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Uploaded by ScooterMagruder on 14.10.2012

What’s up guys, hope you’re doing well.
So this week I decided to do Stuff Washington Redskins Fans Say.
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Hail to the Redskins!
What are you a Cowboys fan? I’m sorry. Have you ever even been to Dallas?
Darrell Green was the greatest cornerback of all time. Only person who may have come
close was Champ Bailey!
But we traded for Clinton Portis.
Good trade.
I mean it was a good trade.
It depends, it depends on the day.
You ever read Harry Potter? The one that shall not be named, that’s Albert Haynesworth.
Tony Romo just threw five picks.
Why didn’t we re-sign Laron Landry?
Why did we pick up Donovan McNabb though?
He didn’t put any team on his back.
Not one.
I don’t even know why we got rid of Cooley.
Cooooleeey. I can’t do that anymore!
That’s when you know your career is over.
When Grossman comes in for you.
It’s over.
That’s bad.
You gotta retire.
I know you remember the Fun Bunch. Art Monk. Virgil, I know you remember Virgil.
RGIII is the truth. I would have given up all our draft picks for RGIII, I’m not even
Every last one.
Alvin Garret, Rick Walker, and Don Warren! You know they used to always get together…they
used to get together and [high five].
Come on, come on. I know you remember the Fun Bunch.
I would’ve given up all of this year’s and next year’s draft picks for RGIII.
You see how fast that man is?
He runs like a 4.1 unwind-aided unwind-aided.
Are we the Maryland Redskins? No. Right? So why don’t’ we have a stadium in Washington?
Last time the Cowboys were relevant, Bill Clinton was in office.
I still, to this day, cannot get that image out of my head: Theismann’s injury.
Mmm, Lawrence Taylor.
Oh my gosh, it was disgusting. I had nightmares!
I don’t think our name is insulting. I think it’s more of a tribute, like we’re giving
them a tribute, you know what I mean? Yeah, paying homage.
Did this man just get a concussion? Oh no, oh no, oh no.
Our season’s over.
I don’t think anyone in the league is worried about the Eagles.
Billy Cundiff sucks.
We have some of the most dedicated fans in the league. They dress up in dresses!
Dan Snyder is the worst owner in the league, other than Jerry Jones!
He always brings in over-paid players who are past their prime.
Shoot, the Hogs are some of the best fans ever. Who else do you know is going to go
to a game dressed up in a dress, with a pig nose?
Bruce Smith.
Albert Haynesworth.
Deion Sanders.
Adam Archuleta.
Mark Brunell.
I can keep going.
Well, Mark was kind of good, a little bit.
Remember Monday Night Miracle?
I do remember that.
Santana Moss.
That, no, that means they’re secure with their masculinity to wear dresses. That’s
all that means.
Before we got RGIII, Dan Snyder was the worst owner. You can’t be the worst owner when
you have RGIII.
Why does Dan Snyder charge for training camp?
I like Pierre Garçon.
He’s Haitian.
He looks great next to Santana Moss on the other side
and Josh Morgan.
I hate the Cowboys
with a passion.
The Eagles are a joke and I don’t know how the Giants keep winning Super Bowls, but I
can guarantee they won’t it this year.
No they won’t.
You know who’s going to win it this year?
We know this. Hail to the Redskins.
Just think, if we had Sean Taylor and Laron Landry.
It’s such a shame with Sean Taylor. He had so much talent.
Best safety ever.
Rest in peace.
You remember when we played Tampa, and he spit on Michael Pittmann.
I love the Redskins and whoever Dallas is playing.
We have our own band.
Man what! Slide RGIII Slide!
I wouldn’t trade RGIII for any quarterback in the league.
He’s a modern day Sammy Baugh. I’m pretty sure he would be a top cornerback right now,
if he wanted to.
RGII was the best thing to happen to Washington since…ever.
Do you remember the playoffs when John Riggins ran over that guy on the Dolphins?
We have some of the best players that ever played the game! Sammy Baugh, Sonny Jurgensen.
Doug Williams though. Was he a beast or was he a beast? There’s only one option.
Brian Orakpo is better than DeMarcus Ware. I know you saw the Geico commercial. I know
you saw the Geico commercial.
He got him on the field.
They need to make some more of those commercials, cause the new Geico commercials are terrible.
They must’ve been made in Dallas.
Ryan Kerrigan!
The next great white hope.
Steve Spurrier, Jim Zorn? I want to know who thought this was going to be a good idea.
At least Rex Grossman can hold a snap.
Tony Romo sure couldn’t.
We can lose all our games, as long as we beat the Cowboys twice.
We drafted Devon Thomas in 2008 and he’s not even in the league now.
Dan Snyder.
We can take it this year, I honestly think we can take it this year.
I agree.
And next year.
And probably the never couple of years. I don’t see anyone stoping us.
I mean, HTTR.
Hail to the Redskins.
Rest in peace Sean Taylor.
You get two identical resumes, do you hire Thomas Smith or do you hire LaDanavian Smith?
Stop jeopardizing your child’s future with these names!
That’s when you know your career’s over.
When Grossman comes in for you.
It’s over, you gotta retire. That’s when you retire.
Have you seen him on ESPN? He’s fat.
He has gained some weight.
And he’s in denial.
Cause you know what? It’s the Chunky Soup. It’s all the Chunky Soup he’s eating!
He’s been eating that home cooking too much. His mom took good care of him.
If we had Sean Taylor and Laron Landry.
Braves on the Warpath, fight for Old DC!
Nants ingonyama bagithi baba. Sithi uhhmm ingonyama. The Circle of Life. That’s why
we got RGIII now, cause we’re on top of the Circle.
I’m a grown man.