Ripio, Camionero y Detective - Episodio Piloto COMPLETO!

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Doctor Entraigas had promised his wife he wouldn't deliver any more babies.
But everyone knew he wasn't being serious.
The aunts had never said a bad thing about Andres's wife.
However, they hoped that with their child's birth, things would change.
And they did.
Juan didn't want a little brother.
The day that the one who would later be known as Ripio was born,
that same day, his entire family died.
As if the child had brought the plague with him.
A twin, Death.
And there he lied, the poor thing,
crying, almost starved to death, for six whole days.
And them, who had nothing to do with him,
they didn't know the family, and had no business with them,
just passing through looking for a place to spend the night.
They had no children. Married too late, the family they
ad intended ended up in just a couple, and nothing else.
He threw everything into the crook, as if he was paying for his part of the deal.
They adopted the child as their own, immediatly.
They died before the next saturday,
and the child, Ripio, was alone...
Have you seen this man?
Thank you.
You can put her down, now.
Alvaro was here.
I know, you didn't need to bother the chickens.
This place is clean, you get me? It's clear Alvaro was here.
How much do you know about werewolves and their fancy eating habits?
Let's go. We have to find the girl.
None of this makes sense.
Says so the person who just interrogated a chicken...
I'm a polyglot, Ripio. I'm also talking to you, right?
We've been here for hours, following a former government employee,
who you are convinced, for a... hunch, that took the girl.
No proof, no leads...
let me tell you Ripio... your procedure is everything but serious.
I'm telling you it was Alvaro.
Hi Marcia.
What? you're not gonna tell me I scare you...
You don't remember me?
I work with your dad, we're very close.
He told me you can skip school today and come to the park with me.
Look, to prove it to you, I'm gonna tell you a secret.
It's something I couldn't know unless I knew you very well. Do you understand?
A little bird told me you really like magic tricks.
There you go! See I'm not lying?
So, do you want to see a magic trick or not?
Ok, but be quiet, or it won't work.
I know what I need to know, ma'am,
and luckily, I know it just in time to do something.
You can trust me and we can end this now,
or you can let the girl die and do nothing. Your choice.
Let's go.
They're not here.
And how do you know this?
I just explained it to you, I know things, and neither Alvaro or the girl are here.
Then, where?
Over there.
That smell...
That's Alvaro's scent.
What do you mean? Speak clearly, please.
Ripio, we are not alone.
Hold very still.
Don't move an inch or he'll rip out your throat!
Alvaro, stop it. Give us Marcia and we'll leave, that easy, I promise.
Ripio... what is it doing?
I said still!!
Alvaro, let her go, she's foreign, you'll get in big trouble if you kill her.
Thank you...
What are you doing?!
Now I know something about werewolves too...
Alvaro, where is Marcia?
Stupid trucker! I always hated you!
Don't worry, you'llbe alright, I promise you.
Watch what's about to happen, it will be the most spectacular thing you'll ever see.
They say that it's impossible to watch TV with him around.
Apparently, the device and Ripio don't get along.
That small detail would have comforted her,
because she would have known that they were close.
But of course, she never payed attention to such mean gossip.
Neither did she know about what happens to dogs when they hear the truck coming.
Another good omen, wasted.
We're almost there, child.
They're coming, they're coming! They're bringing Marcita!
Aroldo, they brought our girl! The girl!
They got her!
Thanks, good Lord...
He hit the secretary!
The secretary...
the good heart, the friendly neighbor, he's gonna have to leave town,
tomorrow at this time at the most, before nightfall.
I will be checking in in a few days myself to see that it's done.
Here in the back I have the secretary's commission, the little godson,
he took the girl!
Bring him down, then, bring him down so that we can have justice!
Justice? What justice?
The girl is fine. The little godson is coming with me,
and if the secretary isn't gone by tomorrow, you can give him your justice.
Ripio, You can't take him...
What will I say to his mother?
Tell her it takes much more than a poisoned cup of tea to stop Ripio.
Thank you, Ripio.
It's Mr. Ripio to you, don't forget it.
And know that I'll be watching you too.
I don't know how to repay all that you've done for us,
thank you, trucker.
The deal was for the one in the back of the truck. That's my pay.
The girl is alright and she's with you, that's also a good pay.
No one should be lost and without their people around.
Bon voyage, Ripio!
Take good care of the girl for me.
Ripio judges, judges and judges...
He doesn't know what it's like to carry a cross like that...
with a damned boy like him.
They say his damned himself.
That no one can stay alive next to him for more than six days.
And that's why there's no friends, or love, or family in the trucker's life.
His curse is to be alone.
If you let me go right now, I'll never go back, I swear.
I won't screw anyone else. I leave quietly, on my own, and everybody's happy.
Look, you know well that if you don't let me go by midnight,
when I see the moon, this fucking chains won't hold me for two seconds.
Yes, they will stop you, Alvarito, they've stopped you before and they will now.
The one who released you the last time was me, remember?
But I won't make the same mistake twice.
Don't be such an ass, Ripio!! You know that I know nothing about your thing!
I don't want information, I want you.
Don't fuck with me, Ripio, we've been through a lot together,
and I'm not talking about friendship, I'm talking about time.
Do you keep track? Because I do.
And you don't want to get to midnight with me.
I don't?
Because you don't like what you are.
You want to be the hero, not the killer.
What I don't want is to be responsible for your freedom anymore.
Marcia at home with her parents, and Alvaro dead at last.
The trucker thought that there was nothing left out of his plans.
But of course, he was wrong again.
Where's Serrador?
The boss knew you were comming, so he left.
He said he wanted to save the last encounter for an... important occasion,
one that matters for the story.
Tell him I appreciate that, and that the chance will come.
So, what's your name?
Ramiro, Sir.
And tell me, how long are you planning to stay working here with Serrador?
As long as I can.
Hold on to this job, kid. Serrador is an honest guy, carved from the good wood.
Are you drinking anything?
Beer. Stout.
Kid, something strong instead.
Hi, trucker.
How you doing, Norita?
Here, bored to death of these... Waiting for you.
The last time you said we had one hour left, remember? I have one hour to spare.
I killed someone with that today.
You don't kill anyone, trucker.
Are you Ripio?
The one, ma'am.
They said you would help me.
They say Ripio knows everything he needs to know about
a case as soon as a new client shows up. But this time, he didn't.
My husband, they took him.
Nothing. Nothing at all.
And yet, the most reckless, the only thing to do.
Let's go, ma'am.
What's going on, ma'am?
Milagros looked for us because we've met before.
They broke in two nights ago and they took him.
But the truth is this is beyond me, Ripio.
Be quiet, some goons broke in.
We need you.
We'll find him, Milagros, I promise.
Where is Ernesto!?