America's Got Talent 2012 - Season 7 Week 3 - Performances & Howard Stern - PsychoSoprano Recap

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Hey, guys.
It's me, Miranda.
I just realized I'm way too famous to be doing these silly
little America's Got Talent recaps every week.
So I'm going to let my friend do it who's not as talented or
as pretty as me.
So take it away, Colleen Ballinger.
Thank you, Miranda.
I'm so excited to be doing the recaps every week, so let's
get started.
This week, we're in Tampa, Florida, and there were these
girls that came on stage.
And they were wearing nothing.
So everyone immediately gave them a standing ovation.
And they were like, hey, we're the Bikini Bombshells.
And then they danced.
They were terrible, and they didn't get through.
However, they would probably sell out shows in Vegas
because they were practically naked on stage.
So after the slutty girls, there was a montage of
terrible people, and everyone was getting X'd off the stage.
But there was this one guy in particular.
He was cutting hair.
Cutting hair-- you think you could win America's Got Talent
with cutting people's hair?
Then there was this group of very burly, handsome men who
came on stage.
And they were like, we're from South Carolina, and we're
called All That.
They were cloggers.
And I don't know, I really liked them.
I thought they were charming.
There's just something endearing about a bunch of
really burly, manly men dancing and not caring what
anyone was thinking about them.
I really liked them.
After them, there were these cute five boys
that came on stage.
And they weren't wearing shirts,
but they were adorable.
And they asked what their name was.
And I'm pretty sure they said Balls.

I actually have no idea what their name was.
Maybe it was Box, Balls, Bonds?
But I heard Balls.
Just saying.
They did this beautiful contemporary dance, and I was
super into it.
But the editing chopped out most of the dance, which I was
kind of bummed out about.
I would have loved to see them dance a lot more.
I was so into all the different dance routines.
And then this guy, Michael Griffin, came on.
And he was like, I'm an escape artist.
Then he just had a bunch of ropes around him and was like
having a seizure.

I'm free.
It was so lame.
Overall, I think the episode was great.
It was super entertaining.
But the only actual talent I felt like happened in this
episode was from the dancers.
Hurray for the dancers.
Thanks for watching my recap on America's Got Talent.
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And I will see you guys next week.