How to Make a Homemade Guitar Strap : How to Sew the Guitar Strap Applique

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hi. I'm Candi-Cane Canncel with Expert Village. So in this clip I'm going to show you how
to sew up your appliques.
So in stitching appliques like stars, you want to have a starting point and an ending
point. So a good thing is in between the little points of the star. So when you're sewing
up your appliques, a good place to start is in between the little point of your two points.
Place it underneath your needle, line it up and then just go ahead and stitch. And when
you get to the edge, make sure that the needle is in, and you're going to be turning to stitch
to the next point. Once it's in between points, lift up your thing, turn around, and then
you'll stitch up the next point making sure the needle is all the way in, lift it up,
turn around and then you'll continue until all five points are stitched.
See what happens is you end up getting this really cool quilted effect.