Machinist Calc Pro Feed and Speed How To Calculate

Uploaded by CalculatedIndustries on 06.05.2011

Now let me show you how to do feed and speed solutions on the Machinist Calc Pro.
It'll give you quick and accurate solutions. Great for playing "what if", extending your tool life
and just really trying to optimize your machining operation. You can use it for
milling, drilling or turning. You see there you've got cut speed, you have spindle
speed, we're going to have a feed rate. We can calculate chip load or feed per tooth and
your cut feed. So let's say you're running at 750 rpm and
you're using a half inch diameter tool.
What's your cut feed? You're going to be able to go about 98 surface feet per minute.
You can also calculate it the other way. Say the spec sheet on the material you're
using recommends you go at 255 surface feet per minute. You're using
that same half inch diameter tool. What would our spindle speed be?
Hit the [RPM] key and find out.
Now let's figure our feed rate. Say this is a 4 tooth tool. So we hit [4]
and the chip load. Let's go with 5 thousandths using our speed entry key.
That's our feed per tooth.
Now I just hit [Feed Rate]
and we can run this at about 39 inches per minute. If you wanted to find
out what the cut feet is, it's about 20 thousandths per revolution. So you can change
any one of these variables
play "what if" and see what the scenario comes out to be to really optimize your
So that's basically a quick overview on the feed and speed functions. For more details
you can download our user's guide at