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Let's start our Sanskrit lesson.
'It's about a time, when there was no Face book, no Cell phone...
...no TV, and no Internet.'
'There was this bench, in the school...
...a mute witness to my love! '
'It's a love story, that started with love...
...but ended with a surprising twist! '
How dare you... - Hey, sit down!
Damn it!
This is not right.
Not in here, go and play outside the classroom.
The holidays have begun...
...not celebrations of Holi (festival of colours).
Happy Holi, to all of you.
Happy Holi!
'At first, I felt like screaming from the rooftops...
...that I finally had a girlfriend! '
'But then, it dawned on me that if the love affair is an open secret...
...then it isn't so much fun! '
Did you see that? Seems like he's in love.
He'll end up like me!
'When you're fourteen, and in love...
...all you long for, is a glimpse of your girlfriend.'
'Even getting that one glimpse, was not an easy task.'
'And when I finally managed to see her my heart started pounding! '
'It seemed, my heart would jump out of my mouth and reveal my secrets.'
'Luckily, my heart never revealed anything...
...but something always went wrong...
...like this rickshaw showing up at the wrong time.'
Bye! - Bye!
'I don't know how jenny ended up in jamshedpur...
...and how she came into my life! '
'Thanks to my sister Vinita, who introduced me to jenny.'
'Rest was up to me.'
Have you gone mad? - No, I am madly in love.
'Constable Ram was my first hurdle.'
'Greetings! What's all this? '
The school's closed, and the Holi celebrations have started!
'Constable Ram also became a part of my rotten luck.'
'And these are my future in-laws, and my future brother-in-law.'
'In a family of policemen, I was the only thief...
...always on the lookout, for a chance to steal their heart.'
'But, there was a villain in this love story, Ratan Singh Chauhan...
...a boy from the neighbourhood.'
'He would show up everyday at her house! '
Greetings, uncle! Greetings, aunty! - May God bless you!
Uncle, I've brought you a calendar.
Why did you have to do this?
Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, all the holidays are marked in red.
Is it? Now we'll never forget Christmas.
I remember everything.
Daddy, you put this up, in your room. I don't need it.
Savio, how are you doing? - I'm okay.
He's such a cute kid!
Hey! - Are you offering him a cigarette?
It's just candy.
Those are peppermints. He's just showing off!
Seems like your Holi celebrations have started.
Jenny, go and change your clothes.
Yes, do that. If you catch a cold...
...you'll not be able to enjoy the festival of Holi.
Okay uncle, I'll take your leave. I'll see you later.
Why did you touch his feet?
I was just trying to please him.
That's the reason, uncle has chosen me for jenny.
How is that possible?
Ever since I saw her, I've decided, that she's the one for me!
If you don't believe me, ask Vinita.
Why should I ask her?
Let's directly ask jenny, who she wants to be with.
Are you crazy? If we do that, we both will lose her.
We'll both lose our chances. Idiot!
Okay you keep trying, and so will I.
Let's see who gets her attention.
By Holi, we will definitely know her choice.
Don't challenge me.
Why don't you take up the challenge?
If you're a man, then accept the challenge!
Damn it! How dare you!
Damn it!
'In those days, to achieve what you wanted...
...you needed to be mobile, very mobile.'
'You also had to make sure you sneak past...
...loudmouths and weirdoes like Mrs. Chatterjee...
...to get to your final destination.'
'The whole exercise was nothing less than scaling Mt. Everest.'
Has aunty come back from office? - No, she comes back at 5 PM!
Do you want to talk to jenny? - Yes.
Come in.
Hello! - Hello!
Aunty, this is Vinita. Is jenny at home?
Cookie... - She is there!
It's for you.
Hello. - Cookie, it's me. Ved.
I've just come out after taking a bath.
I got drenched in school.
Is it?
And? - And?
And, what else? - Why do you keep saying "and"?
Why are you so nervous? Talk to her properly!
Keep quiet!
I mean, did anyone come to see you?
You mean Ratan? Yes, he'd come here, to give a calendar to dad.
How do you know about it?
Had he come there to give a calendar, or please your dad?
He gave a calendar to dad.
Do you know the nickname dad has given him?
Anmol Ratan (priceless). - Keep quiet!
He tries to please everyone, doesn't he? - He's very cunning!
You won't even know, what's on his mind! - Are you angry?
Vinita was asking, when are you coming here?
Shall we meet tomorrow at 10 AM? - Really?
Yes, really!
What are you doing?
I... nothing!
Come on freshen up, have something to eat and then study.
Ved, next year you will be in junior High...
...and you're not serious about your studies!
Your dad was also upset.
'Have you heard of Lal Bahadur Shastri? '
'He struggled so much, for his education! '
'He used to swim across a river, to get to his school! And look at you! '
'Is it my fault that the Britishers didn't build a bridge? '
Are you planning to get to a hostel, after completing junior High...
...or do you plan to stay at home?
Just like Vidur, if you wanted to send me to a hostel...
...you would have done that long back.
Ved, don't compare yourself to your brother.
Why shouldn't I compare myself? You only talk about him!
I am grant... I mean, you take me for granted!
Of course, you aren't my son!
We just picked you up from the hospital!
Who knows? I was very young at that time.
Okay, don't argue with me.
Go and eat something. I have lot of work to do.
What's this?
It's my shirt. A button has come off, please stitch it.
Tomorrow morning I've to go to for a group study.
Keep it here, I'll take care of it.
Mom, it'll only take a few minutes. Please do it now.
Correcting answer sheets is an endless task!
If it only takes a few minutes, then I'll do it tomorrow morning.
Ved, see who's at the door.
This is the limit!
Why can't you respond, when I call you?
There is a telegram for you.
Mr. Rawat! - Yes.
Your wife is on the phone.
Hello, what happened?
Vidur is coming home tomorrow.
I just got a telegram from Mr. Gulati. - Really?
We will go the station to pick him up. I'll take the day off.
Ask Ved to be ready.
For the first time in four years, he is coming home for Holi.
This time we'll celebrate Holi in style. - Definitely!
Check your shopping list...
...make sure we buy everything. - Okay.
Ved, tomorrow your brother is coming home.
At what time? - At ten in the morning, we'll go to the station.
Give me the shirt, I'll sew the button.
There he is!
God bless you! Keep smiling.
You should take your elder brother's blessings.
I hope you didn't have any problem on the way.
I'm so happy to see you!
Where is Mr. Gulati?
Sir, there you are! How was the journey?
It was good. - Did you have any problem? - No.
Hello! - Hello ma'am!
How are things with you? - Yes, we're all okay.
You have lost so much weight. What's wrong?
God knows, when will hostels start serving better food.
Ask him whether he would like to have Mutton or Chicken?
No, let's quickly go home. I'm getting late.
Where do you have to go? - He's has to go for a group study.
This boy is always... at the wrong time...
He says the wrong things, at the right... he says the right thing.
He's got me confused!
How much Mutton do we need, 1 kg or 2 kgs?
1 kg is enough.
Where is he running off to?
Sorry! Sorry!
I got so busy in my group study, that I didn't realise...
...that someone was keeping a tab on us.
What are you doing? - I'm studying.
Oh really! Is the book so far away...
...that you need a pair of binoculars to look at it?
Get me a glass of water. - Shut up! You always keep ordering me!
Let papa come home, I will tell him everything.
Oh really?
Vinita's house had all the facilities, from coffee to telephone.
Everything was free!
If it wasn't for her, my romance couldn't have blossomed!
Ratan was saying, that you are his girlfriend.
I don't like all this girlfriend-boyfriend stuff!
You're right. I told him the same thing.
Let's just be friends.
Why do you need to say that, it's understood!
Hae I told you about this incident?
There was this boy in Hazari Baugh, who wanted to befriend me.
I don't know how dad found out.
Dad had him picked up...
...and made him do sit-ups, in front of everyone!
'Still want to befriend her? '
I'm sure, he must have been a close relative of Ratan!
Why does Ratan keep showing up at your place?
As long as he's trying to please my father, it's okay.
But in the process, what if he asks for your hand in marriage?
God only knows, what Ratan will get?
What do you think of the Piano?
Piano, it's useless.
Remember Raj Kapoor, and his tragic songs.
His songs were really sad. Playing a Guitar is stylish.
Jenny is planning to join Piano classes.
What did you say?
Can anyone join those classes?
Has some one suffered a heart attack? - Heart attack! - Heart attack!
Who? - Someone called up from this address.
This is the address they gave us. - Nothing has happened here.
Are you sure?
Check with our neighbour, maybe someone there had a heart attack.
The address is of this place, why will someone there have a heart attack?
Sir, we were fooled.
They just wasted our time.
Who are you? Where are your parents?
Do you know that making a prank call like this is a crime?
What happened?
'Oh, so this is your doing! '
Thank you.
Take some more.
Eat enough before you go back...
...you won't get all this in the hostel.
Have something! Do you want to have ice-cream?
Okay, later.
Ved, finish this or else I will have to trash it.
Do I look like a trash can? - Oh God!
Where are you going?
Why are you so upset?
I was late for the group study.
On top of that, Ratan created a ruckus and made matters worse.
So much sincerity for your studies! It's a good sign.
Now that your brother is here, entertain him a bit.
He should also enjoy his vacation with you.
Vedant! Wow!
It's very nice. - It's got my name on it.
Sun glasses too! Very good.
It's really nice. Say "thank you" to him.
Thank you.
"Whenever he came home..."
"...he came like a breath of fresh air."
"He always shielded me with his warmth."
"Whenever, he came home..."
"...he brought the family close together."
"The differences disappeared."
"The differences disappeared."
"He brought us all together."
"Such wonderful was the life..."
"...whenever he came home."
"Oh, I can't forget those moments!"
"Whenever he came home..."
"...he came like a breath of fresh air."
"He brought the best out of me."
"He had the key to every problem."
"On the roof of our house..."
"...we would find a cloud that stopped..."
"...and our imaginations would ride that cloud."
"Before I committed any mistake..."
"...he made sure I was forgiven."
"Before him, we kept to ourselves."
"But now, we chat all night long."
"It made me dream, when he was home."
"Oh, I can't forget that wonderful dream!"
"Half asleep, half awake..."
"...I kept dreaming of the beautiful world he created around us."
"Oh, I can't forget those moments!"
"Whenever he came home..."
"...he came like a breath of fresh air."
Hello sir! How are you?
What can I say? You know everything.
I needed some wood for Holika (pyres burnt on eve of Holi).
If you need it, you can buy it.
Can I get it for free? - That's an interesting thought.
I haven't slept for the last four nights.
The wood thieves have really made my life very difficult.
And you are trying to make fun of me.
Sir, our tradition tells us to burn Holika.
It doesn't tell us, where do find the wood!
There is no forest here in the city. Neither can we chop a tree.
How do we keep our tradition alive?
So you are going to steal the wood!
Sir, how can I do that? I am your customer.
That is true.
Thief! Thief!
Partho, run from there. - Thief!
Hey, somebody catch them! Thief!
Get out of here, quickly.
Thief! Thief!
Make it quick!
Run! Quickly!
'Holi, the season for stealing! '
'Days before the festivities, some are stealing, others are chasing.'
'Whatever be the time, someone or other is chasing someone.'
'Holi without a theft, that's impossible.'
Oh my God!
What's this? It seems like festival of lights.
I was so excited with my brother's arrival...
...that I even forgot my challenge.
I also forgot that there was this notorious character...
...hovering around jenny.
Take this.
Stay here if you plan to work, or else go home.
Look at this. - Oh my God, it's bleeding!
Dettol! Somebody please get some Dettol.
Does anyone here have Dettol?
Excuse me! Please step aside. - What are you doing?
What are you up to?
Let me dress this up, or you'll...
...land up in Hospital. You leave me alone.
You're a man, aren't you? Tough guys don't cry.
Hold it, man. - I won't spare you!
This is a good lesson. Now he won't trouble anyone.
Kunti, what happened? What are you doing?
I have been knocking for a while. No one is opening the door.
Ved! Ved! - Move aside.
Ved, open the door. - I don't know what these two are upto.
Ved, open the door.
Mr. Rawat, Vedant is playing outside.
When are we getting the hearing aid? It should be here anytime.
It has been quite sometime since we ordered it.
It's okay. There was nothing wrong if you fell asleep.
It was all Vedant's fault. - What did I do?
What else would he do beside sleeping, if he is all alone at home!
You shouldn't have left Vidur alone at home.
It's not that the sky came crashing down.
No, it's the door that came crashing down.
You will get it fixed, won't you?
Your brother has come home.
If you don't take him out with you, how will he mingle with normal kids.
In the hostel, all the kids are like him.
Okay, I will take him out. - That's like a good boy.
Take this. Have some sweet.
From tomorrow, you can go and play with Ved.
One more thing...
...you may be the younger one...
...but you need to take care of Vidur. Understood?
Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi!
He is so handsome.
I am sure he has a girlfriend in Delhi.
Vedant, ask Vidur if he has a girlfriend.
He is my elder brother. How can I ask him that?
Come on. Let's go and play Kabaddi.
Oh, sure. That's a good way to get close to jenny.
Won't it be inappropriate...
...to hold jenny's hand in front of Vidur?
'Today holding a girl's hand is no big deal.'
'At this moment, the best way to hold jenny's hand, was to play Kabaddi.'
Don't be so coy. Why don't you ask him if he has a girlfriend?
She is asking you about your favourite fruit?
Aam (Mango). His girlfriend is Aamrapalli!
Wow. Ask him, does he go and watch movies with her?
Vedant ask him, does he have her photograph?
They are going to get me in trouble.
'They all want to be at your service.'
He said that you are Vidur's "NaukaRani" (maid). - No way.
I called them Vidur's Rani (queen). - Is that so?
Come on, hit him. - Have you gone mad?
What happened? How did this come down?
We were trying to find old comics. The whole box came crashing down.
Why do you need old comic books?
He wanted to go through them again.
He doesn't want to go out anymore.
That means, you don't want to take him out with you.
Vidur didn't enjoy.
No one was able to communicate with him.
I usually end up being the interpreter.
You teach them to... - Hold on.
Vidur is going to take time before he can make new friends.
Once he gets used to them, he will be fine.
You need be more patient, Vidur is your own brother.
Call all your friends home. We will have a party.
This is a photograph of Rock Climbing, somewhere near Delhi.
This is with the Cricket team.
Vidur is the captain of the Cricket team.
In this photograph, Vidur is water rafting.
Uncle, how did he accomplish so much?
He seems so normal.
Yes, it is we who don't know how to deal with them.
Uncle, why doesn't Vidhur study here?
There is a proposal to open a school for the deaf.
Let's see when we get the school.
Vedant, you are like a frog in the well.
And you think you own the vast ocean.
You are only interested in stuffing yourself.
You are never going to see the world.
How come I was not invited? - Come in, join us.
Why do you need an invitation? Anyone can join us.
I see, this was the aroma that drew me here.
Hey, come here.
You really have a strong sense of smell.
Do you want a leg piece?
Here, take it. - Uncle, can you see how he is talking?
Ved, don't you have any manners?
Sir, I am the Electrician. You had called for me.
Yes, you start from the other room.
Sudha, please help him out. - Ok, sir.
Show me that.
Vidhur goes to so many places, how does he communicate?
Sign language!
It's very easy. There are five vowels.
One finger for each vowel.
A, E, I, O, U. Okay?
A. - A.
B. - B.
C. - C.
D. - D.
F. - F.
G. - G.
H. - H.
Uncle, it's just a matter of practice. - Yes.
Can we go out and play before it turns dark?
We will also include Vidur in our game.
Yes. Definitely! - Thank you.
You also go and play. Ved, you also go along.
Ved, you look after your brother.
Vedant, it's your turn.
Vedant! Vedant!
Vedant! Vedant!
That was good. Now come back.
Vidur, your turn.
Vidur! Vidur! - Wait a minute.
Ved, have you explained him the rules of the game?
He is not allowed to grab at the waist. - He knows it. You carry on.
Vidur! Vidur!
Hey, wait a minute.
What are you doing by closing your nose?
Is this how they play Kabaddi in Delhi?
What is the difference, whether he holds his nose or chants "Kabaddi"?
The rule is that, he should do it in a single breath.
What's the problem? - There is no problem.
What if he takes a breath?
You don't worry about it.
If he does that, he will have to tolerate your stink.
Vedant, what are you doing?
He was making fun of you.
This may not be the first time for you.
It doesn't matter to you, but it matters to me.
Forget about it. Let it go.
If there can be a different rule for girls, why not for Vidhur?
Yes definitely. We can have a different set of rules.
Let me go.
You are back so soon!
He couldn't chant "Kabaddi".
How does that matter?
Some of them started making fun of him.
Which idiot made fun of him? - Forget it, they are still young.
Once they grow up, they will understand.
We have already talked to them. There is no point talking any more.
What are you talking?
They made fun of your brother, and you don't even want to discuss.
Why escalate it unnecessarily?
Vidur will go back. But, I have to spend time with those kids.
I see! You wait here, let me check.
Nothing will happen. Let him go.
Who was making fun of Vidhur?
Uncle, I agree that I made fun of Vidhur.
But, Vedant beat me up really bad.
Look at this, it is hurting badly.
You shouldn't make fun of Vidur.
He is here for a short while.
I will ask Vedant to apologise.
Uncle, that's of no use. Vedant will never change.
He is always looking for an excuse to fight with us.
Uncle, you please send them here.
We will play another game.
One that doesn't require speech. - Yes, that's good.
Why don't you all seal your lips and never speak again?
You can go to Himalayas and pray in solitude.
What are you talking?
Mr. Rawat, I saw everything.
Your son Vedant, pushed my son.
What if he had got injured? You please teach him some manners.
If his dad comes to know about this, he will be so upset.
Partho! Partho, you come here.
Why do you want to play with these mannerless kids?
If your dad comes to know about this, he will beat you black and blue.
'Dad had gone there to scold everyone, and got into trouble himself.'
Stupid kids, stupid parents!
I told you so!
Listen carefully, till Vidhur is here you are not going anywhere.
You are grounded.
What's the point grounding him? - That's my final decision.
But, why?
Can I go out for my Piano class? - Piano?
Get a haircut, and get on with your studies.
Next year you will be in junior High.
'Hey guys, don't bother me.'
No way. I won't get a haircut, come what may.
No haircut, no Piano class.
I don't care whether you study or not.
He is not allowed to go out.
I will not miss my Piano class.
Quietly weather the storm.
Once things quieten down, you can get back to your routine.
Do you get it?
Do you get it? - It's going to be stormy for many days.
You are nothing less than a storm.
Why are you after him?
Can't you see, how selfish he has become?
I don't know where he goes every now and then.
He doesn't want to go out with Vidur.
He doesn't want to be with him.
He doesn't even call him with respect.
If Vedant doesn't respect Vidur, how will the others respect him?
They don't stay together. There are bound to be some issues.
They will understand once they grow up.
I don't think, grounding Ved is a good idea.
You always find faults in me. Do what you want!
Why are you getting upset? I am trying to talk to you.
If we discuss it in front of the kids...
...they will think, we have a difference of opinion.
They will start manipulating us.
Yes, we are having a difference of opinion.
When will your school start functioning.
It will take some time.
Even if the school starts functioning, it will be of no use to us.
Doesn't matter.
Atleast others can live with their children.
Sudha, the hearing aid is here.
Wow. It's here. Let me see it.
It's so small.
It's really nice. The battery is so light.
It's very nice. Untangle the wire.
Put this in.
Come in, Ved. Look at this, it is really nice.
It's bought with money meant for my Piano class.
Did you hear that?
I haven't said a thing.
Later, don't accuse me that I didn't control myself.
Good boy. Show me your hand.
I will give you a "Star".
Where are you going?
To open the window, it's getting pleasant outside.
Go to the club and get something to eat.
But, I have already cooked everything.
Well, that's ok.
Go to the club and get some Chicken.
Wait a second, take some more cash.
We want 1 Chicken Tandoori...
...2 plates of Chicken Tikkka...
...and 2 plates of Seekh Kabab.
And a pack of ice-cream also.
It was such a disaster, everything went wrong.
What happened?
I am grounded.
Kabbadi has also been banned.
What are you saying? - Yes!
What are we going to do now? - There is nothing left to do.
We will now focus on our studies...
...and in our spare time we will play the Piano.
But my Piano classes are also...
Hi! - Hi!
Take a seat.
What is it?
Is it new?
Oh yes, it's brand new...
...but I won't be able to attend Piano classes.
Don't worry, I will teach you.
Tell me...
...how will you say "This is beautiful" in sign language?
Oh, that's very easy.
First of all, say it slowly.
Like this. This is very beautiful, correct?
This is very beautiful.
You were going to teach me sign language.
When will you do it?
Well, I will start it right away.
See... this is "l" I for "l".
This is "L" "L" for love.
...and this is "U" "U for you... I love you!
What a splendid way to convey your feelings in public!
Oh yeah, it's the best way.
Your food, sir!
Sit down. Give me another two minutes.
It's melting.
Uncle, can you cancel the order for the ice-cream?
Sorry, the billing is already done.
'The plan would have been a success...
...if it were not for my brother and the ice-cream.'
Why did you buy the ice-cream?
Are you a small kid?
Why, ice-cream... why?
I wanted to meet my friends, I could not.
I wanted to talk to jenny, I could not.
It's all because of you.
'In those days, guys like Partho...
...played the role of informers.'
Ratan, where are you?
Go and get ready.
You have to take your grandfather to his village.
Can't I go and drop him after the festival of Holi?
Why not? Don't they celebrate Holi there?
Go and start packing or else you'll land in trouble.
'I will celebrate Holi here.'
'Just watch the fun.'
Where is your hearing aid?
Put it on.
Your brother is saying, you can go out, just don't get into a fight.
What is this?
I didn't do it.
That even we know, but what is this?
What is the whole deal about?
Someone's has done this to take revenge.
Oh, so you have an enemy!
And the plot also includes a girl.
Stop ruminating like a cow, and answer me!
Why are you not answering?
Clean the wall, before anyone sees it.
They spoilt a perfectly clean wall.
It's not about the wall, our reputation is on the line.
Now you know, he is wasting his time after girls.
As if we will take his exams.
Love doesn't happen at the age of fourteen.
Love is not about writing on the walls...
...or looking at each other.
It's definitely a distraction.
Instead of concentrating on the formulas of Maths and Science...
...they are learning j+V, V+j. What is all this?
It's okay, we'll make him understand...
...that it's not wrong to fall in love...
...but it has to be done at the right age.
Who knows, by the time we talk to him...
...they may have parted ways.
Take him for a haircut, he'll come down to earth.
It was time to get rid of the enemy.
When will he be back?
He will be back in a few days. Why are you asking?
Yes, I need to take care of something.
'Ratan was getting on my nerves.'
'I couldn't even meet jenny.'
'A bike ride seemed like the only respite.'
'Dad had told me that he would question me later.'
'I thought, why should I respond to his questions.'
'Let everyone go to hell, now I'll enjoy life.'
'Why bother about the future? '
'When I returned home in the evening...
...I was prepared for dad's cross questioning.'
'But, something else was brewing at home.'
Have you seen the battery?
Which one? The red ones?
No, the battery for the hearing aid.
It must be inside the hearing aid.
It's not in the machine. We can't find it anywhere.
If we can't find it, we'll have to order a new one from America.
I don't know anything about it.
That may be so. Look for it or you are dead meat.
That's true.
How will we party here?
The search for the battery, led to a plan for the party.
See, he ran away once again.
It's good, they ran away together...
...or you would have got another chance to complain.
He is saying, we should have a party.
'Brother organised everything...
...got the girls permission to attend the party...
...food and everything else.'
He gave me his best shirt, polished my shoes...
...sprayed me with perfume.
It was one of the most memorable time of my life.
He didn't attend the party but organised an amazing one.
"What business do you have here?"
"All was perfect before you showed up."
"Go away man, just go away!"
"Listen, you all!"
"I am here to have fun, to sing and dance."
"From your face, you look like a chicken."
"So, what is so wrong in calling you a chicken?"
"If you look so funny, what's our fault in it?"
"Hey, get lost from here!"
"Don't underestimate me at all!"
"We'll make you sit in a dust bin."
"I'll drench you in filthy water, and play all the pranks on you."
"Just keep your mouth shut!"
"Enjoy, like there is no tomorrow."
Where is Vedant? Vedant!
"Come on all, let's do some disco."
"Come on all, let's do some disco."
"Forget Disco! You better get lost."
"Forget Disco! You better get lost."
"You might loose your teeth if I pummel you."
"Join my train!"
"Join my train!"
"Come, sit in my train!"
"Join my train!"
"Join my train!"
"Join my train!"
"Come, sit in my train!"
"Indulge in these wonderful delicacies."
"And cold drinks."
"Eat and enjoy!"
"Just, enjoy the moment!"
"Just enjoy the moment."
Today it was just you and her.
Did you make any progress? - Hey, where is my brother?
He was supposed to wait for me here. - He must've gone home.
You just tell me if you made any moves?
If I say I didn't do anything...
...then you will call me a coward.
If I say I did do something...
...then you'll announce it everywhere.
So, I don't want to tell you anything.
Ok, don't tell it to me, tell it to your father.
'Ravi's statement struck me like a lightning bolt...
...all I wanted to do was hit the bed...
...fall asleep and continue dreaming about the party.'
'But alas! '
'There was a big hurdle between me and my dreams.'
'My father! '
So, are you done having fun?
Leave him alone. We will talk about it tomorrow.
It's already too late to talk.
Today he didn't care to listen to us, who knows what he will do in future.
It's not like that.
I had sent both of them. Vidur came back early.
Ved must've left him alone. Vid must have got bored and come back.
Just see, he slept after reading those age old comics.
He doesn't care about his brother nor his parents.
He just wants to make a fool of everyone.
Don't worry, he'll say sorry.
No, I won't say sorry.
Just see, how he is misbehaving.
Is this way you are supposed to talk? - So, how am I supposed to talk?
Vidur is stuck to me like a leech.
I have to do everything with him around.
I have to be his friend, his translator.
Am I his brother or his servant?
He is the one who gets all the pocket money...
...that too 1000 Rs. Every month.
I asked for just 150 for a piano class, and you refused.
I don't want to stay in such a house.
I would rather die, than live in a house like this.
'I got slapped, but papa was the one who got scared.'
'The cat was out of the bag.'
'No one had a clue, how many relationships...
...and emotions were hurt that day.'
Ratan returned just like a criminal from the jail...
...and he almost destroyed my relationship with jenny.
What are you doing? What's all this?
What all is this? What is it?
We were so happy that you left, so we had a party.
Vedant did this. - No, we all did it together.
Don't you dare go and fight with him.
Holi is round the corner, don't get into any fights.
Go and get some water.
Should I get you a spoon full or a full glass?
Ved, come here. Don't be so upset.
Aunty, the final preparations of Holika is going on...
...can Vidhur and Vedant come along with us?
Oh yes, take them along. - No, I don't want to come.
Are you upset about something?
Aunty, did something happen?
You take Vidur along with you.
Will you keep sitting here with a long face, or come with us?
Thank you uncle. Thank you aunty.
Thank god, the steam was let out. It didn't burst.
Do you remember you used to fly kites with the boys...
...and scream and shout so much.
'Pull it back. Let it go.'
Do you remember?
Yes, the tension in the thread had to be just right.
Neither too taut, nor too loose.
The kite soars in the sky as long as there is a balance.
Let's also balance it with our boys.
You ease off a bit, and I will be a bit more stern.
Why were you acting up so much?
Sometimes it's essential...
...or else parents take you for granted.
Yes, you are right! - Look, who's here?
So, you had a great party without me! Wasn't that a lot of fun?
What about your graffiti on the wall?
What graffiti are you talking about?
So, you don't know what graffiti I am talking about?
Shall I tell you? - Yes, go ahead. Let me also hear it.
If you spend the time arguing, when will we collect the wood?
He started it. - You spoke first.
Let's assume, you messed up his wall and he partied without you.
Now you're even, aren't you?
I didn't write graffiti on the wall...
...but I will extend my hand of friendship. After all its Holi.
Same here. We never partied without you. Friends again!
That wasn't much fun.
How about some action, some drama before the handshake?
Seems like you are playing the villain!
Hey, listen to that. - Fun is going to start now.
Climb up. Be careful.
You fatso!
Vedant, you should go first.
Are you out of your mind? You go first.
Get going. - You go first.
Okay, come on. Hurry up.
Back off!
Come on, quickly.
Come this way.
Make it fast.
Hurry up. - Go easy.
Thief! Thief! I've caught him.
I haven't done anything. - Run! Run!
Bash him up!
How dare you... - Hurry up!
Get going. Run!
You thief, how dare you... - Bash him up!
Beat them up!
Somebody bring my stick.
What are they saying? I can't make out a thing.
Give them a good thrashing, they will start talking properly.
These days it is hard to tell good from the bad.
What happened?
I know these boys.
Aren't you the one who got locked in the apartment?
I was the one who climbed up and opened the room.
These boys are from a good family.
How did you end up here?
Let them go. They won't do it again.
This mistake shouldn't be repeated.
You may leave now. Let them go.
Why shouldn't I be angry? Tell me, why?
Who asked you to help me?
From now, you'll not accompany me anywhere.
Ved! What happened to you?
How did you get hurt?
What happened?
He says, some dogs were chasing him and he fell down.
Now, what's he...
I won't tell him.
You went to steal wood and got caught? Is that right?
They did the wrong thing, and got punished for it.
So, let's forget about it.
Now, you should do something, that they don't need to steal again.
The same thing, that he does in hostel.
It's Holi! It's Holi!
It's Holi! It's Holi!
Uncle, we're collecting funds for Holi. 25 Rs.
Just a minute.
Here it is. - Thank you uncle!
Thank you aunty!
It's the Holi fund. - Wait, let me get it for you.
Here it is. Take it.
Uncle, please give some money. - We're collecting funds for Holi.
Just wait a minute. Sudha!
I will be there in a minute.
It's 50 Rs. - 50 Rs!
Treasurer, give him his 25 Rs. Back.
No, it's alright.
It's from my two sons.
Aunty and uncle, why don't you adopt all of us?
Get going. - Come on, let's go.
How much is it? - A total of 1525 Rs.
That's great!
It was Vidur's idea. Very good!
Who will do the shopping?
Partho and I will go. - Yes, who else?
Vedant and Vidur should also accompany them. - No.
I will go. We'll not take Vidur with us.
Why? - Don't you know, what happened last time?
I don't want any trouble.
Vedant is saying, you will not go with them.
I'll take care of everything.
There is no rainbow without the rain.
What's this?
Your dear son's staple diet.
Hold on a minute. Or else, it'll get even more messy!
Wait a minute.
Shall we take Vidur along for shopping?
Shopping is fun.
Yes, it was fun. - I enjoyed a lot.
Do you have Kerosene oil?
Do you sell it? - Do you have ration-card?
Will you take cash?
Cash? How much do you want?
Just 10 litres. - 10 litres?
That's too much. What will you do with it?
Uncle, we need it for Holi celebrations.
But, I can't give you that much!
It's a government owned store.
There can be a police raid anytime. Try to understand.
Uncle, he's related to one of the policemen.
If you refuse him, there will definitely be a police raid.
'I do. I do.'
How dare you steal it? Get lost.
What if he had turned blind?
Then he'll have to beg, he won't steal anymore.
Yes, you're right. - Don't worry, he'll be okay.
What do you want? - Nothing.
Kids, you don't know me.
I treat people, depending on their attitude towards me.
Forget all this. Tell me what colours do you need?
I have everything. Red, Blue, Green...
I even have perfumed colours, to please your girlfriends.
And if you want to take revenge, I even have permanent colours.
Vedant, buy the perfumed one. - Please, get it.
No. What if he has mixed chloroform in it?
Such a big Holika! - Oh my God!
Seems like you shopped a lot.
Yes, we bought everything.
Are you left with any funds, or have you spent everything?
I'll be back. I need to go to the toilet.
We've spent all the money. Now, it's over.
What do you mean? - I mean, Vedant is keeping accounts.
There is a prize for jenny as well.
Is it a prize or surprise? - Yes, I meant a surprise!
Fool, you don't even know, what a surprise is.
Why are you talking about surprise?
Hey, I know what surprise means. I manage to surprise her.
No jenny. No. - Please, let me see it.
Jenny, listen... - Let me see it. - jenny!
I didn't buy it. Ratan bought it for himself.
No, I didn't. - Ratan, you won't change.
I brought this for you. It's a perfume.
Where did you get the money for it? - Pocket money.
Don't lie to me.
If you had the money, why did you need to borrow...
...from me to get the photographs printed?
I told him, not to spend so much.
But, he wouldn't listen to me. - Ratan, don't lie.
Just get lost. And, don't talk to me ever again.
It was a nice perfume.
How dare you?
What are you doing?
Vedant, stop it. - I'll bash you up.
I'm not scared of you. - What are you doing?
Please stop it. - I'll not spare you. Hold on.
Aunty, what hi-tech system have you installed...
...I press the bell here, and your door opens?
'Such a weird character! '
Aunty, I need to call jenny.
Jenny? Is it something important?
Yes aunty. It's very important!
Hello! - Hello, Cookie! It's me... - Wrong number!
Aunty, it was a wrong number!
Hello jenny! Please, listen to me...
Why are you repeatedly calling this number?
This is a policeman's number!
Yes, I was saying the same thing.
It's alright. See you later. Okay, bye.
Aunty, I'm done. Thank you.
I don't want these clothes. I don't want anything. Nothing.
I don't want anything. - Ved! Ved!
That 's okay. What happened?
I don't want any of this. - Tell me, what happened?
I don't want anything. - Ved!
Ved, listen to me! Ved!
Look, anger will only hurt you.
It's time for your dinner. Come out.
You can share your problems with us.
Have something.
'That night, I was restless with a broken heart and an empty stomach.'
'There was no instant solution for a broken heart...
...but there was definitely one for hunger.'
'Dear jenny, Ratan doesn't want you to be friends with me.'
'That's the reason, he tried to get me out of the way.'
'I never knew, he could stoop so low.'
'When we reached the sweet mart to order sweets...
...then it all started there.'
'Sir, let me have some more.'
'Have two, if you want. - Take whatever you want.'
'There is variety of snacks to choose from.'
'Who will pay for all this? '
'These funds are public property.'
'Lf we are working so hard, to buy things for everybody...
...why can't we splurge a little?
'How will we account for this expenditure? '
'You don't have to give accounts. - He is right.'
'We went to the market, the money got spent.'
'Partho, what do you say? - You're right.'
'Yes sir, it's hot.'
'Get me a Gulab jamun, a Coke, and a Sandesh.'
'What would like to have? - What would like to have? '
'What is it that you want? '
'Let me think about it.'
'And what about you? - They don't serve, what I want.
'What do you want? '
'Debonair, the boy's magazine.'
'Everyone has a different taste.'
'He's right.'
'With my share, I bought you a perfume.'
'I didn't have anything to eat. I swear by God.'
'It gave Ratan an excuse to create a misunderstanding between us.'
'I'm sorry about everything.'
'Please forgive me.'
'All the girls in Mills and Boons...
...must be forgiving their boyfriends.'
'Please, forgive me.'
'I love you. Ved.'
'For the first time, I mustered the courage to face Constable Ram.'
'My true love must have reminded him of his wife.'
'He didn't stop me.'
'Today, Ramsundar Mishra will take an oath...
...as the tenth Chief Minister of Bihar.'
'And following are the names of ministers, joining his cabinet...
...R N Singh... '
These cheapskates don't allow anyone to settle down.
They are good for nothing.
How can they run a government?
Let's go.
Greetings uncle. - Greetings.
Hello! Yes, tell me...
Greetings, aunty! - Yes...
...yes... why not... absolutely...
Have you read this book? It's very interesting.
Please, read it.
Oh no!
Hello, Vinita!
This is the second time, he said, 'I love you'.
Please, forgive him.
Dad is very upset.
There is some problem in the department...
...and everyone at home, is upset about it.
That's a different matter, don't mix them up.
Hey, pay up!
If you brood too much it will only get complicated.
A hasty decision can land me in trouble.
What should we do about this, your first love letter?
Keep this letter with you.
I will take from you when things normalise at home.
Right now, it's not wise to take this risk.
What will I get in return?
"Anmol Ratan". - Don't you even think about it.
Couldn't you think of anyone else?
Ratan! - It's very hot day. Can I have a glass of cold water?
Surely, come in. - No, I'm in a hurry.
Alright. - Hey, please put an ice cube in the water.
I don't like it without ice. - Okay.
Have it.
Oh, it's very cold.
Okay. Thank you.
Hello... hello jenny!
'All the girls in Mills and Boons...
...must be forgiving their boyfriends.'
'Please, forgive me.'
Who gave you get this letter?
I got it from the person you gave it to.
You're a bad writer.
Who is Mills-Boons?
Please, give it back to me.
Why should I give it back?
Tell me, why should I give it back?
If you want your love letter back, get me the postage stamps.
Then, you can have this back.
Those stamps belong to Vidur.
Why did jenny give you this letter?
You should ask her that.
If you don't get me those stamps...
...I'll make sure, your dad gets the love letter.
Understood? - Ratan, please...
'This was the second time I was stealing.'
'From that moment on, things only got worse.'
Take these.
You did a great job. - Give me back my letter.
Here, take it.
This is just a photocopy.
Where is my letter? - Do you think I am a fool?
Give me all your savings, if you want it back.
Hi, how are you?
Please go inside. I will be there in 2 minutes.
Did you see that?
She is grateful to me, for unmasking you.
Get me your entire stamp collection...
...then you can have your letter back.
One more thing, the challenge is over.
'At that time, I had no one with me.'
'I was all by myself.'
'Ratan had become the hero of the story...
...and I had turned villain! '
Do you recognise me?
Yes, I remember you.
You are one of those three friends who came the other day.
Tell me, what do you need? - I need paint.
The paint that will never wash off.
The permanent one! - Yes, that's right!
It's very dangerous.
Once you use it on someone it never washes off.
I need black colour. - Who will apply it on him?
Do you think, I'm that stupid? Why would I do that?
You need to pay 50%% service charge in advance.
'This was the third time I was stealing, that too in my own home.'
Hey, how's it going?
Hey, what's this? It's not enough.
It's just the advance.
I'll pay the rest of the money...
...after the job is done. - It's not enough!
I'm not running away with your money.
I'll arrange for the money, by the time you paint is ready.
Don't worry. - If you act smart, I will beat you up.
Nothing of that sort will happen. Take this.
What is it? - It's a friendship gift.
You don't need to pay for it. Now, I will take your leave.
And remember, for Holi I need a permanent black paint!
Sorry! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
'At that time, I felt so lonely that I told my brother everything.'
'He patiently heard what I had to say.
After that, he told our parents everything...
...something I could have never done.'
I told you, something was fishy.
You said, they would breakup.
Vidur just told us, they did breakup.
The problem is, Vedant can't handle the breakup.
What should we do?
Should we talk to the kids or the parents?
Remember Partho's mother!
'Teach him something.' - Yes!
Talking to the kids will be a disaster!
We've to resolve it smartly...
...without any controversy.
Yes, these kids can't be trusted.
They will eventually patch up with each other.
How can he handle the situation?
If he says he can do it. Let him do it.
He is used to taking care of stuff, he lives in the hostel.
And if anything goes wrong, we are there to help him.
What is it?
Jenny, gave this letter for you.
'Hi Ratan! I had a good time at your place! '
'Your childhood photograph made me laugh.'
'You were a cute baby! '
'You're still cute! '
'That day, you wanted to ask me something.'
'I kept waiting for your question.'
'I guess because of Mala, you didn't say anything.'
'Lf you want to still ask me, then write to me.'
'I'll definitely respond to you letter.'
'Love. Jenny.'
Hey, hurry up.
You're going to be my brother-in-law! - How dare you?
'Dear jenny, how did you know what's in my heart? '
'Yes, I wanted to ask you something.'
' I guess, I will ask those 3 questions today.'
'1st question: Why do you smile when you see me?
'A: Because, I'm very good looking.'
'B: Because, we're soul mates.'
'2nd question: When I offer you a bubble gum...
...why don't you ever refuse? '
'A: Because, a bubble gum is a good way, to bring people closer.'
'B: Because, it gives us a chance of hold hands.'
'3rd question: What do you think, when I touch your father's feet? '
'A: That I'm very cultured.'
'B: That I can do anything for you.'
'Lf your answers are mostly B's, it means, you've started liking me.'
'Lf the answers are mostly A's, you already like me.'
'Waiting for your answer, Anmol Ratan.'
'With loads and loads of love! '
Savio, give this to your sister. You're so cute!
I don't work for free, give me a chocolate.
Next time, I'll give it to you.
'Later I came to know, that jenny hadn't given the letter to Ratan.'
'Ratan had stolen it.'
'Jenny had gone to Ratan's place, to look for my letter.'
'That made me feel better.'
'My brother advised me to play the same game.'
'I'm a cultured boy.'
'I'm a man! ' - What are you blabbering?
Read this.
How did you get this? - Like you got my letter!
Jenny had written me a letter, so I replied to it!
It's Vidur's handwriting.
Jenny had told me, about your childhood photo.
So Vidur wrote about that in the letter.
Didn't Savio give you this letter?
You didn't even give him a chocolate!
I'll not spare you!
What will you do? Tell me, what'll you do?
It's nothing! Don't tell dad about this.
'My brother brought about a change in my attitude.'
'But what can be done to a person, who doesn't want to change? '
What aroma is this?
The cashews, raisins and almonds are still in the bag.
This aroma is from the cake.
Keep your hands off the cake. - Let me at least taste it.
Anyway, it's better if I eat the cake...
...instead of the poor thing just lying on the platter.
No, it's not ready. I still have to apply the frosting to it.
Don't worry. I will have the frosting later.
Look at this water-spray. Do you like it?
What about me? - Oh!
Take this ma'am. - Thank you.
What's this?
I was thinking of buying a new hearing aid for Vidhur.
Hearing aid? - But this time it'll be Indian.
How can we afford to buy it so soon?
I've applied for a loan.
Let's see when it gets approved. I think it should get approved.
A girl is synonymous with trouble.
This time it's a serious problem.
Just imagine if they realise that it's a matter of Rs.200?
In future, no one will give us even a single penny.
I have an idea.
We'll remove one sweet from each box of sweets.
This way, we can make new boxes of sweets.
We'll sell them to make up for our loss.
No one will be able to figure it out.
Wow! - Isn't it cool? - Wow, that's a nice idea.
Thank you. You've a bright future.
You'll turn out to be a perfect con man.
Where did this come from? - Mummy!
Oh yes!
Give me a high-five.
"This time of the year is so amazing."
"This time of the year is so amazing."
"Play the drum..."
"...the air is full of excitement."
"This time of the year is so amazing."
"This time of the year is so amazing."
"Play the drum..."
"...the air is full of excitement."
"Why to care about the age? Life is short."
"Someone is old, someone is young!"
"What do you say?"
"Outside, a beautiful girl stops your heartbeat."
"Don't let go the opportunity to drench her with water."
"Do you get it, folks?"
"While your beloved is waiting at home..."
"...outside, it is a chance to flirt a bit."
"Let's get it going, folks!"
"Let's get it going."
"Play the drum..."
"...the air is full of excitement."
"Enjoy this food of God."
"Come on folks, let's enjoy!"
"Don't feel bad for it, folks! It's Holi time."
"Open up..."
"...and enjoy to the fullest."
Hi! - Hi!
Did you tell everyone that jenny's dad is being transferred?
She's going. - Where to? - Ranchi.
'For a moment I thought I had lost my life.'
'All these challenges, feelings, friendship, pain...
...deceit, enmity, love and friendship are all useless.'
'I had made up my mind.'
'I neither needed girls nor love in my life'.
'Vidur also had a girlfriend with whom he broke up.'
'But they continued to be friends.'
'Lf he can survive it, then why can't I? '
What happened?
Have you ever thought who's the handicapped one amongst the two?
We've always been concerned about Vidhur.
That's why...
...he has learnt to handle any crisis with ease.
On the other hand Vedant...
...inspite of living with us hasn't learnt anything.
It's also our mistake. We couldn't be good parents.
We'll have to befriend him.
So that he can express himself and we can also hear him out.
Yeah! It's the festival of Holi!
'Finally, it was the day of Holi.'
'There was no challenge, no girlfriend, no enemy.'
Have you gone mad?
Keep it.
You forgot it at my place.
I'm returning it to you.
Hey, where is Ratan? Where is he? Look over there. - Take this.
Hey, get lost.
Call Ratan. Where is he?
Take this.
Go and call Ratan. Tell him that I have come.
What happened Golu? - There are some goons downstairs.
They're applying colours on all.
Ratan they're searching for you. Run away.
Just run away from here. Come on. - What's wrong?
What's wrong? Will you drop me from the terrace?
No, I had called a goon to throw paint on you.
He's come here. - You're so sly!
Not as much as you are. You're my teacher. - That's fine!
But why did you accept the challenge? - Why did you challenge me?
Should I hit you? Tell him that I've come.
Didn't you hear me? Don't hit hard.
Yes, it is him.
Come on. Hit them.
Let me go. - Take this as well.
Who is that?
I won't spare you.
Why are you hiding there?
Let's go.
Hey, what are you doing? Leave me. What are you doing?
Leave me.
What are you doing?
Who are you? Catch him.
Hold him.
Catch them and hit all of them.
Hit them.
Hit them.
Hit them.
Hit him more.
Hit him harder.
Who's done this?
What are you doing? Leave him.
I'm telling you to stop. - What happened?
Move aside from here.
Go down and check.
Where are you running to? - I'm going to save brother.
Hit him. - Get aside.
Get aside.
Vidhur, are you okay? - Did you get hurt?
These boys are not from our colony. Catch them.
Who are these boys?
Catch them. - You've got hurt. Are you alright?
Stop! Catch them.
Hey, run fast!
Catch us if you can.
They're coming behind us. Run fast.
Watchman! Watchman, catch these boys.
Don't let them escape.
Hit them.
Where have you come from? Who sent you here?
Where have you come from? Hey, catch him.
Stop it. Okay, stop it.
That's it.
Stop it. Leave him. Leave him. - Forgive me sir.
You took money, right? Return the money.
Return the money. - I have used the money, sir.
Come on.
Get lost from here. - I was running away but you caught me.
Go on.
You go and play.
Get going.
Happy Holi! - Wish you the same.
Hi! Happy Holi! - Wish you the same.
Take off your glasses. Make it quick.
Thank you. - Please have it.
Mr. Rawat, how will Vidhur go back?
I'll have to be here for few more days.
Don't worry. He's grown up now.
You didn't eat the Malapua? It's Sudha's speciality.
I'll just take it.
Take this. It's your tip.
If I had given it earlier...
...you would have delivered the letter to the right place.
Autograph please!
Thank you!
There's a surprise for you.
Come with me to the balcony.
What is it?
What is it?
I like you.
Are you applying colour or making a caricature out of her?
Take my autograph as well.
Eventually, I'm going to become a real villain in the films.
You wouldn't be at peace...
...without raising a ruckus.
'In a few months, jenny also left.'
'But, I wasn't alone anymore.'
'We brothers had gotten really close to each other.'
'We lived separately, but were never far from each other.'
'We supported each other