[Real 2PM] JYP Nation 뮤직비디오 촬영이야기3^^(2PM M/V behind the scenes)

Uploaded by 2pm on 22.12.2010

Something smells delicious.
Mustache has grown so much while I was waiting.
What? Are these all grown today?
Skin becomes really nice.
You will make cake with me.
At first, there is bread.
This is not, it is not the way to do.
I will do it.
Why not?
I am older sister.
What are you eating?
What am I eating? Why are you doing this to me?
What is it about?
It is content about the “Sun”
Design, house interior.
I have lots of interest in house interior.
So when I was little, I played with lego.
When I played with lego, my older sister and I had a competition to build a house and I won.
So, my older sister said that how come I can build that beautiful house
And she wanted me to give it to her.
So, I said “huh”
I also make house parking lot.
House does not have just doorsill.
It is just not opening a door, there is a little hill when you open the door.
Wooyoung, are you going to do the interior when you buy a house in the future?
Whether the house is small or big, I want to decorate my house beautifully.
I really like interior.
There are exactly three things that I like.
Music, soccer, and interior.
How about dancing?
It is all included in the music. And soccer like this…
Oh, I am looking forward to it.
No, do not turn it off.
He says don’t, I want to do.
Awkwardness, awkwardness, awkwardness,
It is alright.
It is alright
It is alright
It is alright, Pak!
You should do it professionally.
Right, right, right.
No, this is not the way to do it.
How do you do then? How do you do?
It is done like this.
High-spirited women are good.
What is the difference from the previous one?
If you do it like that, is not there anyone who cannot do it?
Okay, okay.
It is too cheesy.
I will put some fruits here, why are you doing it?
Putting some kiwis.
Is that kiwi?
I am grandfather.
This person is grandmother, grandmother.
You are the oldest son.
If I am eating, ask me what I am eating.
Junho, what are you eating?
Ah, it is delicious.
Oh the mood is good in here.
Does not the atmosphere look good? It is the place with the least quantity.
Junsu, it seems a little bit awkward.
Jinyoung brother admitted it.
It is really great work.
Have a cup of drink.
Everyone, have a cup of drink.
I cannot drink it, no, I will not.
I cut it out.
But, I could not cut, so I just ate it.
What are you doing?
I cut turkey’s leg.
It is cruel.
What is cruel? You all eat these.
I caught it.