Sales & Marketing Jobs in Australia. Q1 2012

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bjbjs Robert Walters Australia Sales, Marketing and Communications Job Market Update Q1 2012
Summary Watch our video for an insight into current Sales, Marketing and Communications
job market trends, or visit to search for jobs. In this video Market Update
from recruitment consultancy Robert Walters, our Associate Director of Sales and Marketing
Commerce, Chris Newsham, provides an overview of sales, marketing and communications job
market trends in Australia in quarter one, and tips on what will happen in the job market
in quarter two. A full transcript of the video is available below. Overview of Q1 We saw
stable levels of hiring within the sales, marketing and communications recruitment market
in quarter one, with marginal spikes and dips as most organisations remained cautious in
their approach. Sectors hiring The IT and telecommunications sectors hired strongly
across the board. This was due to a general focus on cloud computing and investment in
digital marketing. Organisations with a focus on media and digital communications increased
their recruitment activity, as they sought to firm up their online offerings. In Adelaide,
sectors with high levels of project work hired strongly. The building, construction, power
and heavy industry sectors all experienced higher levels of investment. The resources
sector remained busy in Brisbane, particularly in the coal seam gas sector, and within land
access. While hiring remained steady in Melbourne, we saw increased demand within the utilities
and financial planning sectors. In Sydney we saw high levels of hiring in the investment
banking sector, as increased hiring of professional staff led to strong demand for sales and marketing
support. Professionals in demand We saw high demand in all regions for talented business
development managers, as employers took a proactive approach to securing new business.
In Sydney and Adelaide we saw a particular demand for business development managers with
IT experience. In Brisbane land access professionals were hard to find as this is a new area of
expertise. There was a marked increase in the demand for digital marketing professionals,
particularly those with SEO and SEM skills, as organisations sought to improve profitability
through digital uptake. Marketing professionals across FMCG were also highly sought-after
as organisations aimed to cultivate brand loyalty. Salaries Salaries remained stable
due to the number of readily available candidates in the market. Candidates who sought new employment
mainly looked for growth opportunities and stability in the fluctuating markets. Outlook
for Q2 The sales, marketing and communications recruitment market is likely to experience
increased hiring in most sectors across all regions in quarter two. Cloud computing, digital
uptake and outsourcing trends will ensure IT marketing and sales professionals will
continue to be in demand, with the engineering and power sectors continuing to hire strongly.
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