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My sympathy, sir.
How'd your interest get to be 10 times what you borrowed?
Couldn't you call?
Why'd you come to my house!
Get out!
Hon? Should I call the cops?
Sir, you're quite different from
when you borrowed urgent money.
So what?
You added damn crazy interest!
What's wrong with missing a few months' payment!
What? Wanna hit me?
Think you can use force on us?
What are they, stupid?
Mr. Park? Come here, please.
The client says he did nothing wrong.
But the payment date is long past.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
She says we're stupid.
How in the world...
Can't you do your job right?
Didn't I say talking gets through to some,
but not for others?
Take your shoes off. Get up!
It's impolite to wear shoes in people's homes!
What are you doing?
No, sir.
It's not your fault.
He's at fault.
I have to train him right.
Stand up straight!
You have a baby, sir?
So, that's why.
It costs a lot to raise a baby.
Then it's hard to get money back!
You should've told me that earlier.
Come here.
What were you thinking!
Just give me one day.
No, just one hour. Please.
I'll pay up.
Damn bastard finally pays.
Put this on your face. It's bruised bad.
And wipe the blood.
We go collecting cash like shit,
but end up with pocket change.
Know how many people in Seoul
are actually from here?
Take a guess.
Don't know. About half?
Only 1 .5% .
They all come up from the country like me
lookin' to fight for tops.
Seoul's full of folks like that.
Then, out of all those people
who makes it big?
Diligence is a given.
And a smart head. Next up is strength.
People like that go places.
What's next? What do you think?
Guts, man. You need that.
No matter what Ivy League school
or how strong you are...
If you ain't got guts,
you just eat and die. You know?
What's better than that?
The ones who come out on top
of the ones with guts?
Think about it till I come back.
Nam-soon, change hands! You'll get frostbite.
Be right back!
Can I see that one?
This? Good choice!
I designed this myself.
You have great taste.
- What do you think? - You look great in anything.
- Come on. Who says? - Me!
There's nothing prettier than me.
- Let's go. - Of course there isn't!
Go easy.
Don't let 'em touch everything.
They're fake jewelry anyways.
The filthiest things in the world
are what people touch.
Things, animals...
Or even people.
Your things will get covered with grime and stuff.
What... What are you doing?
Getting my grime on you!
Laughing all you want?
Just 'cuz your father died...
He still owes me $6000!
Don't buy more drinks, eat some food.
Why you!
- Hurts, huh? - Yes.
You get hurt, you die. Watch your tongue.
Anyone home?
This one won't be easy.
I'm working now.
What time?
Excuse me.
I'm Song Beom-no.
I have an appointment at 3?
One moment.
Sir? Mr. Song's here to see you at 3?
Who are you!
Pay up, bitch.
You're Lim Gye-jung's husband, right?
You use self-injury to threaten?
Your blows are infamous.
So, how much does my wife owe you?
- You can pay me now? - Tell me how much!
Do you have a religion?
I'm a Buddhist.
So, I was thinking...
Money's important to me...
But I think human ties are priceless.
So what?
Should we solve our problem with money...
Or body...
Let's think about that, huh?
- Geeze! - I said!
Talking gets through to some,
but not to others! Didn't I!
Go away! Or I'll call the cops!
I'll go if you pay up.
$3500 principle plus $5000 interest totals $9000.
I don't have it!
Pay up, bitch!
Wait! That's mine!
Why you!
Don't touch me!
Wanna die?
- Pay up! - Let me go!
Pay up!
What's going on in my house!
Help me! He's a loan shark!
Of all things...
Get him!
You! Move out!
But it's winter! I can't!
I don't care!
If I bleed, it'll be murder.
I don't want my dad in heaven
getting bad-mouthed.
That's why I'll pay.
But I got other places to pay off, too.
No interest divided by 42 months
equals $180 a month!
It's a deal.
Wanna die!
Think I pulled this shit just for that?
You don't scare me one bit.
You threaten with self-injury,
but can't hit others.
The fuck you talking about?
I face over 100 people a day.
Think I can't tell?
And I'm taking off the pot
and stuff you broke before.
I'm back at 1 a.m. on weekdays
and 7 a.m. on weekends.
If you come around then,
I'll have $180 ready per month.
What the hell...
Why live like this with a face like that?
Wash up and you can live off
being a gigolo at least.
The hell...
Good job.
Hey! Cracked your head?
Was she pretty feisty?
She got a pimp or something?
I got $5000. It's over.
Who says? Are you the boss?
If we bring this in,
What do we get?
She ain't got damn nothing.
I don't care! Go away!
Never seen such a cruddy fool in all my 70 years!
He came at dawn and forced me
to give him your $5000 deposit.
- That doesn't make sense! - Why not!
He banged his head and got blood all over!
What could I do! I had no choice!
Why didn't you call the cops?
The cops?
You think they protect shit around here!
Cruddy damn bastard!
Boss says to charge Joo Dong-hyun
interest for the remaining $400.
Obviously they want us
to squeeze out every penny.
Squeeze her like hell.
- Shit. - Let me see.
If you cup your hand then hit...
It makes a bigger sound with less impact.
When you hit with your fist...
The other guy moves first, like this.
But no matter how much we practice beforehand...
It's like getting hit for real.
Now, watch. When you hit with wood...
With something like this,
you just get hit for real.
This guy's born with a body hard as steel.
But see?
Most folks will die from pain
and blood gushing in the mouth.
So, the price is different from the hitter
and the one getting hit.
How much will you pay us?
Damn bastards.
Offering shit like that.
After our presentation and all.
Fuck em!
Shit. What do you think?
I'll do it.
I just have to get hit, right?
- Take care. - Bye.
Turning on fellow store-owners
for more money.
You call yourselves human!
Then, sue us why don't ya!
The fuck's this? Never seen him.
You the store-owners' rep?
Son of a bitch!
Look! They're taking pictures!
Fuck! They got cameras!
Let's go!
- Pull out! - Let's go!
Good work.
Good work folks.
I'll see you all out early tomorrow.
Are you okay?
Pay up, son of a bitch.
$5000's a cheap deal for you.
That was everything I had!
I told you I'd pay you back 180 a month!
Why'd you take my deposit!
Get lost before I take your organs and get $4000 more.
You're all talk. And with a lisp at that!
What? You little...
I'm leaving cuz I have to work.
Not cuz I'm scared.
I'll come at dawn and keep bothering
you till I get my deposit back.
Oooo, you scare me.
Don't even try to run away.
Or you'll have to watch your back for life!
She coming or not?
I was about to visit you in the hospital.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Damn it...
Joo Dong-hyun's case... Han-jin Credit Union case...
Let's just collect that and stop.
My wife's loan shark wants help
with evictions instead of the money.
Says he'll pay, too.
So he ain't a complete asshole.
Sorry, but can you help me?
- Enjoy. - Thanks.
Let's eat beef blood soup. It's good for you.
Though you can't taste things, get your nutrition.
Taking vitamins, right?
Eat before it gets cold.
This tastes bland.
- Leaving already? - Yeah.
Go to a motel or something.
You'll get sick like that.
I'm going to Myung-dong Market.
Chinese lunar holiday starts today.
Take care!
- Bye. - Ciao.
Leaving work early on purpose?
Fuck. I'm talking to you!
How dare you ignore me!
What's this bitch!
The fuck!
I'm talking bitch!
What are you doing!
Get her! Hurry, fools!
You owe me the money! Don't ignore me!
I'm sorry. Please don't do this.
What! This thing's real?
You crazy bitch!
You can't even sell her organs.
Where ya gonna sell her to?
- She's a virgin, right? - Sure thing, boss.
That's good.
The fools fuckin' her can deal
with her bleeding to death.
She'll die?
What the! The hell!
What the?
Open up!
Hey! You can't eat that...
Open up!
Who the fuck are you!
That girl's gotta pay me first.
What the fuck!
I don't hit people.
Then get hit and die, fucker!
Hey! The car's moving!
Car coming!
My head!
- Kill him! - Son of bitch!
The car's rolling down!
What the heck?
- Inspector Park! - Yes?
Come here.
Let's go.
Are you okay?
Doesn't it hurt?
Thank you for helping me.
Pay up, bitch.
You already took $5000.
Wasn't that the deal?
Still, pay up.
Do you like me or something?
Then why keep following me!
I have absolutely nothing!
I don't even have a room to lie down
in this damn, big world!
So, don't mess with me anymore.
I'm about to lose it, too.
What the fuck...
Ms. Joo Dong-hyun?
- Joo Dong-hyun? - Yes?
I heard you are a hemophiliac.
Shouldn't you go to the hospital?
No, I'm fine.
Did you get hurt anywhere?
And Mr. Park Nam-soon...
But this says Park Nam-jin.
That's my real name.
To put em in the slammer for a while...
Damn, they hit you bad.
That's at least 3 weeks of medical treatment.
Go to the hospital, first.
I'm not in any pain.
- You're not? - No.
Now I don't even have money to take out the stuff to sell!
Who needs free sauna coupons, I can't even go!
I have to live out on the street now!
Really, I have nothing!
So, stop following me!
Stop! You can't even get $100 for this!
I gotta make a living!
You're no human, asshole!
I got a room in my house.
$180 a month.
Sleep there till you pay it off.
I'm sick of chasing you for petty cash! Fuck...
For real, sir?
Been deceived all your life?
I'm a black belt in Taekwondo.
The fuck I care.
When you're done paying, scram!
I have some other stuff here.
- Almost there. - The hell?
- ls this it? - Yes! Thank you.
Sign here, please.
Sign? Ah, sure.
Where are you going?
Don't ask where I'm headed.
This isn't easy to ask.
Please, don't get me wrong.
I don't think you do, but just in case.
Do you like...
I don't feel anything.
Damn scrawny girl...
My name's Joo Dong-hyun.
Living in the same house, we should exchange names.
I know your name.
You live alone with no family?
They're all dead.
Me, too.
Why're they dead?
Can't you use better words?
Like pass away?
Pass what?
Dead means dead.
Just call me Nam-soon.
Park Nam-soon? Pretty name.
Shit, whatever.
Careful! Watch it!
Use that room.
And that. Don't touch.
And never ever wake me up.
If you need money, take it from here.
But don't take more than $30 at a time.
Use the dishes up there.
Don't touch the ones down here.
Where are you going?
Don't ask me where I'm headed.
Gotcha! Shit.
You can all play here now.
Oh no!
Analgesia ...
ANALGESIA: insensibility to pain...
Excuse me.
Ever heard of hemophilia?
You have hemophilia?!
You're awake?
I didn't wake you, did I?
You said you don't feel anything for scrawny me!
No, it always gets like this in the morning.
Don't go in there!
What's this?
What was that?
Blood clotting serum.
You heard, my blood doesn't clot.
- Did you get it checked out? - Why? I'm not sick.
Garlic, onions
carrots, oranges, peanuts, seaweed, and fish.
They help clear up the blood. I never eat that.
If my blood gets clearer,
I bleed more and more.
So, I smoked in middle school
to dirty up my blood.
What are you, a vampire?
Oh! That's right!
Listen. I have hemophilia.
Vampires have Porphyric Hemophilia.
Hemo means blood. Philia means love.
They both have great love for blood.
That's why they use the same word. Get it?
I'm a total vampire.
You've lost it...
You can't taste things, too?
I didn't see your medical files on purpose.
I don't feel sick!
Right! It's an illness.
- I'm not sick! - Fine.
Geez! You scared me.
- I saw you. - How?
This tastes spicy.
It's tear-jerking, hot spicy!
Books say that you can train to recognize taste.
Taste is a sense. Try this.
Think of it as rehab.
Say, 'Ah'.
Hey, look. We spoon kissed.
This is yours, bro. This one's mine.
The hell.
Who're you calling bro'?
Shithead, fool...
Uncle, mister, and bro.
I chose the nicest one.
Then, how about sis!
Just call my name.
Mr. Nam-soon? Sir?
- Drop the sir. - Just Nam-soon?
Hey, Nam-soon?
We just have this area left to tear down.
Any progress with the compensations?
When someone living in a shack
hears of redevelopment...
They ask for a 700ft² apartment.
Damn... Seoul is a complete hell.
Gushing with greed and earthly desires.
What the fuck is this!
Son of a bitch!
Hey, is there a payphone nearby?
I looked all around, but can't find one.
Doesn't she have a cell...
I don't have a cell phone.
I like payphones way better.
Why are good and cheap stuff gone
and replaced with expensive things.
It was too dusty...
Where are you going?
To buy glue for the broken dish?
Hold on!
I have extra strong glue
I use to make accessories.
I'm sorry. I won't touch it again.
That belonged to my family.
I'm so sorry.
- Here! You should... - Hey!
I'm really good at gluing. Can I do it?
Just go in and sleep!
No need to yell.
See! Give it to me.
Let go!
Hold on!
That hurts.
Don't be a sissy. Just rip it off.
One, two!
No! No! No!
You're like a doc.
Operating Siamese twins apart.
If you bleed, it doesn't stop?
Very, very slowly.
Until all the blood seeps out of me.
Still you don't go to a hospital?
- Nope. - Why?
Cuz people all die in hospitals.
Doctors aren't undertakers.
My parents both died in the hospital.
And we lost everything to cover hospital bills.
So, I treat my own self.
I read many medical books
and related stuff even in English.
Want me to study more and heal you one day?
You smiled!
- So! - You do know how to smile.
- Looks good. - Bullshit.
This is bullshit!
Don't say that.
Think this'll work?
Not at all.
Oh man...
What is it?
It must be really hard for Siamese twins!
Emergency? It's that way.
Thank you.
Which department?
Good question.
I wasn't gonna tell ya,
and handle it on my own.
The bastard's using my wife's debt
as an excuse to use us like dogs.
Says to be like Deungsinbul!
What's that?
He puts himself on fire as
an offering to Buddha and becomes...
A hunchback, a martyr, then a Buddhist statue.
Put myself on fire?
Not that. A sacrifice fly.
Cause a big accident and
if someone gets badly hurt...
He'll bring in the press
and get people on his side.
Damn bastards.
Like we'll fall into that.
Remember, the ones with guts win.
What's the plan?
Know that damn rabbit?
The one with big bucked teeth
tagging alongside the boss?
He's the boss' nephew. I'll get him.
You pick a fight with him,
then get stabbed in the gut.
That'll clear up my debt
and money for you on top.
Sure he's got a knife?
I saw him go around with it.
It's a tiny, little one.
- I'll think about it. - What? Think?
Guess my pal's doing a lot of thinking these days.
You're right.
Money's not important. My pal, Nam-soon, is.
But let's finish up today's gigs.
You got hurt again?
Why do you live like this?
Shit happens in life.
Aren't you sorry to your family living like that?
- What? - Living like this...
Your family in heaven is watching.
They're all crying.
Don't go overboard.
I saw it when I broke the dish.
How sorry and how much you missed them.
- They miss you, too. - Get out.
Get lost!
I'm sorry if I went overboard.
I'll move out at dawn.
He's gotta be from a royal family!
A royal family?
Last time I saw a woman
hold his hand and cry.
Probably his nanny or deaconess.
I even saw him walking out from Yonsei University.
He probably didn't like his betrothed...
And ran away here the day before his wedding.
Come and look around.
Why'd you come out?
No reason.
I didn't mean for you to move out.
You came here to tell me that?
And not sleep?
Talk somewhere private.
I'll watch your stand.
Sometimes I want to give up, too.
Give up what?
Getting by.
There are only 7 women in the world
like me who lived past 20.
Since I was young, I had bad joints from my illness.
If I wasn't careful, I'd get bruised.
When my body ached,
I knew it was a sign of rain.
So, my nickname was granny.
School picnics, excursions...
Never been near em.
It said Hemophiliac,
don't hit' right on the attendance.
But when the kids got punished and stuff...
They let me pass.
When I was in school...
Kids kept scratching my body
with knives without me knowing.
So, one day I grabbed one and hit him.
He went blind in one eye.
So, I went to prison.
I met the guy I work with there.
But now...
I don't want to get beaten anymore.
Can I ask why you use your sister's name?
So I won't forget.
Your sister must be thankful.
I'm not sure now.
I don't remember much.
My family all died cuz of me.
Cuz I spilt Coke in the car.
Just cuz my stupid finger hurt...
I even killed my sister.
Life is filled with worry and deceit.
At times we become
disillusioned with life.
And we feel like dying
and giving up.
There is nothing that can't be done in God.
Let us pray for our gifts to be used as God's tools.
And be good followers of Christ.
Use it.
I found a payphone,
but it's way too far.
It's the first time anyone ever thought of me...
Why'd you cry?
After a big cry I feel relieved and refreshed.
Like putting ointment on my chest.
That's why you cried?
To feel refreshed?
What are you doing!
When I felt like crying...
This is what I did.
But it didn't hurt at all, so no tears came out.
Right then, I wished...
Someone would ask me...
What's wrong?
Joo Dong-hyun...
You can tell me everything.
Things that make you laugh or cry.
Nam-soon taking care of me...
Reminds me of my dad.
I miss him so much!
Know what it feels like?
How does it feel?
I can't explain it.
It's okay.
You don't feel...
For a scrawny girl, right?
If you punched it, it would've broke.
But you pressed it down hard.
So no one will know you miss them.
Let's change the glass.
From now on, tell me if you wanna cry.
I'll cry for you.
Am I too scrawny?
No, you're perfect.
- Do I have a long tongue? - Yup.
I wanna live long.
Me, too.
Damn! That fool!
If it starts, I do it. If not, I go.
What happened to your hand?
You can't serve customers like that.
Hands are most important.
You gotta lure in customers.
But not with a look like that.
Can you smile?
Cut! Let's try it again!
Come on!
You're supposed to be angry!
ls that all you can do!
- Let me see. - I got a message.
Hey, rabbit!
Came to give you this.
If your teeth fall out...
Stick these in like this, instead.
You look like a rabbit,
but go around like a damn lynx!
You're a joke!
Who are you?
What the fuck you staring at me for!
I'll pull out those rabbit teeth,
slit your belly,
and fry up your guts!
Stab me!
Stop! What are you doing!
I'm moving down to the country.
And start a strawberry farm.
Don't ever look for me again.
This guy got hit for real!
Director! This guy's so real!
Eat up.
- Mr. Park Nam-soon? - Yes?
Oh, I forgot.
The star actor wants to hit
you for real in the next scene.
We'll pay you. How about $150 per day?
- Sure. - Good work.
Not bad.
- Park! - Yes?
Let's try something else for the next cut.
Come in from another angle?
How much is this?
Cut! Great!
Who's it for?
Well, well.
Cuz you wouldn't be a Deungsinbul...
My nephew said he'd do it instead.
So, I treated him to a date
with one of my pretty gals.
But you tried to jab him, huh?
No, sir. That's not it.
Take off his pants. I'll jab him.
No! Please!
You can't?
Then you pay for late construction losses.
It's about $1 million.
I'll do it! I swear!
Great! Next!
Good! Nam-soon, jump!
I came to see someone!
When you jump from high, you gotta land right.
Nam-soon! Get away!
It's just a show, man. A piece of pie.
Then why're they paying $50,000?
It's hard for others,
but easy for you.
You don't feel pain.
Just get it treated afterwards.
Don't bring any more work for me.
- What? - Just come to hang.
Did you meet a gal?
Shit. Does your dick even get up?
I mean, I'm happy for ya.
Then you gotta make a lot.
How'll you make a living?
Anything besides getting beaten.
Having dicks,
the things we gotta do to keep our gals...
Love doesn't feed ya.
- Hello? - What are you doing?
Ah... working.
- Where? - The usual place.
Come home quick.
I'm worried about your cough this morning.
Really, hon?
Okay, then. I'll get some groceries and...
Hello? Hello?
This was the only number on her cell phone.
She won't let me call 911.
Says she'll die in a hospital.
Where is she?
- Help! - Lie her down.
What happened?
She fainted in the street.
Take her in.
- She's a hemophiliac. - Are you her guardian?
She can't stop bleeding.
Calm down, sir.
She's a hemophiliac...
She's been using her serum way too long.
It formed antibodies and became ineffective.
Then what?
There's a French serum made from
specific recombinant DNA...
But it's very expensive.
How much?
It'll probably cost her tens of thousands.
Maybe even as much as $100,000.
She has pneumonia and her menstruation, too.
She needs to be hospitalized.
Can you please get the serum?
I'll come up with the money somehow.
Yes, it's my brother's house.
It's not my business
what you do with that house.
But after everything I did for you...
You cause problems
and end up in prison...
Now, you show up and ask for a loan on the house?
I'm not asking for the house to be put in my name.
I can't.
I already took out a loan on it
to set up this store.
I can't even if I want to.
Like strawberries?
I want to try it.
Wanna live in the country?
We'll go...
You open up a little shop.
And I run a strawberry farm.
You won't get vinyl-house disease
cuz it's grown in the winter.
Who says?
The script...
I mean a book.
Maybe I'll become a stuntman.
They said I'm a natural.
I hate this.
Hate what?
That I'm sick.
They said if you eat well and rest, you'll be fine.
The two of us...
We're a burden on each other.
You're not to me.
I want to live a long life.
So, I wanna meet someone healthier
and well off.
I'm gonna stay with a friend for a while...
Then go to my uncle's in Australia.
That's how you really feel?
I hope you meet someone healthy, too.
I can't even have a baby.
I don't need a baby!
Don't make this hard.
I have a favor.
Say it.
...Forget it.
Find someone who's not sick.
I'll secretly park a truck loaded
with boxes under there.
Just jump onto that
and you won't get hurt much.
And the money?
I got half in advance.
I'll get the rest at the scene,
so you take this all.
I got a favor to ask.
Anything! What is it?
It's just...
There's a place I wanna go to before I die.
So, I don't wanna die this time.
Fool! You're not gonna die!
Don't worry. I'll save you even if it kills me!
So, where is it that you wanna go?
Not now. Maybe later.
Don't worry.
Alaska or Africa, we'll go for sure, okay?
Thanks a lot, Nam-soon.
I owe you big.
You may not wanna talk,
so I'm just leaving a message.
1130 is the code for the first locker
you had your stuff in.
It's the day we first met.
It's so cute.
I didn't wanna live there without you,
so I sold my house.
The money in the locker is yours.
Just take it with you.
But I'll go to Australia one day and look for you.
Even if...
You're married to someone else...
Promise you'll meet me once.
I was so stupid and couldn't say it then...
I hope you meet someone healthy and
live a long, long life.
Stop the demolition!
Go away! Go away!
Stop the demolition!
Hey, Nam-soon!
Go above the billiards.
I put up a rope there.
- Okay. - Here.
What's with the sweat?
Go on!
- Who is it? - What?
The one stronger than the one with guts?
A lucky bastard!
You're lucky!
You're the only one who survived the accident!
Go on! I'll get the truck!
He just went in.
Give me the rest of the money.
Fool. Get the job done first.
- Good luck! - Honey...
Gye-jung! Gye-jung!
1000 police officers have gone
in to break up the protesters.
The protesters are against
forced evictions...
And fighting for means to make a living.
They're coming!
The ladder truck's coming!
Start for the target point.
Camera ready
Block off the back!
Nam-soon! Nam-soon!
No! Nam-soon!
I have to go to Dong-hyun...
He fell and we got it on tape.
Don't go
Are you okay?
It doesn't hurt.
Don't cry.
Ah, God?
I'm sorry to ask this
when I don't even go to church.
But the thing is...
No matter how much I get hit...
How much I bleed...
I don't care at all.
But when Dong-hyun cries...
When she cries...
It feels like my heart's ripping apart.
So, please watch over her.
If I have to die for her...
I'll die.