. I trust you'll find Biola to be a place where you grow more than you ever
expected to grow.
And students, I hope you had a great break, restful, enjoyable interterm...or perhaps
an intensively rigorous interterm for those of you taking classes.
Either way, I want to tell you that the campus was all too quiet in January with most of
our students at home for the month, maybe working or ramping up for the semester.
Others have been around the country or even around the world.
The spring semester was launched last week with our Spring Convocation service.
I caught up with Provost David Nystrom and AS President Lizzie Neely and Jamie Whitaker
Campbell, one of our professors, to get their thoughts on the this new spring semester.
DAVID NYSTROM: Well, I think the most important lesson I
learned in the first semester was that Biola is a place with great people and amazing resources.
So, I think my goal for the next semester, maybe the next year or two is just to help
figure out how to organize those and put them together to the greatest good for the Kingdom.
PRESIDENT COREY: What's exciting you and inspiring you this
semester as you start your fourth or fifth semester here at Biola University?
JAMIE WHITAKER CAMPBELL: Well, I'm actually very excited about graduation,
which seems strange to say at the beginning of the semester, but I've been working with
about 30 students for the last three years, and it's time for them to graduate and move
on. So, I'm thinking "transitions", "new horizons", I'm really excited for graduation. Also, tiny
plug for my husband, he's finishing up an MA at Talbot in Biblical Studies, so graduation
this year is where it's at for me.
PRESIDENT COREY: We've just come out of the Convocation service,
and Lizzie, you gave a charge to the new students, a record number of new students I might add,
that are coming here for the spring semester. What are your hopes and aspirations for them
this year?
LIZZIE NEELY: You know what, my hopes for them is just that
they really don't waste their time here. I think Biola is an awesome school, and I am
so glad to be going here. So, my hope is just that they just really develop authentic relationships
with people and fall in love with God more and more every day, and just show that in
every way that they live.
PRESIDENT COREY: Love it. And, we're glad you're here, Lizzie,
too. Thank you. Alright, that's Lizzie Neely, AS President.
Well, January may have been quiet, but it was certainly full!
I just returned from the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities President’s Conference
in Washington, DC where we were able to meet with Senators and Representatives as well
as presidents of other Christian colleges to discuss the issues facing Christian higher
education today.
The synergy that comes when committed Christian educators meet is always inspiring and helps
all of us in our leadership roles.
The big challenges we all face need are not insignificant. As we think and pray together
through these challenges, I am confident that the future is bright wisdom.
When I met with Biola alumnus John Thune, he joined the countless others congratulating
his former coach Dave Holmquist for reaching the rarely realized 800th college basketball
Before Washington, I was in Carlsbad with our Board of Trustees for our annual retreat.
I want to tell you, Biola’s momentum is strong and we are enjoying, loving, thinking
through innovative opportunities for 21st Century education with our same founding values.
These are very good days.
I am delighted to have named Irene Neller as Vice President for University Communications
and Marketing, a significant role in giving leadership to our university planning.
Just recently authors Eric Metaxas and Chuck Colson came to Biola for the first of the
“Do the Right Thing” national tour lead by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview.
I am well into this book right here, Eric Metaxas' comprehensive biography of Dietrich
Bonhoeffer, whose 105th birthday we celebrated when Eric was speaking in chapel that Friday.
Check out his powerful message on our website.
As Dr. Nystrom mentioned in Convocation, it's so vital that we study and remember, recalling
the Christian voices throughout the centuries so that from that understanding, we're better
able to plan for the future with bold aspirations before us.
I pray all God’s best for you for a great semester! And I look forward to seeing you
around campus.