T.I. / Justin Dead & Gone: Obama Music Video (Spoof) - High Def Version - not Alphacat -

Uploaded by obamaspoofs on 28.03.2009

This is Barack Obama!
The challenges that we face are great.
But there should be no doubt, that with the help of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke;
We will save this nation.
Spit it Ben!
Oh, Mr. President you are the One.
Obama: "I Know!"
You're even greater than Abe Lincoln.
Obama: "That's true."
You'll make our economy strong.
Make it strong!
Obama: "That's right!"
Your . . . words inspire this nation.
Obama: "Hope."
Your chopper costs 1 trillion.
Obama: "That's not true."
Only you can end this recession. Recession . . . oh . . .
You lost your job. You lost your home.
But I'm in the Oval Office, so you won't be alone.
Unemployment is rising, GOP's criticizing.
But with George Bush they were all fraternizing.
I don't wanna hear!
I don't wanna talk.
When Republican's speak, I just start to walk.
They followed these crooks who put us in danger.
I haven't seen so many sheep since my birth in the manger.
From the WhiteHouse, to Wall Street,
AIG's full of deceipt.
Used bailout money to pay their fat cats.
Have you seen this America?
What do you think 'bout that?
All Wall Street you make me sick!
And Rick Santelli you can suck my dsssshhhhh!
I asked John Stewart to destroy Jim Cramer.
"Mad Money's" the scapegoat for all misbehavior.
We can do all this.
This crisis won't last.
Just like Jimmy Carter I'm starting out fast.
End the war!
Reduce crime.
Stem Cell research on the Gov. dime.
Superman's got nothing on me!
Look what happened to Krypton's economy.
I'll woop this recession call me Chris Brown.
Financial crisis I will "Take You Down."
I'll change it so fast you'll call me Madonna.
We'll tough it out, just like Rihanna.
I've got Ben Bernanke to make things right.
We'll get you back your job so have no fright.
Consumer confidence we will reignite.
Just like Michelle my budget be tight.
My stimulus package helps her sleep well at night.
I wish Bush had played the joker in "Dark Knight."
Oh . . . Mr. President you are the one.
Obama: "That's true!"
You're even greater than Abe Lincoln . . .
Obama: "I know"
You'll make our economy strong. Make it strong.
Obama: "That's right."
Arlen Specter(R) is a democrat so 2/3 of Congress is by my side.
Except for Bill O'Reilly, the media enjoys the ride.
I look to Bernanke.
My job's at stake, you better make this right!
Now you go speak to the press.
Say it will be alright.
He turns his head to the east.
He sees the Congress by his side.
He turns his head to the West,
Media's still holding tight.
Straight face into the camera:
We'll give Americans confidence.
Barack is here we'll be alright . . .
Your . . . words inspire this nation!
Obama: "The change we need."
Your chopper costs 1 trillion . . .
Obama: "Stop bringing that up."
Only you can end this recession . . .
Recession . . . oh oh . . . ohhhhh.
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