CGRundertow SAM & MAX: SEASON 2: EP 3: NIGHT OF THE RAVING DEAD for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 28.10.2011

We’ve gone from Santa’s workshop to Easter Island, and if you really think about it,
a German castle populated by zombies is the only place we could’ve gone from there.
Behold the melancholy! It’s Night of the Raving Dead!
is Episode Three of Sam and Max: Season Two, a game originally released in 2008 and released
in October for the PlayStation 3. This is the that version, available now on the PlayStation
Network. You can get all five episodes of Season Two for the bargain price of $19.99,
which is a die for.
Prices and puns aside, the Night of the Raving Dead is more of the point-and-click excellence
you’ve come to expect from Telltale Games and Sam and Max. This one picks up right after
Moai Better Blues. Sam and Max have returned, Max is now the President of the United States
and high priest of Easter Island...and a zombie is attacking their office.
I guess “attacking” might be kind of harsh. (00;02;50)
Informed that zombie attacks have been on the rise while they’ve been away, the detectives
take the case and soon find themselves waiting in line at a zombie dance club and embroiled
in a ferocious rap battle with a gothic German vampire. These two spend more time above and
beyond the call of duty than “Soap” MacTavish.
Some old friends also return, including Agent Superball and hard-nosed Flint Paper, which
is great. But this comes at the expense of other characters. President Lincoln’s head
is a bit less prominent this time, for example, and although the antiquated machines known
as the COPS are back, the arcade Bluster Blaster isn’t as hilarious with his newfound voice.
He’s become too subdued for my liking.
Of course, story and writing is at the forefront of Night of the Raving Dead. But the puzzles
make up the other half of the game, and fortunately, they’re as solid as ever. This point-and-click
adventure has you talking with lots of characters, assessing the situation given their information
and finding items to solve the puzzles.
There can be a little bit of trial and error here, and in general, the solutions are sometimes
a stretch...but then again, so is a zombie rave.
There’s also a driving minigame, as with prior episodes. Only this one is a nod to
Paperboy, of all things. You have to throw installation discs—which are what people
used before downloading was a thing, kids—at passing zombies. You might call this zombie
abuse. The COPS call it marketing.
Night of the Raving Dead continues the fun puzzle solving and hilarious dialogue Telltale
conjured for Sam and Max: Season Two, so if you missed the game before, getting these
PS3 rereleases should be at the top of your priorities. No one does pointing and clicking
better than Telltales Games and Sam and Max.