Salomon Running TV S2 E03 - Learning at Zegama

Uploaded by SalomonTrailRunning on 13.06.2012

I can't even imagine winning something big
but I don't want to put my focus on that
because I don't want to lose the joy.
I think my ambition was never to be an Ultra Runner.
I had seen what it looked like from the outside
which looked really sore and painful.
I realised that I loved it,
I realised that I was pretty good at it.
It's really inspiring.
She's just an amazing runner.
I haven't been racing so much so I think I have to learn more.
I actually prefer like 20km,
but I am fascinated by the distance.
So 43km is perfect.
Yeah, Zegama is Zegama.
The weather looks like it's going to be a bit a wet tomorrow
and it could be cold up top.
We are here because we love the mountains.
It's not just competing, it's not just to be the strongest man
You know just a week ago he was passing out at the finish of a 50mile race
Like I say, it's important for learning
So at the end it was a very positive experience.
It's a family of people that love the mountains.
- Maybe right at the top it's out of the cloud?
- yeah
It's always good to race the best because that's the way you are going to get better
We're all runners at the end of the day and it's great to have that little battle
I know that I'll always be learning something different,
and hopefully can share what I learn with new people that come into the team.
It's such a new race for me.
I don't really have any expectations.
You could build up a picture of different scenarios
but I just want to enjoy it.
It's not artificial,
It's something pure - so it comes from the inside
I love being out running
If you just think about running
it's the only sport that everybody around the world can do
We all get together at these events and we become friends through competition
and just by hanging out with each other
Now that I am here there is nothing like actually experiencing it first hand
They're all waving cow bells and screaming and it's just phenomenal
You just stay focused just pushing uphill.
You just keep on going even though it's so far and your legs hurt
It doesn't matter what team they're in or where they're from
they're still a part of what you're doing and where you're doing it
The main opponent is yourself.
I believe the thing that connects us is the love for what we are doing
It's really cool to have that sharing of experiences together
The more you talk to people you learn and the more you race you learn.
Yeah it's a good experience.