Bye Bye, Bad Dog Breath —Orapup

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Dog breath
let's rewind

Dogs are adorable
but they lick everything!
that's why we invented Orapup the solution that helps cure dog breath in less than
a minute. Dog bad breath is one of the major concerns of dog owners
All we can really recommend is to brush their teeth
People don't do it becuause
their dogs dont like it.
even when they let you brush their teeth, it wont solve the problem
studies show that ninety percent of bad breath in humans comes from the tongue
I'm Doctor Bob
ten years ago i invented Orabrush, a tongue cleaner
that helps cure bad breathe. After people started using the Orabrush for
themselves they requested that we create an Orabrush for their dog.
"Orabrush, you need to make one for dogs now."
That'd be good, wouldn't it?
How do you get a to let you clean its tongue?
You don't.
You let the dog do it.
having a system where the dog will clean his own tongue is vert beneficial to both the
and to the dog. Its not a chore, its more like a treat. Ultra soft pointed bristles
clean deep into the uneven crevices on your dog's tongue
loosening stinky bacteria
these bristles are designed after the surgeon scrub, brush the same special
bristles surgeons use to clean bacteria from their hands before the cut you open
four in-line scrapers collect and remove the bacteria and residue generated from
brushing, helping cure cad breath. We tried loads of different handles until we had
the perfect handle. It enables the dog to lick the Orapup in the vertical
position where the dog will extend the full length of their tongue. When we clean
our own tongues, we pull the bad breath causing gunk out of our mouth and then
spit out the residence
Dogs don't spit, so Dr Bob spent seven months researching a flavor and
consistency that dogs love, and is completely edible and healthy
the flavoring also includes an anti plaque product
as well as an enzyme preparation for better oral health
The ingredients are all FDA approved and food grade, even for humans.
"You know, that kind of taste like gravy."
"I can see why you like it."
We have finished the design,
have working prototype
and even have a commitment
from a national pet food store
to carry Orapup
made arrangements with a local manufacture
and now all we need
is your help
to make the first run of product.
Click here, or go to
and when you pre-order an Orapup, well throw in a couple of free Orabrush
human tongue cleaners.
so hurry, because the first five hundred preorders get an early bird special.
Before you know it, everyone in their dog will have one.