aetbaar part 10 w/eng subs

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My mother's cries of pain and anguish...
reverberated in my heart and mind
Mother... get up
The years kept going by. And one day, when l returned from college...
l found my mother dead
My mother had succumbed to my father's atrocities
When l looked at my father, l saw a killer in him
A killer who merited just one punishment
Leave me alone! What are you doing?
Aryan... what are you doing?!
Yes. l'm a killer
l have served a sentence
Maybe there's still some punishment left
I'm sorry... I'm sorry...
You had gone to meet Aryan?
Yes, Papa
Even after getting to know the truth
Papa, what you know is only half the truth
l've got to know the whole truth. Aryan hasn't killed his father
ln fact, he has punished his mother's killer!
Ever since he was a child, Aryan saw his mother...
being savagely beaten by that butcher
All l know is that he is a murderer
But that murder, he...
l have nothing to do with the murder he has committed
l'm talking about the blood l saw in his eyes
l'm not concerned about what he has done...
l'm concerned about what he is capable of doing
He did what he had to with his father, but if he even looks at my daughter...
l'll gouge his eyes out!
But, Papa... - Enough!
l've been trying to reason with you till now
l can even be firm with you, if the need arises
You're not meeting him again. And that's final!
l will meet him!
Because l wish to live! l wish to breathe freely!
You can think what you want to about him...
but l'm in love with Aryan and l cannot live with him!
As for you... ever since that accident occurred...
neither have you lived in peace, nor have you let me have any quiet!
The one who died wasn't just your son, he was my brother too!
lf you want to go around with his corpse on your shoulder... go ahead!
Do it all alone! Why're you dragging me with yourself?
Why're you seeking revenge for his death from my life?
Aren't you ashamed to talk like this with your Papa?
Did we bring you up so you'd hurt your father like this one day?
I hate you... I hate both of you...
Didn't l tell you? l'll kill you if you enter my daughter's life again
Didn't l say that to you? - What are you doing, sir?
People are watching
You're taking the law into your hands
A father's responsibilities are greater than any law, you understand?
To perform my duties, l can break any law!
Any law! - Let me go, sir
You're in a rage, sir. - ln a rage, l'd have killed you
Because l'm in my senses, l'm letting you go with a warning
Now, come on, get out!! Get out!!
Still good with the backhand, aren't you?
Meet my very dear friend, Dr, Ranveer Malhotra
This is the Commissioner, Mr Lalit Mohan Tiwari
Oh yes, Freddie has told me about your problem
Please be seated
The biggest problem in your case is that your daughter's not on your side
She's an adult and can fall in love with anyone she wants to
That's exactly why l've come to you, sir
That boy is trapping my daughter, sir
Ria's a very naive girl. She refuses to see the truth
That boy has committed a murder, sir. He has killed his own father
l know that. And the law has already punished him for it
What he does after he is released, who he marries or falls in love with...
the law cannot stop him
Commissioner, you will have to do something
Honestly, Freddie, l can't do anything on legal grounds
But since the doctor is a respectable man...
l can have that bastard picked up for his sake
When two cops sit in front of him and make him see reason...
he will understand
Stop it! Stop the song and dance!
Who's Aryan Trivedi?
Who is Aryan Trivedi?
Hello, Commissioner...
Welcome, doctor. Sit down
l want to play something for you