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bjbj DesTopNews is taking you in the Persian Gulf for the Arabian Tour The Caribbean for
the Caribbean 600 On Sodebo with Thomas Coville In Lorient for the arrival of Banque Populaire
V In Auckland and the first catastrophic training session for Team Artemis In Wellington and
the stop for Virbac Paprec in the Barcelona World Race In Sydney for the Australian Farr
40 Championship And finally in Oman for the first event of the Extreme Sailing Series
You are watching DesTopNews No. 8 - Week commencing February 21 New Caledonia, led by Bertrand
Pac won the first sailing Arabia - The Tour On January 30, Six Farr 30 gathered in Manam
in the Sultanate of Bahrain for a thousand miles Arabian Tour. During the six stages,
competitors sailed to Doha in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Musandam before taking the
Strait of Hormuz to reach Musannah and finally the finish of the Tour located at The Wave,
Muscat. The sixth and final stage of the Tour, a sprint of 84 miles, held in 18 knot of wind,
providied a beautiful final Under spinnaker for the delight of the many sponsors, spectators
and supporters gathered on the shore. After fourteen days of racing, the winner of this
first edition is New Caledonia led by Bertrand Pac . Despite their supremacy, Bertrand did
not manage a grand slam since the Oman Sail Renaissance and Ras Al Khaimah, have each
taken a stage victory. The Sailing Arabia - The Tour, kept all its promises: interesting
weather, great spectacle, magnificent reception and a gr t time on the water for the sailors.
Italy, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai have already
expressed their wish to participate in next year edition. *** From the Caribbean, uncertain
weather might disrupts the record attempt for the Caribbean 600 34 boats representing
15 countries took the start from Falmouth on Monday, February 21. Alongside Rambler
, Vela Veloce and Genuine Risk, ICAP Leopard will try to improve his record time of 44h
5mn 14s set in 2009. Her skipper Mike Slade believes that the record could be beaten,
but he will face Tough comp tition from Rambler. George David invited Ken Read, and some members
of PUMA Ocean Racing team on his super maxi. Some meteorologists announce 15 to 20 knots
of wind with a swell of 3-4m high, while the French analysts mentioned some very light
conditions on Monday night *** Sodebo enters dangerous territories in the howling fifties.
Being more than twelve hundred nautical miles behind the record, Thomas Coville had little
choice when he approached the Kerguelen islands. He was forced to dive South to avoid a heavy
Storm. In doing so the skipper is now entering an area where icebergs are very common. Maxi
Banque Populaire V is back in Lorient after his failed attempt on the Jules Verne Trophy
The maxi crossed the start line on Saturday, January 22nd for a mythical journey, a human
adventure and a reference time to beat of 48 days 7hours 44 minutes and 52 seconds.
Thirteen days later, in the South Atlantic, the daggerboard was heavily damaged and the
trimaran had to stop her record attempt. The team eventually arrived in Lorient, shortly
before 10am on Sunday. The emotional r union and the frustration of not being able to carry
out this first attempt, were quickly forgoten for the fourteen sailors who cannot wait the
set sail again. *** From Auckland in New Zealand, the Swedish team Artemis Racing capsized during
its first training session onboard the AC45. Winds at the time were around 20kts and the
AC45 had been sailing at speeds of up to 28.5kts. According to America s Cup Regatta Management
the crew had stopped sailing to make an adjustment to the wingsail. The 45ft catamaran was caught
in a wind gust, at an awkward angle with little steerage and she capsized. She was towed back
to Auckland Viaduct Harbour by tender and hauled from the water. Damage to the hulls
and trampoline is negligible and at worst very minor. The damage to the wingsail appears
to be quite substantial and there were no injuries to the crew save for wounded pride.
Wellington is home of many competitors in the Barcelona World Race for a forced 48hours
stop-over One of the specificity of the Barcelona World Race is the possibility to make a technical
stop in Wellington, and restart the race. By midweek, Virbac Paprec was the first to
stop to repair some mainsail problems. Jean Pierre Dick and Loick Peyron watched closely
the progress of the second placed Mapfre when he announced that he was not going to stop
in New Zealand. Thanks to an anticyclone slowing donw the rest of the competitors, Virbac Paprec
was off again on Friday, Feb. 18 just in front of her immediate opponent while Estrella Dam
and Groupe Bel had also decided to stop in New Zealand Their simultaneous stop allowed
Renault ZE to gained two places at once. On the 52nd day at sea, Pachi Rivero and Tonio
Piris settled in 3rd position! A nice way to celebrate their entry into the the South
Pacific on the heels of the two leading boats In Sydney, Nerone won the Farr 40Australian
Championship Following three days of racing, the 2010 world champion, won four of the eight
races sailed off of Sydney. A very good omen for the Italian team ahead of the World Championship
dur to take this week. Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman is the theater of the Extreme Sailing
Series first round The Extreme 40s are coming to Muscat. Some of the world s fastest sailing
machine. Even Olympic Gold medallist and sailing world champions find hard to handle. This
is the Formula one of sailing. It is a spectacle not to be missed. And over the past two years,
Oman has led the world on this Tour. Winners of the Extreme Series in 2009 and again last
year. Can the Omanis team make it three in a row They are taking on World Class competitors
from height nations. This is sailing has you never seen it before ll see you next week
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