SSSS - 04 - Top Ten Mega CD Games - According To Charlie

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G'day guys, and welcome to another episode of the Strictly Sega Solo Series
So over the last couple of weeks i have been very busy editing the next big strictly sega episode,,
Plus a couple of other things
#Music: The Specials: Your Much To Young
How often do you see the word Kill in the sky?
You can't jump over these guy's, you just have to go hammer and tong!
Hammer and Tong, you know, like streets of FUIRE!!
Theres still allot of work to go on the 4 player saturn special
as theres allot of editing involved
But in the meantime
heres my personal favourite top 10 games on the mega cd,,,
Strictly Sega Solo Series Theme Song....
on the mega cd episode we did in season 2
we talked about how the mega cd was known at the time for its grainy videos
and not allot more..
but now if we look back in retrospect
there was actualy a pretty classic catolouge of games
and some that really pushed the boundries
of experimentation with the new medium.
So heres the top ten,
but before i show you this collection,
I gotta say
some of these games are real ticky to get your hands on
and ive only ever owned a burnt copy
or have managed to borrow the disc from a friend
so some of these i dont actualy own the originals of
but considering im not actualy reviewing these games
im gonna allow me to break my own rules.
now i have to include one grainy movie game
as it really was its flagship...
so we are gonna choose wirehead by mgm
although it had horrible grainy video which the mega cd was famous for
this game also managed to have a pretty inventive original story
that covered a huge variaty of locations,
that even some action movies would be jealous of..
Numb, Numb, Numb, NUMBER 9
The terminator is a nice and big run and gun platformer
with HUGE well designed levels.
movie titles have had a rough trot over the years and even today,,
But this game although released around the same time as terminator 2 (the movie)
stuck to the first movie's story
and i think in turn gave the delevors the time needed to make this a pretty excellent platformer.
as i meantioned in the terminator review, it just walks all over the original mega drive version.
Numberbader, NUMBER 8
Popful Mail is a platformer with the perfect amount of rpg element
to make finishing this game real fun.
this is one of those games ive had to play a burnt version of sadly,,
but i mean a great game is a great game,
and eventually when i get my own copy of it ill take you though it
and show u why its so cool.
Enaves, Number 7, Enaves..
well for number 7 im stuck on a tie,
Between final fight cd which we covered previously.
and Soul Star, which had great 3d for its time
both very different games
but i cant tell you that i play one more than the other.
i love the arcade ation of capcoms classic
and on the other hand i love the thrill of soul star and its extreamly addictive action.
Batman Returns this is one of those games
where u can say "hey ill show u what the mega cd can do"
they basically took the 2d platformer action
from the original batman returns megadrive game
and added the mode 7 driving sections
and music...and i gotta say
the driving bits look absolutely brilliant
and are lots of fun
NUMBER 5 (Deep voice)
FIFA international soccer championship edition is played allot at my house
as Nick is a big fan just like he is of other sport games
it gets played more often than the mega drive version due to its sound
presented in Dolby Surround, you can really feel the crowed atmosphere
which really helps in making it a great multiplayer game too
Number F-F-F-Four
lunar - the silver star story
not just one of the best rpg's on the console
but also one of the best rpg's of its time in my opinion
back when this came out i was too busy over on the super nintendo playing link to the past
but coming back and checking out this game recently
i found myself hooked on the nice story line that kept me interested and its relaxed atmosphere
Num-Num-Num-NUMBER 3
Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors was unreleased, but one for the top 10 if it was
sadly by 1995 absolute entertainment was going broke
after its bomb home improvements on the super nes
and when you mix that with how there just wasnt any money to be made out of the mega cd any more made it very dissapointing
But upon finding out about desert bus for hope
i became a huge fan of this game and have actualy managed to trick a few friends with it too..
#Lou Reed: It's The Impossible Level Boys,,,
"Impossible doesnt mean winning a Nobel Prize, Impossible its eating the sun"
"Your too cool for us Lou! We will never be as cool as you!"
Sonic CD is an excellent game once you figure out the past present future systems
right from the first 10 seconds you know this sonic is gonna be a big one.
its a great mix as sonic 1 diddnt let you spin dash but
sonic 2 was sometimes distracting with tails bobbing all round the place
that,, and with the huge levels it deffinflty deserves its spot in number 2..
!!!NUMBER 1!!!
Snatcher is a fantastic game
with an excellent story, by the producers of metal gear solid
a konami experience this one and one deffinfltly worth checking out,
its a homeage to classics like the terminator, blade runer, and just gaming in general
with tons of great story that sucks you right in
game play thats not over challangeing...
and suprises round every corner
this is one of those games that once you get into it.. you just cant put this game down
#Charlie does a plug Theme Song...
This part doesnt have subtitles as it wasnt scripted.
But in this Episode i plug my friend Richard From ReviewTechUSA, Formerly RLMAudio