Cindy Combs

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My name is Cindy Combs and I'm a Professor of Political Science and Public Administration
at UNC Charlotte. I've also written the first textbook on terrorism, coming out this year
in its seventh edition. It's written for students and other people using classes on terrorism
to be able to understand what terrorism is, where it comes from, and how we respond to it
I teach courses on terrorism, not how-to, but how to understand what it is and where
it comes from. So I try to inspire my students to really want to know why someone would carry
out a terrorist act, what causes them to do it, and if it's going to happen, how can we
best prevent it happening or respond to it after it does.
One of my areas of expertise in the study of terrorism is looking at the causes of terrorism,
because individuals do not become terrorists overnight, they are not born terrorists, they
become in a process that we are trying to understand, but that we know takes time and
is impacted by a lot of different factors.