How to make doll outfit 5 Coat

Uploaded by yuniedhc on 06.12.2009

Hello, today I'm going to show you how to make a coat
It's elegant and great for holiday season
Felt wool. Make sure you choose the soft ones
that doesn't leave a crease after folding
Trimming and lace. We don't have hem for this coat so trimming is a must
I used about 1 yard of trimming and 1/2 yard of lace
Ribbon or button if you like
First, cut the felt wool from the pattern provided in the description
Put the body pieces together
We are going to sew up the shoulders first
Sew from about 4mm from the edge
Open the body piece, put the sleeve piece on it
Use a pin to hold it in place
Sew them together
After you finish, you should have something like this
Now cut piece of lace for decoration
Sew the lace to the coat
After the lace is done, sew the trimming to the cuff
Fold the coat together
Now we will sew the coat up
Start from the bottom of the coat,
sew your way up to the cuff
Turn it inside out
Carefully sew the trimming from the collar down
all the way though the edges
let's have a quick fitting
looks pretty good
Line the collar piece with trimming
sew the collar to the coat
Now the coat is done
This is optional
but you can cut 2 pieces for the pockets
Again, line the pockets with trimmings and add it to the coat
I hand sew it on
For closure you can use hooks and ribbon
Or if you're lazy it can go without
There you go, a coat for your doll
Have fun sewing and see you next time