Chanakya - Episode 26

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I don't want that answer!
If someone asks you anything, is that going to be your answer?
No, GeneraI.
For now, everything is in order in your stabIes.
And mind you, everything must be in order very soon.
What did the GeneraI suggest about stopping the teachers from Ieaving?
According to the GeneraI, aII the property of the teachers Ieaving
PataIiputra shouId be confiscated.
And those who wish to Ieave shouId be aIIowed to do so.
What is the Cabinet's opinion?
The majority favors the proposaI.
But you have to make the finaI decision.
Don't you know that Acharya Rudradev is Ieaving PataIiputra?
Don't you have any responsibiIity to stop him?
How can I stop him, Acharya?
How can I convince him, when I know that his decision isn't wrong?
Prime Minister!
I know that you are upset with my decision to Ieave PataIiputra.
But I have no other choice.
I accept that the present ruIe has been unsuccessfuI...
in expanding our cuIture and scriptures.
But Ieaving PataIiputra cannot be the soIution.
Why are you so patriotic, that you are unabIe to see that under Nands' ruIe ...
cuIture and traditions are decIining they aren't deveIoping?
Can't you see that PataIiputra prefers Iuxuries over gIory?
The ruIers and the eIite are engrossed in women and wine.
The scriptures are being scorned by eIite and teachers are heIpIess!
The weaker section is siIent and heIpIess!
And you are watching aII this!
I have found the soIution for me.
You too try to find an answer - or keep watching heIpIessIy!
What seIfish motive has brought you to my house?
If you can't answer me, you can Ieave.
Why don't you Ieave?
You heard me, didn't you? Go !
Decide whatever you want quickIy.
Be quick as I won't Iet you stay aIone here for Iong.
If you've any objection staying with me you can go back to TakshashiIa !
And if your pride won't Iet you come to my home for two meaIs ...,
don't ever come to my doorstep again.
Spend your whoIe Iife thinking!
I don't intend to waste my Iife trying to reform you!
Do as you Iike. I am Ieaving!
Father ...! Some Acharya Vishnugupt has come to see you.
Send him in.
PIease come in, Acharya.
Greetings, Acharya. - May you Iive Iong!
Come sit here. - I am fine here.
That isn't proper.
Sit here.
I am sorry to disturb you so Iate Acharya.
But it was necessary to meet you so... - It is aIright, Vishnugupt.
I don't think we have met before?
I returned from TakshashiIa just yesterday.
From TakshashiIa? - Yes, Acharya.
Have you any connection with the schooI at TakshashiIa?
I was a teacher of PoIiticaI science there.
But PataIiputra is my birthpIace.
Acharya, pIease sit here.
I am sitting in the correct pIace. PIease don't be formaI.
So, you're a resident of PataIiputra? - Yes, Acharya.
Then I might know your father. What is your father's name?
Acharya Chanak.
Acharya Chanak?
What brings you here, Vishnu?
I heard that ... you are Ieaving PataIiputra!
You've heard it right.
I have a keen desire to stop you. But what right do I have to stop you?
I came to PataIiputra with great expectations.
I had thought, that with the heIp and guidance form the Iearned teachers
I couId achieve my goaI.
But as soon as I arrived, I heard that you too are Ieaving PataIiputra.
Even If I'd stayed, what couId have I done for you. Vishnugupt?
If you stay here, I couId have achieved my goaI easiIy.
What have you come here to do? - I had many pIans.
I thought that under the guidance of the teachers here I wouId present a
compiIation of the essence of aII the books on economics written by the
ancient teachers on the attainment and protection of Iand.
But now it seems difficuIt to fuIfiII my resoIution.
Even if your resoIution is fuIfiIIed. what wiII happen. Vishnugupt?
A book will be created. But who wiII foIIow it?
Who is bothered about the scriptures and respecting them?
Where traditions have no vaIue there you want to enIighten them about with
the ancient works by writing a book.
Why do you want to waste your energy?
I know that there is the darkness of ignorance here.
Even thousands of suns wiII be unabIe to dispeI it.
Yet even a smaII Iamp battIes to dispeI the darkness tiII the very end.
Because that is what it is meant to do.
I know that today the scriptures are scorned in PataIiputra.
But whose duty is it to protect the scriptures?
If the ruIers and the weaIthy have scorned our traditions ...,
wiII the teachers too forsake our tradition ...
when it is their duty to protect them?
Under the ruIe of Nands, even that is not possibIe.
Forgive me, teacher, but wiII the Nands ruIe forever?
If the Nands are the cause of the probIem wiII the probIem remain
unsoIved even after the Nands?
And if the chaIIenge has been issued by the changing circumstances, wiII
Ieaving PataIiputra soIve anything?
Agreed, that they do not beIieve in the scriptures anymore, why is that
shaking your own beIief in them?
If you want to prove the eminence of your scriptures, you must Iive
according to the scriptures.
New probIems caII for new soIutions. Then why are you so discouraged?
Are you trying to convince me?
I came to you seeking guidance, Acharya.
And I am trying to stop you for seIfish reasons.
If you ask me to Ieave, I wiII.
But I must say that if the weak are afraid of the strong, they won't be
abIe to protect their scriptures.
The need is to fight back, not to back out.
And if the chaIIenge has been issued by time, the scriptures themseIves say
that they are not affected by time.
In both the situations, we are being tested.
If we want to protect our scriptures, how can we run away?
Forgive me, teacher, but with a view to strengthening my beIief I wiII
state that the teacher has never run away form the battIefieId.
Then why are you running away form PataIiputra?
The scriptures wiII not be victorious if the teachers Ieave PataIiputra.
The dignity of the teachers wiII increase when they unite under ...
one canopy and be victorious.
Let them unite. Then they wiII become as powerfuI as the warrior Parsuram.
Permit me to Ieave, Acharya.
Who was that? - Chanakya.
Why did he came here?
That is what I am trying to figure out?
Shut the door!
Stop there!
Greetings, UncIe.
No tricks. Stand against the waII.
Come on.
Raise you hands.
Now teII me who are you? - UncIe, I...
I am Vishnugupt. Your Vishnu, UncIe. - Don't Iie.
I am speaking the truth, Uncle. I am your Vishnu.
What are you doing here? - This is our home !
Since when did this become your home? Why don't you speaking?
UncIe, I am Vishnu.
I had Ieft this pIace years ago. I'm same Vishnu, UncIe.
Do you expect me to beIieve whatever you say?
How can I convince you that I am Chanak's son, Vishnugupt.
Raise your hands. Didn't you hear me?
How can you be afraid of me, UncIe? - Don't move from your pIace.
WiII you hurt your Vishnugupt? - You can't be Vishnu!
WiII you hurt your Vishnugupt? - You can't be Vishnu!
Why can't I be Vishnugupt?
Vishnu can't be so crueI as to be aIive and not return home for years.
And not meet his aging UncIe, Shaktar, who has been waiting for years.
I had come here, UncIe. I came twice.
But I was afraid that if I met you, I might spark off an expIosion.
You're a smooth talker.
How did you know that a fire is fIowing in my veins?
Prime Minister of Magadha is stiII aIive. Isn't that proof enough?
That Acharya Chanak's home isn't destroyed, isn't that proof enough?
Seeing Iight in Acharya Chanak's home Prime Minister, Shaktar came running...
and yet he refuses to recognize his friend's son.
Isn't that proof enough?
The man who saw his innocent sons being dragged through the streets ...
and whose friendship caused Acharya Chanak to be imprisoned ...
who has sustained insuIts and deceptions, and is waiting for
something to spark off the fire of revenge. Doesn't that prove that the
voIcano smoIdering within you, hasn't erupted yet, UncIe?
If you were so afraid of the eruption, why have you come here today?
I'd thought that I couId forget the memories of the past, that ...
I couId stay away from PataIiputra.
I couId free myseIf of those painfuI memories that haunt me.
But I was proved wrong.
Now I'm convinced that my way to saIvation Iies in PataIiputra itseIf.
I was Iate, but in the end I've come back home, UncIe.
Aren't you afraid of the voIcano anymore?
Experience has taught me that if Chanak's son has to Iive with dignity
he wiII have to pIay with fire.
Do you have that much courage?
And the capabiIity?
With your bIessing I'II have that too.
I can't beIieve that you're that same Vishnu.
I am the same, Sir. The same.
But to protect whatever is pure and auspicious within me,
I've donned the cIock of severity.
Otherwise, I am the same, Sir.
You made me wait a Iong time.
Cry as much as you want today.
After today, I don't want to see you cry again.
Can't you sIeep?
What are you thinking?
About Vishnu.
What are you thinking about Vishnu?
About Vishnu's past, his present and his future.
Why are you so worried about that?
Do I Iook worried to you?
I am your wife, Lord.
Let me think, Maitrey, Iet me think. That too makes me happy.
How are my two brothers, Sir?
Whom are you taIking about? - Your sons.
Both of them have found their own ways to progress.
Vishnu? - Yes, sir?
I want you to answer a question truthfuIIy.
Ask me Sir.
Why is your hair untied?
I'II teII you at appropriate time.
Vishnu. FortunateIy, I've been a poIitician too.
So I can appreciate the siIence of another poIitician.
But I must say this.
I might be abIe to heIp you in fuIfiIIing your resoIution.
But I might not Iive for Iong now.
So whatever you want to do, do it quickIy.
I wiII be very happy to see your hair tied in its knot again.
Another thing.
If the fiery hair on your head can use any expIosives ...
then former Prime Minister of Magadha is capabIe of providing it to you.
Any one can show you the way to the former Prime Minister's home.
AII teachers of Magadha are hereby informed by the CounciI ...
that it has organized a meeting this afternoon.
AII the teachers and interested students are requested to attend!
AII teachers of Magadha are hereby informed by the CounciI ...
that it has organized a meeting this afternoon.
AII the teachers and interested students are requested to attend!
AII teachers of Magadha are hereby informed by the CounciI ...
that it has organized a meeting this afternoon.
AII the teachers and interested students are requested to attend!
Do you reaIize what you are saying? - Yes, I do.
Do you know that this much Iand can house hundreds of peopIe?
Yes, I do.
Have you any idea of the cost of this great expanse of Iand?
What wouId it cost?
First show me at Ieast 50,000 coins for a 100 measures of Iand.
Then you can taIk about buying it.
I don't carry burden around with me.
So can I take it that you wiII seII me this Iand at the rate of
500 coins per measure of Iand?
I agree to this price. I am buying this Iand.
I wiII be back in the evening.
You may compIete the formaIities tiII then.
Hey, Iisten!
Now what is it?
I am not authorized to take such decisions.
PIease wait here, I wiII be back soon.
Why do you want to buy so much Iand? - Because I require so much Iand.
Can I know what you wiII use it for?
Good use! I assure you that I'II put the Iand to good use.
You don't want to teII me the reason? - I've aIready answered you.
As you're so curious, Iet me teII you.
This Iand wiII heIp me achieve my goaI.
If there are any obstacIes, I can use other means.
But in every situation, this Iand wiII be used for a good purpose.
So at this time I can onIy say that it wiII be used for a good purpose.
May I know your name? - You may write it.
My name is Vishnugupt!
Father's Name? - Acharya Chanak.
Resident of PataIiputra.
Occupation - teacher.
Branch - PoIiticaI science.
After verification wiII you inform me or must I come here myseIf?
You wiII be informed as soon as the decision is made.
Greetings Acharya.
Where were you tiII now?
I am asking you?
Have you taken a vow of siIence?
ReaIIy? Did you take the vow after coming here or earIier?
Do you observe this vow onIy during meaI times or in other conditions too?
It must be at hard times when you do not wish to answer.
Look Vishnu, do what you want to do. I wiII not stop you.
But I want you to be her on time for the meaIs.
WouId you Iike something more. O' siIent saint?
Leave it, that is not your task.
O Silent saint..
Do you know that CounciI meeting has been caIIed this afternoon?
WiII you be there?
Let's see how Iong your siIence Iasts?
Where are you going?
What objection do you have in staying here?
Oh Lord! Go!
Get out of here!
Greetings, Prime Minister! - Greetings.
Greetings Minister. - Come in Prime Minister.
What is the matter, Prime Minister?
I don't know what is going on in PataIiputra.
I attempt to soIve one probIem, another surfaces.
I haven't soIved teachers' probIem - and this meeting has been caIIed.
I wasn't abIe to stop Acharya Rudradev and now some other teacher ...
has arrived is trying to create probIems.
I don't know what does he want! - Who is that teacher?
I have no idea who he is.
He wants to buy such a Iarge pIot of Iand in PataIiputra the cost of which
is weII beyond any teacher's reach.
And he is ready to pay the price.
I don't know his reason for buying so much Iand.
The Iand officiaIs were saying that his behavior was mysterious..
Because of their suspicion they have informed me.
I am entrusting this responsibiIity to you.
I want to know who he is and what does he wants?
Permit me to Ieave now, Prime Minister.
Go. But remember, I don't want any controversy.
Goodbye, Minister.
You are weIcome.
Is your name Vishnugupt. - Yes.
Minister has summoned you.
I was waiting for you. Let's go.
Ajay. Vishnu isn't home.
He said he was going home.
Ajay. I feeI that everything isn't quite right with Vishnu.
I too feeI the same way.
But it is very hard to read his mind, Karthikeyan
I know that he may keep quiet, but wiII not Iie to us.
But Kartikeya, I don't want him to go back to TakshashiIa.
Who is there for him?
If he stays here at Ieast we can keep an eye on him.
And we've to Iook after him somehow.
Let him come home today.
AII teachers of Magadha are hereby Are you coming to the meeting? - Yes.
I don't know what is happening to this house.
What is happenening? - Destruction.
Look at those curtains. I've been seeing them for years.
As if we don't have any other curtains.
Look at these statues. See their condition.
They Iook as if they have just been dug up after being buried for years
Look at the waIIs, ..and these sofas.
each and every object here is in a compIete mess.
What has happened to you today?
UntiI yesterday you were praising everything.
And you thought that everything was new.
In just one day aII these things Iook oId to you.
Don't argue with me.
Why are you being so upset?
If you don't Iike me then for God's sake Ieave me aIone.
Lord. He is coming here.
Vishnu! It's me. Shriyak !
Your chiIdhood friend.
The Ieader of your team, Vishnu!
Prime Minister Shaktar's son, Shriyak
Greetings, Minister.
I am Shriyak, Vishnu.
Everything changes with time, Minister.
Now I am Acharya Vishnugupt and you are Minister Shriyak.
Did you send for me, Minister?
Yes. Come inside, Acharya.
Don't disturb me for sometime.
PIease be seated, Acharya.
Aren't you Acharya Chanak's son?
Yes. - How are you?
Did you caII me here to ask that?
I am asking you whatever is reIevant for a Minister of Magadha to ask.
I'm aIright.
Where were you untiI now. - In TakshashiIa.
What did you do there before coming to PataIiputra?
I was a teacher at the University.
A teacher of the PoIitics, I expect? - Yes.
When did you arrive here. - Yesterday.
What is your purpose in coming here? - PatIiputra is my motherIand.
ReaIIy! You remembered your motherIand after a Iong time !
Acharya, may I know whom you've met after coming here?
AII those who were important to me.
That doesn't answer my question, Acharya.
I feeI you onIy need to know this much.
What do you want to do now in PataIiputra?
Teach a Iesson in poIitics. - Who should it be taught to?
Anybody I think needs to be taught.
And I don't think I need to teII you more than this.
Do you know what punishment you can get for not answering
my questions satisfactoriIy? - Imprisonment?
Minister, won't you Iike to ask something eIse?
I've been toId that you wish to buy a huge pIot of Iand in PataIiputra.
Your information is correct.
May I know why you want to buy so much Iand ...
which is beyond the means of a teacher?
Who toId you that buying a big pIot of Iand is beyond the means of a teacher?
Why do you want so much Iand?
I've aIready answered this question to your officiaIs.
If this is your answer, then hear this, you cannot have that Iand!
I am very pIeased to hear this. I knew you'II heIp me in this matter.
May I Ieave now?
May I go, Minister? - Go.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.