The College of Liberal Arts at The University of Central Oklahoma (Students)

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>> TIFFANY T.: I'm the first in my family to graduate high school and now attend college.
I'm Tiffany Thompson and I'm so blessed to be here at The University of Central Oklahoma.
>> The college of Liberal Arts at Central has helped me grow. I'm a Mass Communications
major. The professors have helped me face my fear of public speaking. The class sizes
are small, and so the courses I'm taking in the College of Liberal Arts help develop the
skills and confidence that I need. I have a passion for people, and want someday to
be a counselor or family therapist. I know my degree from Central will help my dreams
come true.
>> ANDREW: The Justice System, crime-fighting, and problem solving have always appealed to
me. I'm Andrew Miller and I'm double majoring in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science at
The University of Central Oklahoma.
>> I knew right from the beginning that Central was the place to get my dual degree. Most
of my classes for my major are in the College of Liberal Arts. There are a wide variety
of courses taught by top notch professors. From the coursework in the classroom, to the
hands-on Forensic Science labs, you get real-life training. I'm one of six kids in my family
and I'm so grateful for scholarships. My scholarships make it financial possible for me to go to
school, work hard, and earn a 4.0gpa in college.
>> TIFFANY L.: I love to read and write, explore books and share them with others. I'm Tiffany
Leach, The College of Liberal Arts at The University of Central Oklahoma nurtures my
passion for learning and literature.
>> I come from a very small town and need that small environment to be successful. At
Central, I feel right at home. The campus is like a community. The students, the staff,
the professors, we're all part of the Central family. I want to be an english teacher and
The College of Liberal Arts is preparing me for my career. I've learned a lot from my
professors. They encourage us to discuss, to debate, and to think. I want to do the
same as a teacher. Inspire students to be life long learners.
>> SEAN: I'm involved in a lot of activities, and have many interests. I'm Sean Rose, because
of my diverse interests, The College of Liberal Arts at The University of Central Oklahoma
is a great fit.
>> There are eight different departments, English, Modern Languages, History and Geography,
Humanities, and Philosophy. There are studies in Substance Abuse, Sociology, Criminal Justice,
Political Science, and Mass Communications. I'm majoring in Sociology with a minor in
Political Science. My college experience goes beyond the classroom. I've gotten to travel,
participate in The American Model United Nations Program and help coordinate educational programs
on campus. My hope is to benefit my community. I know anything is possible because of my
LIberal Arts Degree from The University of Central Oklahoma.