ESAD President Video Blog #2

Uploaded by ESADNews on 29.11.2012

My name is Dave Staehle
as President of Empire State Association of the Deaf
for short ESAD president.
I would like to welcome you to join us for our second video blog (vblog).
I hope you will enjoy this video with us.
At last October 28 board meeting in New York State School for the Deaf (Rome, NY),
We had a lot of good discussions.
In addition, the board already agreed to five important issues to share with all of you.
Number 1, if you know Vice-President Steve Lovi
decided to resign because of his recent election at National Association of Deaf (NAD) conference as Regional 1 representative.
ESAD will like to take our hat off to Steve for his work with ESAD since 2006.
Number 2, ESAD Board already approved of my two newly appoints positions.
One, Deborah Pardi was appointed as vice president,
because Steve Lovi's resigned. I hope to work well with her until the next conference.
Two, Sean Gerlis appoint as chairperson of education advocacy.
I also hope to work well with him.
Number 3, our ESAD conference will be this coming June 6-9, 2013.
It will happen in Utica, NY, area.
Number 4, ESAD newsletter will go out in January 2013.
Number 5, our ESAD next board meeting will happen in March 9, 2013
at either Albany, NY, or our hotel where the conference will take place.
That is the report for the Board.
Are you aware of the hurricane Sandy disaster that occurred in New York City (NYC) and New Jersey (NJ)?
I was suprised that the NYC mayor hired an interpreter next to him on TV.
Wow, that is history.
But, I did receive negative and positive comments.
However, ESAD already send a letter to congratulate the Mayor for having an interpreter for an important emergency.
During Hurricane Sandy, that was nice.
I would like to let you know that NAD
already mailed out a letter to show their disappointment
in Saturday Night Live (SNL) jokes about the interpreter.
ESAD is aware of that.
If you have recently participated in election,
I hope you are satisfied with the election.
If not, please contact us for next year for a better one in 2013.
Thank you for watching us. I will let you know more in the next one.