(Batsu Game) 24h tag part 1 (subbed)

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March, 2000
On the TV Show "Gaki no Tsukai"
a most rigorous punishment game took place.
It was called
24 Hour Endurance Tag.
Stay in the Gym for 24 Hours.
When a tagger enters, Tag begins.
If you're caught you get punished.
Four men will have to endure this terrifying ordeal.
Hamada Masatoshi (Downtown)
Yamasaki Hosei
Endo Shozo (Cocorico)
Tanaka Naoki (Cocorico)
Lastly, the man controlling the game from the shadows
Matsumoto Hitoshi (Downtown)
Giving it their all, body and mind.
Four men's heroic struggle is about to commence.
But first, it all began from this showdown.
10-year Anniversary Special Cup!
Matsumoto vs. Hamada, Cocorico etc.
End of Century 100m Relay!
In this relay, Matsumoto has to compete alone...
while Hamada's team will relay between four.
Of course, whoever gets to the finish line first wins.
I've got butterflies in my stomach!
Alright! Let's do this!
Go on!
100m Relay Race Matsumoto Hitoshi WINS!
I won!
Hamada Team Punishment game forfeit!
It's fine! We'll enjoy it.
Trust you to say something like that.
Don't make me laugh.
So the result is Yamada's team: Punishment game!
Yea, right.
And so, the curtain of disaster falls on our four.
Enough already.
Today we'll be showing,
the latest punishment game we've completed.
It really was quite an ordeal.
So without further a due, let's call out the gang.
"sublime" would be a fair way to put it, right?
I'll have to admit, as a group we couldn't help being a bit dull.
I came to see you once or twice so I saw for myself,
I'd say you were huddled together like new born chicks.
Until now we've done a few different punishment games,
would you say this was the toughest so far?
Yea, definitely.
Really, I'd say...
Takanaka, you be quiet.
You've a blocked nose from a cold, you can't talk.
It's a result of the punishments.
That's how bad a punishment game it was.
Punishment Game Day 7:30 a.m. (Begins in 30 minutes)
It's the morning of the punishment game.
The losing team slowly begin to arrive.
Each one as grim as the next.
Bugger off!
Shoving it in my face, first thing in the morning.
7:55 a.m. (Begins in 5 minutes)
Five minutes before the game begins.
The groups spirits are still high.
We're going to start from here?
I don't want to.
How does it look?
Take a look for yourself.
It's big.
The floors covered in vinyl.
It's almost 8 a.m.
Starting time?
Well, it begins at 8 a.m.
Does it have to be so strict?
This place is huge.
What about the rules?
- Stay in the Gym for 24 Hours.
- When a chaser enters, Tag begins.
- If you're caught you get punished.
Come, gather around these manboobs!
Matsumoto's Messenger Fujiwara Hiroshi (Manager)
Come over here guys.
Good morning.
Come, gather around these manboobs!
Good morning.
Why the hell do I have to get up so early for you slackers?
Anyway, 24 hour tag will start shortly
but first, I have instructions from Matsumoto for you.
So take what I say as if it's from the horse's mouth.
Hamada! You in particular..
Oh sorry, are your allergies acting up? - No.
Sorry, my mistake.
Anyway.. so, Hamada you're...
well known for acting the smart arse.
Today, just do as Matsumoto commands. - Okay.
Alright, well let's start. Good luck.
24 hour tag starts in:
Let the games begin!
Origami Fan
You're going to get all of us?!
Metal Ladle
Why me?
What, what you going to do?
(Ouch, that must have stung.)
(He was still wearing his shoes, that was the worst part.)
What a tough start.
Are you okay?
..and we're only three minutes in.
(Man, you guys had it rough.)
All three got me.
A triple whammy.
It stings like hell.
Think it's okay if I just go home now?
It's hard enough just running.
I'm already feeling a bit queasy.
How old are you, Yamazaki?
I'm 32.
And you guys are twenty.. ?
eight. - Twenty eight.
You're the youngest.
Hamada, this year you are?
Talk about an age gap.
I don't think I can do this.
Don't you start complaining.
Conversation has moved on to Yamazaki's weak rib bone.
No really. I mean it's not broken, but it's cracked.
- What do you mean? - Cracked?
It can't really be cracked.
Really, it's not broken but I think it's cracked.
I'll crack it in a second if you don't shut up.
Give me a break! I'm not kidding.
I think it might be serious.
It's nothing!
It is, seriously.
You can't crack your rib that easily.
What the hell!
Don't start messing around!
Sorry, sorry.
You're going to give me a heart attack.
See? No cracked rib, right?
It is, I can move at least that much.
What are you on about.
Let me feel it then.
What the..
What is it this time?
Come, gather around these manboobs!
I've brought you breakfast.
Matsumoto makes sure to take care of even the likes of you.
He really is the model of an angel.
Before you eat,
let's give our thanks to Matsumoto for feeding you layabouts.
You can eat once you say it.
Even the likes of us
All together now.
Even the likes of us
get to eat
because of Mr. Matsumoto.
Thank you very much.
Even while eating breakfast I'm nervous.
They've left their shoes on, just in case the taggers show up.
(No time to take our shoes off, right?)
(Just in case one came.)
For fucks sake!
You're at it again!
I'm gonna die from fright.
Sorry, sorry.
It was my lighter.
It fell and hit the metal ashtray.
I leapt back automatically.
Please, just... don't do it again.
Each time it scares the crap out of me.
(They jumped to the sound of Hamada's fart.)
If you're going to fart, tell us first.
My arse still hurts from when they hit me.
Kendo Bamboo Sword
Wait! I'm holding a cigarette!
It's over right? You already got someone!
Surely that's enough.
You're not serious..
Hamada, what are you doing?
This is horrible.
I can't handle this.
Hamada... did you use me as a shield?
I think you just imagined it.
But I'm pretty sure... Hamada grabbed me like a shield.
Sorry, my mistake. - Don't worry about it.
Cheap shot Hamada using his junior, Endo, as a shield.
9 a.m. (1 hour in)
What if three of us run, but one tries to hide here.
He might avoid it all.
No way.
Considering a plan to hide by the table to avoid the tagger.
There's a chance it could work. A small chance.
They'll automatically chase people who are running.
It's how people are.
Give it a try, just once.
Hold on a second, why me?
Let's do Rock-paper-scissors.
Come, gather around these manboobs!
Enough of that.
Matsumoto said your piles seem sore.
He told me to bring this for you.
I appreciate that, actually.
Matsumoto said to bring it.
He really is the model of an angel.
If someone does it, won't they get caught?
No see, we'll run.
I see, I see, he'll grab someone running.
Get away!
Are you alright?
You left me behind and ran.
You left me behind and ran.
It sounded like hollow wood.
Why did you run? We can't test it if you don't try.
Do as planned next time.
I can't help trying to run.
Sorry about that, Hamada
Let's try some teamwork guys.
I saw all of you run in the opposite direction in a group.
10 a.m. (2 hours in)
When they come out, you get a shock, right?
But the massive writing on them gets me too.
Every single time they come out, BOOM, scares the crap out of me.
And you can't help trying to read their chests.
With their featureless face chasing you.