Caio vs. Ton #2 - Resultados do Strikeforce 27, UFC 118 e ... ¿Colorido?

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Two crazy guys, one from Apucarana, Paraná, and the other from Guarulhos, São Paulo, decided to talk about MMA... see what happened!
Rafael Feijão!
King Mo!
- One, two, he missed the third. - He's going like crazy...
What a punch, bro.
Yeah! Like that.
- Go, go, go. - What a tough guy to take down.
Holly shit, what a kick!
It's over, it's over.
Oh, man. Nooo. It's over.
Go down, go down, go down.
It's Over.
I'm so fucked...
You can suck that, teacher
The nigga's face is a mess. I told you.
I got you, teacher! Scores one one.
Everton is screwed.
I'm screwed.
Yeah... Rafael "Feijão" won. I won't even talk about this fight. Go, Caio.
Hey, folks, what's up? Folks? Oh, it's here. So, what's up?
Well, today we're going to begin talking about the Strikeforce 27,
which happened in Houston last week. I wanna congratulate two brazilian fighters.
First, o Ronaldo "Jacaré", who won the middleweight's belt.
I don't know why he tried to strike during the whole fight,
he should take it to the ground instead.
He'd have submitted the oponent, it would be a more nice victory.
That doesn't takes the fact that he deserved to win. He still has a lot to show us.
The other brazilian was Rafael "Feijão",
he won the LightHeavyWeight's Title by KO over King Mo.
It was awseome, he defended takedowns, striked.
And I won the bet. In other words... perfect!
In the preliminary card, Vinicius "Draculino" did good.
He fought well, beat Rocky Long by thejudges unanimous decision.
Another preliminary fight was André Galvão versus Jorge "Macaco" Patino.
André was better on the fight,
on the 3rd round he put Macaco on the ground and won by TKO.
I'm incredibly pissed about the fight I'm gonna talk about now.
KJ Noons vs Jorge Gurgel.
First of all, Jorge Gurgel is another fighter who has Jiu-Jitsu
as his main skill and did not use it all.
So, he stays on his feet, keep striking and all. Ok, it wasn't bad.
When the 1st round was almost ending,
Jorge Gurgel succeeds on his striking, with a series of jabs.
The round is over.
The refree separate them, Jorge Gurgel lowers his guard,
KJ Noons punchs him right in the face and knocks the guy out.
Jorge Gurgel was Knocked Out after the bell rang.
So, the minute he had to drink water, rest and listen to instructions,
he spent recovering from the KO.
He kept dizzy.
The 2nd round began,
and KJ Noons hit Jorge Gurgel as fast as he could.
Jorge Gurgel obviouslu went to the ground,
but he grabbed KJ Noons' leg.
It wasn't enought to KJ Noons to hit the guy when the fight was stopped,
so he hit him with a illegal knee, while Gurgel was kneeling on the ground.
WTF, bro. Then, the judge stopped the fight.
KJ Noons won by TKO.
What pisses me the most is that now this son of a bitch is gonna dispute the Light Weight title.
KJ Noons, son of a bitch!
Yeah, Whatever. Change the subject, please.
There's a bug here.
This week, Jorge Santiago defended his MiddleWeight title vs. Kazuo Misaki in Sengoku 14.
He won 30 seconds remaining to the end of 5th round by doctor stoppage.
Congratulations, Jorge Santiago, for keeping the belt.
UFC 118 is happening this saturday, August 28th.
The Main Fight is Edgar vs. Penn 2.
There's a brazilian in the Preliminary Card an two in the Main Card. (Fighting each other)
The brazilian in the Preliminary card is Amilcar Alves, has 11 wins, 1 loss.
He fought at Shooto. He's gonna fight Mike Pierce
Still talking about the Preliminary Card, Joe Lauzon is gonna fight Gabe Ruediger.
This Gabe Rudiger guy was on TUF 5. (Light Weights)
He went to the show 22 pounds heavier
than the category limit and said that in the house he'd lose it all.
They scheduled his fight and he didn't make the weight.
Desperate, he decided to do a colonoscopy. Do you know what a colonoscopy is?
He put a tube in his ass so it could clean his intestine to see if he could make the weight.
End of history: He sticked a tube in his ass and couldn't make weight anyway, so he was eliminated.
The first fight of the main card is Nate Diaz vs. Marcus Davis.
The second one, Kenny Florias vs. Gray Maynard.
The winner of this fight is the next one to fight fot the Lightweight's Title.
And the third fight is gonna be between 2 brazilians, Demian Maia vs. Mario Miranda.
Now, the 2 Main Events:
Randy Couture, UFC Hall of Fame is gonna fight
the champion of three different categories James Toney,who was talking trash all the time.
It's extremely hard to understand what Toney says, he talks worse then drunk guys.
And the Main Event, the one we're gonna bet (I have to win this shit) is:
Frankie Edgar (Light Weight Champion) vs BJ Penn, who asked for a rematch.
In their last fight, Frankie Edgar won by unanimous decision,
and I think, he's gonna maintain the title.
I'm sure BJ's gonna win. By submission.
If he convinces himself that he's the champion of the category,
Edgar doesn't stand a chance.
The bet is on, then.
Iff you wanna know thins about MMA And stuff, access this site, "MMA By Neko"
I wanna say hello to Cristiano and all folks from "Psicóticos por Vale Tudo"
Oh.. my mom wanna see BJ winning,
she doesn't even like MMA, but she does like BJ's fights because of all the blood.
(from his oponent, of course). She also bets in BJ.
That's it. My açaí is over.
Aren't you forgeting something? Come on, pay the bet.
"Wear colorful clothes"
I'm not going out with this outfit.
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You look so beautiful
This is so unfair!