Labadee på Haiti

Uploaded by naarestrup on 18.08.2008

Good morning and welcome to this Tuesday
Last night we had some very nice red wine and a few beers
and we saw this piano player who entertained through to two o'clock
It was so much fun, but meant we were so tired this morning
But just take a look at the view we woke up to this morning!
Just look at it!
What you see here is Haiti! Isn't that absurd?
and that beach, in there, is where we are going soon
Going to relax and have some fun
And the boats down there will take us from our ship and in to the beach
It will be great, but it's also extremely warm
in excess of 34 degrees celsius
So no make-up today and lots of sunscreen. It'll be great fun though.
We're now onboard the boat which will take us from our ship and to the beach
And it really has room for a lot of people. That's pretty cool
The first thing that struck as we came out of our ship
Was the temperature here. It is just so incredibly hot
but those 34 degrees are in the shadows, it must be like 50 at the beach
it is really warm and very humid
so my hair will probably curl up completely
So great! Ha, ha!
The only way to avoid it is to get into the water, so that I look forward to
Now we're at one of the worlds most dangerous countries, Haiti
And there's a welcome sign "Welcome to Labadee"
I'd have to say that when we reached the beach it was even hotter than on the boat
not a single breeze moving
I've never experienced anything like this. But it's pretty cool
But if you get bored you can always do some workout in this warm weather
Here, ah typical that someone stands in front of it now, but anyway
it's a map of a path you can fellow if you need some exercise in the warm weather
Sponsored by New Balance
And this sign says that the very last boat back departs at 3:30pm
And if you fail to make it you get to spend the night here
but we'll make sure to keep an eye on the time
Now we're at the beach where you can go swimming or just work on your tan and relax
And there is actually lots of seats in the shadow, but they are all taken
No one can cope with the sun here
There are lots of different activities you can enjoy here
This is one of them: Go sailing on a banana boat
You sit on it as it races through the water Quite a lot of fun actually
But a real sea vessel is the ship we're staying on
See how great it looks out there
Really nice
We've gotten some lounge chairs now, in the shadow
It's absolutely impossible to lie out in the direct sunlight here
A real, genuine, living palm tree in the middle of the beach
Thats not something you'll see back home in Copenhagen
There's a man walking around here offering "medication" which is drinks
I had an alcohol free one since he only had rum to put in them
But Niclas had to hurry and take a big sip from his cup
and then the man filled it to the top again, now with loads of rum
So now we are here in the shadows enjoying life
and this fabulous view. Pretty okay.
And here we can pay using our card
The keycards we got at the cruise ship, it works like a credit card
secured by my credit card
We can use it since everyone that works here are employed by Royal Caribbean
So our drinks were just charged to that card. Very simple and convenient
Here you can enjoy your complimentary lunch
Ms Testmann having a go at snorkeling