The Law of Love: William Sears (audio)

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>>MR. Sears: ...again engaged in the heartbreaking process
of learning
that unless he turns to spiritual things he suffers
another devastating blow from nature's automatic
compensating mechanism. Or if the material things he creates are not
used for the benefit of man soon they become weapons that are turned against
him. They seperate, divide, and destroy until he
is once more upon his knees
begging for some sort of guidance. Unfortunately, it would seem, that only
circumstances can force man to do what his heart and conscience should have
prompted him to do long before.
[pause] The processes of wealth production, using
the tremeandous resources
at our command, could easily maintain a genrous standard of living
for all men on the planet. But unfortunately these
processes of wealth production are still mainly looked
upon as money making processes
rather than welfare assuring processes. We are still
more interested in the profit than in the patient.
The limited and gelously guarded allegiences to
different flags, complexions, and prayers have kept
man from attaining a
united, cooperative, organic whole. In the family unit where love is the ruling
factor, we make whatever sacrifices are necessary
to maintain the unity
and welfare of the group. But the human family created by one God,
living in one home the planet, is sadly lacking in a universal love that
can bind it together. It is crying for a world conscience that can
become the basis of cooperative living.
It is the hope of the Baha'i World Faith that all religions will
at last link together their efforts in establishing this world conscience
based upon the universal truths that are common to all their beliefs.
Mankind has allowed historic accidents to divide it.
Accidents of national boundaries, of skin colors,
of political theories, of religious beliefs.
These differences, which should be factors of pleasing
variety, have become weapons of seperation.
These, so called, differences can play a vital part
in the growth of society. They have validity and truth as long as they
are recognized as relative
and temporary stages of man's development. However, we have allowed them to crystalize
into truths of permenant value,
until now they have become barriers across which the
concepts of world unity find difficulty in flowing.
It is an unfortunate fact, that the Liberals of one age
become the Orthodox of the next. We gain our destination, our goal, and then
we turn a well directed cannon
upon those who would come after us and go yet further.
Scientifically, techinically, we are a united world,
an adult world. Emotionally, spiritually, we are an immature
world fighting over our dolls and our cherished
inheritences. What an unhappy sight that there should be
universal acceptance of those
material scientific things that can dismember us,
and no universal acceptance or recognition of the one
thing that could preserve and unify us: love.
It is just such a love that is missing from our united
international undertakings today; a universal love.
Not a vague and pious thing, but a wholesome, practical,
down to earth realization that the World is One Country and Mankind
its Citizens. An incistence upon the obvious truth that
there is no exclusive salvation
the Frenchman, the American, the Spaniard. Nor any exclusive salvation for the Jew, the
Christian, the Muslim,
or the Baha'i. Any plan that is less than planetary in its
scope is doomed to failure.
The words of John Dunne are truer today than ever:
Do not send to ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls
for you. There is a new spirit abroad in the world
that is booming out a requiem
to those atrophied ideas which look only upon the
advantages of the individual and which stunt and thwart the advantages
of the community of man.
It sounds a death knell to a society which, we are told,
can spend 3.5 Million dollars more for liquor, 2.5 Million
dollars more for cosmetics
in one year than it can spend for education. It tolls out the last rites to an age that
can deliver streamline cars
in abundance when housing is at a premium. That can live afluent in wines and liquors
when large portions of the population
are impoverished for milk. The world towards which man is striving is
one in which there would be
both streamline cars and ample housing. A world where there will be a harmonization
between capital and labor
to the advantage of both. A world with more money for books and microscopes.
A world where the extremes of wealth and poverty will
be abolished, yet a world there will always be a varying
degrees of success based upon
talent and initiative. Above all, a world in which a man can enjoy
all the fine things of life,
extracting all the throbbing wonder, adventure, and
joy out of living because of one thing: why? Because he is not
allowed material advantage
and individual gain to come between him and his
responsibility to his fellow man and to his God.
Such a world could be a reality today if a man desired.
He has only to put into affect the Law of Love.
This means a return to a whole hearted belief in God.
This is the purpose of true religion. This is the challenge to all faiths.
That they rekindle their lost fire. Baha'u'llah, founder of the Baha'i World Faith,
said: The corrosion of unGodliness is eating into
the vitals of despairing society
and nothing but a fresh outpouring of its healing power
can ever revive it. No one loves us, really.
Our wives, husbands, our children, our parents, no one.
They love the qualities that we posess. The kindness,
the justice, the generosity. These are the things they love. And as we
add these qualities to our lives
their love for us increases. And if we lose them their
love withers and falls away.
And what is true of individuals is also true of nations.
Unless a man reflects a love for all mankind in his heart,
unless a nation pledges itself to the protection and welfare
of all society, then neither
can command a respect, devotion, or allegience of those
they might hope to lead. When Baha'u'llah wrote: This handful of dust,
the earth, is one home,
let it be in unity. He councilled that: A man's glory should not
lye in this, that he loves his
country alone, but rather in this, that he loves his kind.
These qualities which attract others to us and qualify
an individual or a nation for leadership can only be instilled in men's
hearts by the Law of Love.
This is not a foggy ambiguous thing, this Law of Love.
It is the only unifying force in the world.
It holds the planets in their orbits, gives them
order and harmony, holds our bodies together.
In this form, we call the Law of Love, atomic attraction,
or affinity. All creation operates by this Law.
It is the same Law of Love, affection for a common ideal,
that built our great nation.
That built yours, in the rest about the world. It holds clubs together, societies, nations,
religions. Jesus said: This is my commandment unto you
that ye love one another
even as I love you. When this love begins to wane, in whatever
field it may be operating,
it brings about the disillusion and death of the organism.
Whether it is the mineral, animal, or the human kingdom.
Whether it is physical, social, or moral. When the Law of Love, atomic affinity, or
common aspiration, begins to lose
vitality, the organism disintegrates and dies. It is this Law of Love that is missing from
the life of society today.
No finer expression of the Law of Love can be
found than in the Mosaic code. There, you will find provision as well as
pity for the poor and the needy.
The laws regarding the widowed, the stranger, the orphan show a deep
humanitarian spirit. This consideration for mankind rises to a
remarkable height in the, so called,
Holiness Code of Leviticus, where there is a
consideration for strangers and aliens that existed no where in the ancient
world. The Law of Love shines constantly in the words
of Christ. Baha'u'llah, founder of the Baha'i World Faith,
has again breathed into the world this Law of Love.
It lives throughout the more than 100 volumes which He wrote.
He has written: Know thou, that in every age all
Divine ordinances are changed and transformed according to the requirment
of the time except the Law of Love.
Which, like a fountain, always flows and is never
overtaken by change. What is it that has enforced these laws, as
given by the world Educators?
Such as a Moses, a Jesus, a Buddha, a Muhammad, or a Baha'u'llah.
What has made it possible for a civilization to rise upon Their teachings?
Without question, it was the belief of the Hebrews that the Mosaic Code had
a Divine origin. That it was not man-made. This was the source of its vitality.
Thus saith the Lord, was the authority. In Jesus' time it was:
This is not from Me but from My Father which is in heaven.
Another way of saying: Thus saith the Lord. Baha'u'llah has in like manner emphasized
that: If spiritual hopes to excercise any abiding
influence upon the affairs of men it must have an authority to which men can
lay down their lesser allegiences
of the superiority of race, class, or country to
a world allegience. No force, says Baha'u'llah, no power can restore
and stabalize the world's
prosperity today but the awakening of man to sense
of the oneness of all the world in all of its social relationsips.
This means that he must eliminate all his prejudices
of skin, flag, and prayer. And this can be brought about, Baha'u'llah
tell us, by no other agency
than a return to a belief in God. It must be a God far beyond the limited concepts
of an unthinking world.
Not a God Who commands, who points a finger, and says
do this, do that! But an unkowable God, beyond definition or
description. A God infinite, Who works through Channels
called world Educators, Prophets.
A Moses, a Jesus, a Buddha, a Muhammad, a Zoroaster,
a Baha'u'llah. Great spiritual leaders, who call mankind's
attention to the Laws of God
for the age in which He appears. Whether a man obeys or rejects these laws
remains his own responsibility.
He is not given a preemtory order. He is given an
opportunity. And the choice is his.
Just as all our knowledge of material things has
widened in this age, so has our understanding of spiritual truth.
There can be no blind acceptance in such an enlightened
age as this. God's greatest gift to mankind, says Baha'u'llah,
is his intelligence.
Religion and science must go hand in hand. And any religion which is contrary to science
is merely superstition.
A religious education which is fitted to this age
means a belief that there is in Reality only one religion and
that all the great Prophets
have taught one and the same thing. It is one Law of Love flowing through Them
all. In Moses we see the seed, in Christ the bud,
in Muhammad the flower, and in Baha'u'llah the fruit.
All are equal, all are valid. They are seperate stages in the development
of man's understanding of
the Law of Love as applied to the age in which he is living.
It is not necessary to lower Jesus to raise Baha'u'llah.
Nor to lower Moses to raise Jesus. For their missions are one.
Their teachings inseperable. All have called mankind to the same truth
that, lovers of mankind,
these are the superior people of whatever country,
belief, or complexion they may be.
Men who have dedicated themselves to the service of society will find Baha'is
in over 110 of the major countries of the earth
waiting to spring to their assistance. Today in over 2500 localities of the world
there are Baha'is
of every background. Background of race, faith, of nation
of economic strata. Linking their efforts to those who stand for
a world united politically,
culturally, economically, and educated under a
common curriculum. These followers of Baha'u'llah are devoted
to the service of a world society.
Which will be obedient to a world government, based upon sound, universal,
democratic principles. They labor for a world that is coming to maturity,
a world that is dedicated to human progress, in which the Law of Love
has sanction and is vitally active in the lives
and social affairs of mankind. May the day soon arrive when a man may devote
his life to the full development of the potentialities with which he has been
endowed. We ask it in the Name of Moses,
in the Name of Jesus, in the Name of Muhammad,
in the Name of Buddha, in the Name of Baha'u'llah.
In the Name of all the Great World Educators since the beginning of time.