Kim Kardashian Makeup Look Tutorial [Breakdown in description]

Uploaded by kutrendSIM on 09.03.2012

Hi, my name is Faye Smith. I'm a hair and makeup artist based in Vancouver
Today I'm going to show you how to look like Kim Kardashian, beginning with her makeup
She is used as a reference by so many of my clients
Everyone wants to look like her or at least have her hair makeup
So today we are going to do it
Kim Kardashian wears a full coverage foundation
Everything is conceal, is just flawless
I've put on very light foundation, if you want to know how to do this please check out my other tutorial
Now I will add a little extra coverage with loose mineral foundation
Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics which is my personal favourite
Now I'm pale but Kim Kardashian has that golden glow
Because my neck and chest are pale, so I want to put on bronzer
I wish I look nice all the time, I thing everyone looks great with a tan and I wish I have this tan all the time
Next I want to create that Hollywood glow that everyone on the red carpet seems to have
Much paler around the eyes, under the eye and around the eye
I will do that with a concealer and a pale powder on the top
Kim Kardashian has an absolutely chiseled face
Chiseled cheekbone, chiseled apples of cheek, chiseled jaw line
So, for me who has slightly plumper jaw line
I'm going to use contouring
Which is basically put shadows where necessary to thin out the face, you can find a tutorial of contouring
Now I have my chiseled face, I want to add a little bit of extra color
Kim tends to like more bronzy peachy look, and that's what I am going for today
She likes to keep her face look as slim as possible
She doesn't tend to put it too close to the nose, that will make the face choppier
We will keep it more blended with the highlight
Now I'm happy with my complexion as a whole
I got nice flawless skinny face, I'm ready to do my eyes
First I want to neutralize the color of the eye lid
Just use a cream eye shadow all over the eye
I will use a white to more shimmery eye shadow on the inside of the eye to highlight
Under the eye, on the brow bone, take it on the cheek bone as well
Now I've go my shimmery glowing eye, I'm ready to do darker eye shadow
I'm going to begin with a creamy consistency black pencil eyeliner, I'm going to line around my eyes
To create that cat eye effect, skinnier inside and gets thicker on the outside
I'm going to make my eyeliner thinner on the inside and thicker on the outer corner
I will color in the water line
I will use a browny goldy color eye shadow to even it out
And angle brush to blend out and shape the shape I need
Now I've got my eye shadow on, I think it's time to fill in my eye brows
Kim Kardashian fill her brows fairly define
I will use medium to dark eye shadow and an angle brush to do that
So Kim Kardashian always wear false lashes
The ones I've got today is little bit too long, I will suggest something more natural
She goes for dramatic look. Today false lashes and DUO glue is what I like to use
Let these dry a little bit. As you can see the glue is white, but that will dry clear
Now that the glue are dry, I want to blend my own lashes with the false lashes
Nothing could be worse than someone could see the natural lashes poking the false lashes
I will use mascara to apply a light coat to blend them together
I am feeling nice and sexy exactly how I should feel like in this makeup
To finish up all I need to do is add the lips
Kim tends to go for a matt color lipstick, usually very nude pink or very nude tan color
For me I like to do a tiny touch of color, so I will use pink
Here we have my sexy Kim Kardashian makeup
Dark smokey kitty car shape eyes, huge eye lashes, beautiful skinny face and a nude lip. Gorgeous